We created plain paper cutouts, but you might consider gluing the pages to recycled valentine cards for extra stability and durability. Have students choose a cover and a packet of pages (include several sheets of each type of journaling page and paper clip them together to make the process easier). To assemble, use a paper punch to create holes in the upper left corner of the booklet and secure with a binder ring.
During your Valentine's unit, have students use the journals to draw the people they love, complete writing prompts (i.e. Set up a scenario similar to this - one side of the board displays part of a generic sentence with interchangeable noun cards (in this instance we've used a car) and the other side of the board offers students three conversation hearts with describing words that can be used to make sentences. Invite students to try the last conversation heart, making the sentence read, "This car is fast".
As they complete the activity, have laminated writing paper and a dry erase crayon for students to use in copying the sentences. Happily authoring posts about lesson plans, crafts, unique bulletin board ideas, and other helpful resources for MPM Ideas since 2008.
This fun activity from Better Homes & Gardens has been floating all over Pinterest and we thought it would make a fun literacy center for Valentine's Day! Refresh your literacy centers with these fabulous Noun Activity FREEbies from Amy over at Step into 2nd Grade! The ability to form a sentence is a crucial skill for young children to master early on for success in upper grades.
With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we've been searching for simple (and adorable) ideas you can easily incorporate into your lesson plans to add that cute seasonal flair!
Abby over at The Inspired Apple featured two really cute Valentine's Day themed center activities based on finds from the dollar store.

Set little hearts aflutter with ideas for making your child's Valentine's Day class party a blast!
Teachers or parent helpers can make all the kids feel special with a balloon valentine attached to their seat.
They'll be crazy in love with your cupcake decorating activity – the #1 favorite of all Valentine's Day class party ideas.
Kids will ♥ making their own special mailbox from paper plates, construction paper and doily placemats! If your teacher has a sweet tooth, this scrumptious (and thoughtful) valentine idea will make the grade.
Let your little cupcakes burn off some sugar by posing sweetly in front of a wall of heart balloons. Your kids already have to show you how to use your phone apps, so they'll be ready to help when you take some adorable Instagram pics.
If you like to wear your heart on your sleeve, you'll love creating these clever custom valentines. Choose a plain white beverage dispenser and add foam purple and red hearts for your Valentine's bash. A beary special balloon placed in a corner makes the party feel like a VIP event – and the kids can cuddle up to it for Instagram pics! Present your sweetie with a gift that's as wonderful on the outside as it is on the inside! Sign up for emails to receive discounts onparty supplies and Halloween costumesfrom Party City. Independent writing activities and writing centers offer great opportunities for you kindergartners to practice handwriting, build their vocabulary, and gain confidence as storytellers and writers.

Students must decide whether the words on the heart make a true or false statement based on the noun card presented. For every "false" statement, have students revise the sentence to read, "The ______ is not _______". She lives in Utah with her husband and little boy, spending her days as a stay-at-home mom and loving every minute of it. Browse this gallery for cute decorations, super-fun activities, teacher gift ideas and yummy treats. Just tie helium-inflated conversation-heart balloons to each child's chair or use a balloon weight. Because the concept of sentences may be a bit overwhelming, provide illustrations and pictures for inspiration. She has a passion for people that led her to become a Registered Nurse, but when she's not dressing people's wounds, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen, working on her latest DIY project, or out "trying to convince" herself she's a runner.
You might also consider providing specific word sets for each image as a way to guide students in sentence writing. Using the message clues, invite students to match the right message to the right illustration.

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