Douglas Adams wrote humorous stories about beings wandering the universe, looking for the meaning of it all. Late last night, as we talked to God together, my oldest daughter, Aletheia Mercy (truth and mercy) prayed, “God, thank you so much for all of the things we got to do for people this weekend.
Her heart was full, and she would lay down to sleep with a clear conscience and a sound heart.
This guy has amazing things inside of him, but wastes time on video games and self-gratification. The Kingdom of Heaven spreads like little, unremarkable shrubs throughout the whole Earth, giving hope, life and vision to all around. April 27, 2016 by Jon Leave a Comment Zhan zhuang, or standing meditation exercise, has been used as a method of relaxation and health cultivation for thousands of years. It is said that already 2000 years ago there existed the book Internal Canon, the gem of Chinese medicine, which even today is a guide for medical practice. The health preserving and sustaining effects of zhan zhuang have been documented in hospitals and medical clinics across China. Aches, pains, old injuries, muscular tensions, and imbalances are highlighted and brought to the forefront by this method and then slowly dissolved over time and completely released.
Lift upward slightly with the crown of the head, as if being pulled up by a string, allowing the chin to lower.
The bottom of the spine pulls straight down from the tailbone, as if there is a weight attached to the sacrum.
Now that you have the external mechanics down, let’s talk about how to supercharge your relaxation process. Once you have removed all the residual tension in the body, continue to stand holding that relaxed feeling. In teaching this method to both my fitness clients and martial arts students I find that in addition to our usual compliment of recovery drills (consisting of mobility exercises, yoga asana, and compensatory movement), the addition of this simple practice of standing meditation has consistently accelerated our recovery process, allowed us to reach new levels of relaxation, and strengthened the mind-body connection beyond any other work we have done.
While this method is elegantly simple to practice, requires little space and no special equipment, and can be done at virtually any time of day, it also is startlingly deep. Traditionally it is said that a minimum period of 100 days is necessary for the body to acclimatize and adapt to a practice. Work your way up to standing for 30 minutes a day for 100 days – think you can do it? Take the Integrated Strength Program challenge for 100 days and seriously upgrade your strength, health, and martial power!!! Integrated Strength is a comprehensive 100 day program that will completely revolutionize your strength training and martial art practice.
Integrated Strength bridges the gap between muscular system training and muscle-tendon meridian training creating previously unattainable levels of relaxed, whole-body power once thought to only reside in the legendary martial masters of old! Reducing calories and carbs during the week begins to lower levels of Leptin, the master fat-burning hormone in your body. You will notice below that I add in certain elements throughout the day to further blunt the effects of my eating binge even more. Want to schedule a FREE 10 Minute Turbo Coaching Call with me to discuss your fitness goals? February 25, 2016 by Jon Leave a Comment Normally when people ask me about post workout drinks I tell them a story of how supplement companies spent tons of money doing research to formulate the most optimal ratio of protein to carbohydrate for recovery and muscle building. People spent tons of money on them until some bright fellow (or lady, I’m not sure which) realized that the perfectly formulated, highly researched and studied, scientific ratio of protein to carb was the exact same ratio as found in an ordinary bottle of chocolate milk!! February 13, 2016 by Jon Leave a Comment I just finished up my morning practice of breathing exercises so this seems the perfect time to sit down and write about Logan Christopher’s latest book release, Upgrade Your Breath. I have known Logan for several years now and am proud to say that I own almost every one of his programs.
Additionally he also brings out his own unique perspective in the form of anecdotes and tips from Oldtime Strongmen, many of whom used breathing exercises to go from weak to strong and from sickly to healthy. This book is a great resource for anyone interested in bettering their health and improving ALL aspects of fitness! As an added bonus for all those who pick up Logan’s Upgrade Your Breath book, I will throw in my program, Evolve Your Breathing (regularly $37) for just $10!! January 27, 2016 by Jon Leave a Comment Tempering is the process by which something is made stronger, harder, and more durable. In his book, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder, Nassim Nicholas Taleb discusses a process called hormesis.
Just as repeated exposure to the right amount of strength training, progressively increased through proper programming builds muscle, increases energy and endurance, and makes the body stronger overall while completely over doing it simply accelerates the breakdown of the system.
