Chitra Ganesh’s photographic triptych Hidden depicts the artist performing bizarre acts of mutilation and mysticism. Now before we go any further, let’s be clear that the story has all the makings of a hoax: unbelievable photos, a great story and a surprise-type ending. While horsing around with his brother in their parents’ bedroom, said younger brother was pushed by TwoBiteBrownie into what was assumed to be a built-in bookshelf. In a move similar to that which happens in movies when someone tries to pull a book off the shelf, moves a trinket or accidentally bumps a bookcase, the Imgur user claimed the shelving, thought to be solid, moved. While siblings were messing around in their parents’ room, one was knocked into the bookcase, revealing this. Moving on, as if the secret room reached by a black, spiral staircase wasn’t creepy enough, there was evidence that someone was down there. TwoBiteBrownie explained that his family moved into the house, purchased from a couple that built it in the early 2000s and moved to India two years ago.
The staircase appeared to lead to nothing, but the siblings found a crawlspace halfway down — and saw this.
Halloween candy and a fresh looking banana peel suggests that someone had recently been in the space — or that it’s a set up.

Like we pointed out before, there is the potential this is all an entertaining ruse or setup meant to go viral. Who knows, the apparent hidden room is in the parents’ bedroom. As for the fresh looking banana, TwoBiteBrownie wrote that had been eating it when they walked down to the room. Trump Lashes Out at Famous Christian Theologian, Labeling Him 'A Nasty Guy With No Heart!' But It's the Preacher's Simple Response That's Getting Attention. There is a Hidden Mickey in this scene of Lilo & Stitch where Lilo is taken prisoner on a spaceship. The timeless backdrop and the indecipherable objects speak of Ganesh’s interest in the symbolism of classical literature that she actively critiques in her Amnesia works. Walt Disney came up with the concept of Disneyland after visiting various amusement parks with his daughters in the 1930s and 1940s.
Rather than indulging in beauty and heroic drama, Ganesh exposes herself to the vulnerability of performing for the camera.
He initially envisioned building a tourist attraction adjacent to his studios in Burbank to entertain fans who wished to visit; however, he soon realized that the proposed site was too small. They have told us that the person was only living there temporarily, which doesn’t make that much sense to me.

After hiring a consultant to help determine an appropriate site for his project, Walt bought a 160-acre site near Anaheim in 1953.
Construction began in 1954 and the park was unveiled during a special televised press event on the ABC Television Network on July 17, 1955.
All trademarks, service marks and trade names are proprietary to The Walt Disney Company and Disney Enterprises, Inc. They determined this because of the lack of supplies, and forensicy thingies, I’m not a cop. The police also said that they are going to keep a city wide search for whoever was living here, although they don’t think they will find him.
They sent in DNA to the lab, but the test will likely come back with no matches in a few weeks.There were no other entrances to the secret passage, therefore the person would have been using my parents’ bedroom to access it. We were cleared to move back in today, but obviously we’re not staying, just as a precaution in case he or she comes back.

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