This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings, of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR and the creator of JenningsWire online magazine. Penny Dunning and Rick Soetebier are the authors of a recently published book titled Dating Backward: A practical guide to dating and finding your soul mate. Annie Jennings PR is a National Publicity Firm that works with authors, speaker and experts in book promotion, book marketing and publicity.
Annie Jennings PR firm books the #1 radio talk show campaign with a guarantee of performance and unlimited media training, TV shows in any city and National TV, major magazine and print media as well as influential brand-building prestigious online media. Once you determine that you will not settle anymore in life when it comes to love, you an extend and accept your invitation to love. We each have embedded within us the stories of love; those ideas we hold around how love appears, what has to take place and the ‘happily-ever-after’. Because we have been brainwashed into what we think is love, a new foundation of meaning and practice has to be initiated and integrated as experience.
Sometimes the most challenging relationship of all is with the self; and it is the most rich rewarding one. First, you need to understand that unless you are extremely lucky, finding a soul mate will not happen overnight.
There is a good chance that your soul mate is the complete opposite of the people you have been dating. About MeMy name is Richee and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame. JenningsWire is capturing the heart of America with its rich community of talented, insightful and relevant bloggers and podcasters!

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Even individuals in a relationship have that question tugging at their mind in moments of challenge, sadness or loneliness. In order to do so, you have to get really clear on how you perceive and define both love and fear.
In knowing our mythologies, we avoid the pitfalls of our unconscious patterns and behaviors to live out a fantasy rather than a reality that truly is loving. When we do so, we have to process our way out of the very heartbreak and pain that erupted. Ultimately, the degree of vulnerability, acknowledgment and intimacy that can be realized for the self allows a person to awaken to more authentic outer relationships. Everyone wants a partner they can truly connect with spiritually, emotionally and sexually. You are probably not going to meet a billionaire brain surgeon who looks like Brad Pitt, so it is important that you not set your sights unrealistically high.
Go through your possessions and dispose of any objects and photos that remind you of past relationships.
After all, it stands to reason that if you have been dating one type of person your whole life without success, the chances are great that your soul mate will have a background that you will not anticipate.
These tips will hopefully bring you one step closer to finding your soul mate or at least being aware of the soulmate signs.
These are the two parts of you that have been and will continue to rule your life if you do not face them.

In allowing all of it, with love, you see yourself and your story in a whole new way and love unfolds more deeply. Sometimes, in the course of processing, we run everywhere to everything else outside of us to heal, grow and find love. Ideally, you will also share the same political beliefs and common interests as your partner.
While you should never settle for a partner that is less than you feel you deserve, if you constantly keep looking for perfection, you will continue to be disappointed.
When faced with the daunting challenge of finding a person so similar to themselves, most people simply give up and settle for a less than ideal partner, rather than be alone.
Learning from the mistakes you made in past relationships allows you to grow as a person and it will help you to be a better partner.
Holding on to memories of failed relationships will only serve to sabotage your chances at future happiness.
If you are a workaholic who spends 60 hours a week at the office or if you are working and going to school full-time, your odds of finding a soul mate are not great.
Here are some practical ideas to help you on your quest for the man or woman of your dreams.
This was a fun project to be part of and to be able to share it with a couple of author friends, Kristina Knight and Holley Trent makes it even… { keep reading }on FacebookNicole Flockton Romance Author 3 days agoIt's Friday!

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