Another way to gradually build up cold exposure is to walk around outside in the winter time without a jacket for short periods of time until it becomes tolerable.
Try an ice bath or cold water swimming in a pool, lake, or ocean – Polar Bear Plunge, anyone??
And, of course there’s always cold water dousing, made famous in the past few years by practitioners of Russian Martial Art, but also practiced by many other martial artists (Morihei Ueshiba, anyone?) and religious ascetics, alike.
Wim Hof has set 21 world records involving cold exposure from running a marathon in his shorts above the arctic circle to running a full marathon in Namib desert without water consumption to climbing Mt.
Wim has also scientifically proven that his method of cold exposure, combined with breathing exercises, allows anyone to access and gain conscious control over autonomic processes, such as the immune system! Both the Russian Martial Arts and Wim Hof, The Iceman, place an immense importance on breathing exercises as essential components of their health systems. Filed Under: General Discussion Tagged With: cold exposure, cold thermogenesis, cold water dousing, iceman, jon haas, russian health system, russian martial art, systema, warrior fitness, wim hofWhat is the Warrior Fitness Difference and How Does It Benefit YOU?
January 18, 2016 by Jon 3 Comments Why should you chose to train Warrior Fitness Training versus any other type of fitness program out there, including making no choice and doing nothing?
Warrior Fitness is the product of decades of training in the martial arts and the art of strength. The system allows the practitioner to minimize training time while maximizing the training effects, i.e.
No matter where you enter from – All paths ultimately lead to strength; to becoming the strongest most capable version of yourself. When ranking the hierarchy of fitness qualities, the Warrior Fitness system puts an emphasis on strength as the highest ability. How do you program workout intensity along with rest and recovery training to avoid plateaus and consistently make progress?
I firmly believe that I am in my physical prime and will continue to get stronger as I grow older. Men, if you picked up your FREE copy of my book, Dad Strength, you know that men, in general, are getting weaker.
Filed Under: General Discussion Tagged With: bujinkan, dad strength, grow stronger as you grow older, jon haas, Martial Arts, mental toughness, minimalist training, strength and conditioning, stronger every day, unconventional training, warrior fitness, woman warriorsThe END of Warrior Fitness? I alluded to it this past summer when I opened up and talked about why I got started down the road as a fitness professional. I will layout the new mission of Warrior Fitness Reborn in full detail in future articles, but for now some of it can be inferred from the short piece below on Physical Confidence.
It’s different than the confidence one feels by being smart, or being good at a job, or being in a secure, loving relationship.

There’s a certain presence, a kind of knowing awareness, about a person with physical confidence. Men, if you picked up your FREE copy of my book, Dad Strength, you know that men, in general, are getting weaker. While we walked around and discussed our mutual disdain for shopping – hey, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
There is absolutely no reason that people who are otherwise intelligent, successful, knowledgeable, loving, and driven in ALL other aspects of their lives should be so completely neglectful of arguable the most important aspect of all, their health & fitness.
Now as we begin this new year of 2016 with a clean slate, isn’t it time to take care of the one thing that should matter the most?
The reason is that your nervous system limits the amount of strength you can use in every day life. However, the limits are set startlingly low. Most people only have access to about 20-30% of their full potential, even when trying their hardest. This was the case for one of my clients whenever he went for a max effort lift on his bench press. After discussing it with him, he told me that even though he knew I was standing right behind him spotting him every rep, he was still afraid of getting stuck under the bar. With the FEAR gone, he was able to access much more of his strength potential and hit 165 lbs for 2 reps – a 40 lbs increase!!! Filed Under: Body, Mind Tagged With: full human potential, getting stronger, jon haas, limitless, no limits, psychological barriers, strength, strength potential, warrior fitness, warrior life transformationLacking Workout Motivation? November 17, 2015 by Jon Leave a Comment You know you should workout on a consistent basis, but sometimes the motivation just isn’t there.
5) Perform my general movement preparation, IE – joint mobility work and resistance band exercises. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else.
There is a flight simulator hidden in Excel 97, not that anybody actually has that installed anymore. If you type in the Konami Code into Google Reader, you will see the background of the left pane change color with a picture of a ninja on the side, and the word Ninja!
