It's been a big week for stories coming out of DC Comics about their plans for comics in 2010 and it rolls on into Thursday as Geoff Johns sits down with the Los Angeles Times to talk about his plans for The Flash! The Flash Secret Files and Origins is a one shot that hits March 2010 which leads into the The Flash series, which according to Johns also hits in April. And if you like that Francis Manapul cover, check out the DC Blog to see the creative process as Manapul goes from sketch to finished cover.
Still slightly bummed they’re leaving Action, but at the same time how can I be mad at them for this? I thought April was the month of Bruce Wayne?  I guess I can fucks with some Flash after I get caught up on the Rebirth hardcover that is supposed to come out that very same month…? Secret Files and Origins This issue is a special "Secret Files and Origins" issue supplying background information to an ongoing volume, character, team or concept.
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Exceeding the sales-gimmick nature of standalone issues, writer Geoff Johns pens a work of superlative meaning and character development. When writer Geoff Johns originally began writing the character, it would be a different Flash. In the space of just a single 18-page story (an additional 19 pages of character- and setting-profiles fill out the remainder of the 33-page book), Johns is able to craft a singular vision of what the character of Barry Allen is really about. Taken from him at a critical point in his childhood by a violent, unsolved murder, Barry’s mother (and her murder) prove to be formative for the speedster. With this profound statement about the character, Geoff Johns seems to have reinvented the genre of comics specials. There are some nice moments, like the sequence of panels early on in which Barry hits a light switch, pours himself a glass of water, and then the light comes on (though if you think about it, that only makes sense if the water is sped up too).
Oddly, while the whole story is drawn by Scott Kolins, the epilogue featuring the Rogues looks vastly different. Most of the characters’ write-ups include not just their history, but hints to future stories. One character’s identity and history are blacked out, presumably to avoid spoiling the end of Blackest Night. Readers new to The Flash, or those who sat out Flash: Rebirth but plan to return, will probably find the book very helpful. I have already complained about misspelling Heat Wave’s name elsewhere, but shall do it here too.
I mean, compared to the way Cary Bates would just make up entirely new names for the Rogues when he couldn’t remember them, removing a space is kind of small change!
Off the top of my head, Joe Scudder instead of Sam Scudder (later reconciled as Samuel Joseph Scudder). I really liked the clock views though, and how everything happened in the span of a minute or 2. If I hear about something cool, I may revisit, but here’s some money I can keep in my pockets.
The profiles have been my favorite parts of all the older Flash Secret Files and Origins but this one just doesn’t feel up to snuff. And I have a theory on the Flash villains not treating Wally with equality as The Flash: Wasn’t Barry always cut and dry with them? In fact, the whole story takes place in a minute, with the Rogues epilogue starting a minute after. I’m just so bored waiting for the main even, when Barry becomes a super-speed Lily Rush. Whoops, sorry Kelson – I think Larry is the person under you on the DCMBs from whose post I clicked here. I agree with the issue being bland, The paneling and the art being completely solid, and being tired of ret-cons.
I am quite weary of the turtle on Jai’s shirt on the splash page with all the speedsters. If I could buy this thing a ring and take it to the alter and spend the rest of my life with it, no matter how fat or bitchy or frigid it ended up becoming years from now, I would.

