Schools can use free online materials to save money and help teachers create better courses, says Richard Culatta, an educational technology specialist at the U.S. All organisms need to obtain energy in order to carryout the necessary functions to survive. Examples of producers include land and aquatic plants, algae, photosynthetic protozoan, and phytoplankton.
Food chains start with producers such as grass followed by primary, secondary and tertiary consumers. In nature, organisms seldom have just one food source, nor are all animals either herbivores or carnivores.
If we observe the food web in Figure 3, it is easy to identify several interlocking food chains. Cellular respiration provides energy for functions such as muscle movement or chemical reactions.
In a majority of ecosystems, the energy used by living organisms comes ultimately from the sun.
Photosynthetic organisms use this energy and convert it into useful energy for growth and maintenance. A very small percent (ranging from 1 to 3%) of the sunlight coming to the earth is actually used by organisms. About 50% percent of this energy goes for plant maintenance and the rest goes to form plant tissues. On land, food chains are based upon photosynthesis, but in the deep sea, they are based upon chemosynthesis.
Unlike elements like carbon or nitrogen or molecules such as water, energy passes through the ecosystem on a one-way street.
Most of the energy that is used by living organisms on earth ultimately comes from the sun in the form of radiant energy. 2.Students have the misconception that energy accumulates as it passes through the ecosystem. 3.Students have the misconception that there are more herbivores because they have more offspring.

Being primary consumers, herbivores are often more common because they have more available energy for all of life's processes.
To learn more about numbers of organisms at each trophic level, teachers can view the website below. 5.Students have the misconception that carnivores can exist in a plant free world if all of their prey produces enough offspring. Without plants at the bottom of the food web, consumers would not be able to obtain any energy for survival.
2nd Item Specification: Given a scenario, identify the pathways of energy flow in the system.
While most organisms in nature obtain energy directly or indirectly from the sun, some organisms get energy without directly or indirectly using the sun.
Which sequence of terms below best illustrates how energy flows from the sun to an animal cell where it is used for cellular work?
4th Item Specification: Explain that matter and energy are transferred, transformed, and conserved within an ecosystem. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways energy is lost to other organisms as it passes through a food web? What is the average amount of energy that passes from one feeding level to the next in a food chain?
What sequence below best represents how much energy is passed from one organism to the next in the food chain above? The student can draw a food web (see sample above) using all organisms and include at least 8 arrows correctly showing the direction of the energy flow.
The following is a list of intervention strategies and resources that will facilitate student understanding of this benchmark.
If the teacher feels this is too advanced, their students can complete it as a "class project". Food Webs is an interactive activity whereby students can identify the trophic level of selected organisms found in one of four different habitats. Department of Education, created a Wikipedia page that lists websites offeringA free online resources in Spanish.

These shingles are just not only durable but also easy to be installed which will result in more and more DIY installation related to these shingles. The grasses are identified as the primary producer which obtain energy from the sun and make food by photosynthesis.
He created a Wikipedia page, Recursos educativos abiertos, that lists websites offeringA free online resources in Spanish. Another resource is open coursewareA a€” free course materials created by colleges and universities.A More than 250 universities and organizations worldwide have joined the Open Courseware Consortium.
External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.
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