If you click on the binoculars icon while running a scan, you will be presented with a game that you can play while the scan is running. Whenever it gets close to December 25th, the VLC icon has a santa hat, which you can see in the system tray or on the taskbar button.
This is less of an easter egg than it is a reminder of how Windows was originally based around MS-DOS.
Lowell Heddings, better known online as the How-To Geek, spends all his free time bringing you fresh geekery on a daily basis. DID YOU KNOW?The royal throne of Denmark is a wooden chair with arches and an intricate canopy, with extravagant spiraling legs and spokes made out of narwhal tusks. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. They poured out the love we pour into them on everyone around them, in their own little ways. It’s the tiny projects of love that drive my little girls to be filled with vision and drive day in and day out. The book is timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Adams’s death this spring. The world’s first book printed with movable type is the Gutenberg Bible which has 42 lines per page. The youngest president of the United States,Theodore Roosevelt, was 42 when he was elected. The Bell-X1 rocket plane Glamorous Glennis piloted by Chuck Yeager, first broke the sound barrier at 42,000 feet. The atomic bomb that devastated Nagasaki, Japan, contained the destructive power of 42 million sticks of dynamite. On page 42 of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Jonathan Harker discovers he is a prisoner of the vampire.
Samuel Johnson compiled the Dictionary of the English Language, regarded as one of the greatest works of scholarship. The element molybdenum has the atomic number 42 and is also the 42nd most common element in the universe.
Cell 42 on Alcatraz Island was once home to Robert Stroud who was transferred to The Rock in 1942. In the Book of Revelation, it is prophesised that the beast will hold dominion over the earth for 42 months. When the growing numbers of Large Hadron Collider scientists acquired more office space recently, they named their new complex Building 42.
42 is the favourite number of Dr House, the American television doctor played by Hugh Laurie.
Best Western is the world’s largest hotel chain with more than 4,200 hotels in 80 countries. The earliest known reference to standing appears inThe Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine. The reason this practice has such a profound impact on health and recovery from exercise is that the standing meditation acts like a system-wide reboot for the whole body. The practice provides a way of completely relaxing and letting go of the muscular tensions in the body, while the correct alignment of the bones delivers support, creating a profound neutral and relaxed, almost buoyant state. You should feel like you are sitting on a high stool yet trying to stand up at the same time. Remember, though, the ball puts outward pressure on the legs as they squeeze in, so there is pressure both directions, not just one.
Think of your body as a drop of ink dissolving in the ocean, spreading out in all directions. Additionally, it has managed to increase energy levels while fortifying our bodies against the daily rigors of life, work, and family stresses. As our goal is to completely rewire the nervous system in order to change the body, 100 days seems like the perfect length of time.
While I do recommend that my clients take a cheat day once a week, there is no need to go as crazy and I did below… This was merely an experiment to prove that it works even when going waaay overboard!
Each one is engaging, thought provoking and well researched, not to mention chock full of incredible information and great exercises. He provides a great number of practical and effective exercises broken down the exercises into 7 different categories.
In the case of steel, it is the process of reheating and cooling it off that improves the hardness and elasticity of the metal.
The practice itself is very simple, but the psychological hurdles one has to jump through in order to consistently carry it out are immense – thus the huge mental toughness component that goes into it! The breath is used to fully oxygenate the body, generate heat and energy, and increase tolerance to stress and pain.

In its simplest form Warrior Fitness is a distilled and synthesized blend of the very best training methodologies for becoming a fitness renaissance man or woman.
I am stronger, much better conditioned, more resilient, and healthier now than I was at 23!
Others may believe that they are in a state of decline and getting weaker as they age… not so for the warrior. Sign up HERE for a free 10-minute Turbo Coaching Call to discuss your goals and how I can help you become the strongest, most capable version of yourself. My first book, Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts, was written for martial artists.
As a friend recently reminded me in an email conversation, we need MORE warriors going forward, not less. Back in 2008 when all this first started my only goal was to improve the functional ability and performance of myself as a martial artist and that of my students through specific physical preparedness training, IE – Warrior Fitness. My current work has taken on a more important, more meaningful quality – not that teaching someone how to be a bad-ass, powerhouse of a martial artist isn’t meaningful anymore, it most definitely is!! People somehow know that if the proverbial sh*t ever hit the fan while you were there, you would take care of it. Sign up HERE for a free 10-minute Turbo Coaching Call to discuss your goals and how I can help you become the strongest, most capable version of yourself.