I didn’t grow up on Barry Allen so I have no emotional investment in him as I do Wally but I will try to get to like him as a character and I love the art for the cover. I’ve been disappointede ever since he finished up his three issues on Adventure comics. I knew I wanted to see him on the Flash when I asked for a Kid Flash sketch over the summer.
Johns first run with Wally was amazing and now he has Barry & The Flash Family to have fun with.
These one-shots appear frequently, and often serve to more pointedly establish official canonical sources for in-universe content about characters. New fans who find themselves drawn to a character are always eager to discover the reason for reading these characters. Iron Man was never about the armor, but the story of a billionaire driven to excel by his secret fear that beneath all the success, he might be a failure.
And in a single caption, Barry Allen is haunted by the very palpable loss of his mother, while being a source of strength for his Flash Family.
Kolins draws her with running shorts instead of the leotard that Ethan Van Sciver drew in Flash: Rebirth #6.
Alchemy) a background in the Central City crime lab, or redefining Central City as a town obsessed with speed, don’t bother me at all. The story establishes the current version of the lead character, and the profiles cover the setting, supporting cast, and major established villains. The art is great, especially on the profiles, but there’s not much story and very little new information.
I never remembered Johns’ writing being so heavy-handed and over the top back when he was writing Wally.
Every single one reads like the writers are completely disinterested in what they are writing and gloss over and flat out omit important details. They are jumping through all these hoops, retconning this, and that, just to try and make Barry relevant. I won’t repeat the stuff I wrote on my blog (link above, most likely) but I was, like many of the good folk here, a tad underwhelmed with this issue.
I found it particularly interesting that in Bart’s powers and abilities section that they failed to bring up his energy duplicate power that was given to him. I am growing irritated on the daughter always inheriting the father’s powers and the son becoming an evil doer. You may want to check later in this blog to see if there is new information relevant to your comment. I can’t wait for the regular series sign me up Wally West is my flash and I hope Geoff continues to write him well along with Barry as the lead story.
Characters that have enjoyed a long publication history often suffer at the hands of mediocrity and usualness. Trapped in a mirrorworld, with no powers to speak of, Wally would ultimately have to reclaim his stolen city from a storybook villain.
It would be a statement about Wally West at the height of Johns’ run, rather than at the beginning.
His writings have appeared in Joss Whedon: the Complete Companion and Ages of Heroes, Eras of Men, as well as regularly on PopMatters. Perhaps DC planned bigger roles or a second story, back when they still planned a series of backup stories featuring Wally and a Kid Flash book featuring Bart, but if so, it didn’t make it to the finished product. Admittedly, there’s a long tradition of circus-influenced costumes in super-hero designs. If you like sifting through, looking for hints about future stories, or if you just want to refer back to the current baseline, it may be worth it.
We know he loved and misses his mother from Rebirth, this just goes to drive that point home.
They could bring them back to the present at this point, even, because it’s fairly obvious that the past is a mutable as silly putty at this point anyway. Although I have to add that his Barry at times looked exactly like Wally from back in the old series.

The whole slow thing when he was a kid, the retroactive insertion of tragedy, the abandoned childhood home, I mean come on.
Even though I love Wally and would rather have him stayed the Flash, I would have had no problem with a newer younger Flash taking over. Could they at least attempt to show some effort in trying to get readers to want to read this book? Just as it would require a Frank Miller to remind readers that Daredevil was a story about plunging headlong into danger. With the recent reversal of Barry Allen’s death in the pages of Final Crisis, Johns would be presented with an opportunity to make his definitive character statement at the very front.
His journey is very much the same as that of writer James Ellroy as detailed in his moving biography, My Dark Places. And the simple act of reading this book, will be definitive of readers themselves; by reading it comics elevates from entertainment to become art. WHat’s with the obvious disparity between Mother and Father in young Barry’s eyes?
The design alone gave him more personality than he ever has had in the version that Ethan Van Sciver took upon himself to redesign and simplify.
Why can’t they just be the similarly powered guys and gals that team up every now and then? I know there is so much space on the panel, but I think they do deserve a lot more respect.
It reminds readers of a time when there was possibility of the world being larger than the collective decisions of people. And an Andy Diggle to remind readers that Hellblazer was really a story about grifting out a better destiny from supernatural forces.
Tormented by his own Reverse-Flash, Wally would need to walk the same path of being pushed into using lethal force to resolve the threat to his loved ones.
With the phenomenal Flash Rebirth already under his belt, Johns is turning up the volume on his legacy statement for the Barry Allen character.
Yet, for whatever the future might bring, Barry has become the uncompromising symbol of fortitude. Johns is a good writer, but he lacks a lot of nerding knowledge that made his predecessors great. Time traveling was always a mechanic of Barry’s and I am glad that they are bringing it back with him. Except of course, for the fact that this is singularly the finest standalone issue featuring the Flash that has yet been published in the character’s four decade-plus history. Simultaneously however, the definitive character story is also the most daunting to script.
Or a Garth Ennis for a Punisher which would be the answer to the failure of social institutions.
The characters that have become less than what they were, that have become ubiquitous, are most likely to become devalued. Johns ignored Wally’s triumphs with coming back from the speed force, not only in Rebirth, but Blackest Night as well. I mean he was screwed over pretty bad in the end too and he doesn’t get a single panel.
He may add this dimension of Barry’s relationship with his father later if he wants, and may claim it was his plan all along, but because he neglected to mention it now it will only seem like retroactive damage control. If you are going to take the time to bother throwing all this cheesecake stuff in the book, then at least take the effort to do it right.

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