Or, if I have to go to a particular store I’m usually in and out as fast as possible. How can you be the most effective parent, student, worker, teacher, whatever when you lack the energy and strength???
I will hand you a step-by-step plan to become the most capable, strongest version of yourself in 2016.
If you were truly able to access 100% of the muscular strength you are capable of your muscles would literally tear themselves from attachment points and break bones. He was only able to bench 125 lbs even though I knew he was much, much stronger and more capable! It’s much easier to do the work if you know in advance exactly what you are supposed to be doing for each training session and how it is progressing you towards your main goal. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t find another piece of art declaring its love for me on my desk at home. In every stroke you’ll usually find the intent of brightening the day of someone near to their little hearts. The author himself rather undermined the myriad analyses when he dismissed them all with the simple answer that the choice of the number was a joke. In it, comedian Griff Rhys Jones mentions the 42nd meeting of the Crawley and District Paranoid Society. And on the same page of Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein reveals he is able to create life. It stimulates the nervous system, increases circulation, and raises energy levels, while providing deep relaxation for both mind and body. As the whole body and mind are exercised, both relax and stimulate the nervous system, increase circulation, open the joints, and raise energy level for a feeling of overall well-being.
However, inside, there is a lot going on – the breath and the qi (energy) are moving. In Chinese medicine it is said that it takes approximately 28 minutes for the blood to complete one full cycle though the body, thus the recommendation to stand for thirty minutes. By performing a strategic weekly re-feed (cheat day) we once again raise the body’s Leptin levels and insure that we continue burning fat like a champ instead of plateauing and grinding to a screeching, frustrating halt. They form the basis for my own system of training and I absolutely believe that breathing exercises are the foundation of health and fitness. The instructions are clear and easy to follow instructions, and the usage, application and benefits of each one are discussed.
Short term cold exposure, incrementally increased over time provides an assortment of benefits not found in any other form of training. You can start simply by turning the water in the shower to cold for 30 seconds and slowly increasing exposure for up to 5 or 10 minutes. Due to its synergistic nature, the seamless integrated whole of the system is vastly superior and greater than the sum of its parts. Greater strength enables one to be more energy efficient as tasks and challenges alike require a lesser expenditure of energy the stronger one becomes. The ability to build strength and muscle does not decline – you simply have to know how to combine correct physical training, optimal nutrition, and supplementation with the correct mental training – belief, outlook, focus, concentration, visualization, etc.
But since then I have radically expanded my own training (to be discussed later) and my student base. This I accomplished for martial artists all across the world through my programs such as Martial Power, Ninja Missions, and many others. You look people in the eye and with a nod, acknowledge them and let them know you respect them. However, this past Saturday night found me walking around a local mall with my Dad waiting for my Mom and youngest daughter to get out of a movie.
Because he was afraid, his nervous system was literally slamming on the breaks and cutting his strength potential way back. This exercise is a challenging, sometimes frustrating, yet highly beneficial and rewarding practice. This can be increased to sixty minutes over time to allow for two full cycles of blood to be completed.
This process of conditioning through the gradual and continued exposure to stress within a controlled dynamic is known as “Stress Inoculation”. Eventually work your way up to stepping right into an ice cold shower first thing in the morning – no hot water! In short, Warrior Fitness has become a one-stop-shop for building a better human – physically stronger, tougher – resistant to failures, more enduring, flexible, mobile, and extremely capable. Because as a lifelong martial artist and physical culturist I have cracked the code on living stronger as I get older – and I want to share ALL my hard won knowledge with you! I began to integrate my internal power training practices with strength training in 2015 through my Integrated Strength Program. By all accounts I had accomplished what I set out to do, very successfully I might add, but to me there was still something missing.
Remember that you cannot normally make an un-named folder (by just renaming a folder to a SPACE).
Greater than robustness or resilience, the Warrior Fitness Training System is a portal to becoming antifragile.

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