Philip Gardiner thought the secret organization he was investigating had disappeared after World War II.
Bli forst att betygsatta och recensera boken Secret Societies: Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge. Unless I am mistaken, most members of are new to these ideas that Geo has recently espoused upon entering this site. If my description of David Icke's and Geo's beliefs are wrong, then I ask of my opponent to feel free to correct me. Next we will establish the fact that the elites of the world are the Illuminati (or at least controlled by). The 3 primary globalist groups are the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commision. Now, here you will see that these elite groups include just about everyone in power, including corporations.
Now, if you still want to believe that this world government will be benevolent, read this. I hope the voters and my opponent realize that quoting people's beliefs is NOT evidence at all, but wishful thinking at best. On another note, many of my opponent's quotes or people he refers to as Illuminati members is under false pretenses.
A common theme amongst conspiracy theories is their tendency to conflate normal events into wild ideas. For example, both the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC) are think thank organizations with the purpose of promoting better foreign relations between countries. It is now the burden of my opponent to overcome this hurdle of parismony (Occam's Razor), and show why the more simplistic claim shouldn't be preferred - all common sense currently dictates as such. Essentially, my opponent construes the Illuminati to be a group of unimaginably clever people who rarely, if ever, make a mistake. These quotes are coming from either people within the system who have witnessed things first hand, or they are the elite's speaking themselves. You also did not address the fact that I gave you names of ex-Illuminati members to establish the very existence of the society. You cannot claim a quote is taken out of context without a legitimate reason to believe so. As far as Rockefeller denying that he is an Illuminati member, I have never seen such interview. The rest of this is irrelevant as I did not use the quote you are referring to in my argument, nor do I use that quote to prove David Rockefeller is a member of the Illuminati.
Now, if you do have doubt that he is a member of the Illuminati, look at what ex-Illuminist Svali says.
Given these statements from the man himself, what makes you think there is any question that there is a Global Elite with evil intentions.
I must also note that the term "New World Order" was first used in the Doctrines of the Illuminati, therefore it's safe to associate anyone who uses it with the Illuminati. Does my opponent really think that giving me a link of a website that just repeats the quotes actually helps? Anyway, my opponent states that these quotes hold weight because "important people said so".
These "ex-Illuminati" members are either not what you make them out to be, or obscurely known and probably fakes. The other names are otherwise normal people, until David Icke followers tack them on with crazy ideas relating to the Illuminati. What I got instead was a horrendously conflated hypothesis that relied solely on quotes, many out-of-context, wishful thinking, and disregard for sociological theories of power structure. World leaders attending a Canaanite pagan ritual of burning a human effigy (or real body) in front of a giant owl (also on one dollar bill) once a year.
In the first video, you will find Zbigniew Brzezinski himself referring to the conspiracy movement obstructing their plan.
As you can see, there is a gathering mass of evidence and in the coming years, the presence of the Illuminati and the wrath of the New World Order will become self evident. Texe Marrs is a christian person who believes that any wicca or magick is evil, so how do you explain his evidence to be true based on his stance as a christian who believes in the rapture? I propose that a hairy creature with opposable thumbs, rainbow colored wings, 7 toes (4 on the right foot, three on the left) emerged in the southern part of the world (7 continents, 4 directions on a compass, 3 point away from the south) see the connection, runs the world.
I know a lot more than most people on this subject, please allow me to explain a little, We have had the Gulf war in Iraq (i), we then had the twin towers, (ll)=(ill) then the underground in london, (u)+(ill)=(illu) now just maybe we now have a mystery flu in Mexico, = (m)+(illu)=(illum) ,, you can see where this is going ,right?.
Shining Ones as leaders, with Watchers doing their bidding - evolving into God with his Angelic beings. But that was before its members whisked him out of Berlin in a black Mercedes, fearing for his life.

It was the cessation of the constant cycling of the Midgard Serpent that Thor attempted and, in this way, he beat time itself. In general, his ideas align with David Icke's - an infamous British writer and public speaker who has developed this type of "New Age Conspiracism"[1].
His burden is to prove that there is reasonable evidence of this conspiracy, while my burden is to dismantle his evidence and show that there isn't reasonable evidence, if hardly a shred to begin with.
However, I want to note that my opponent relies heavily on quotes, and I ask him that in later rounds he cite them to confirm not only their authenticity but so I can read the quote in context. In some ways, it's related to argument ad populum - just because people believe it's true, doesn't mean it's true. They are often quoted out of context (traces of Creationism anyone?) or quoted with wishful thinking. In context, Rockefeller is referring to people who have attacked his family for being internationalist - something that he and many others endorse (as do I). Being heavily invested by the likes of David Rockefeller, it is no doubt that many famous people attend these organizations. William Domhoff, a research professor in psychology and sociology, discusses the flaw of conspiracy theories in primarily sociological terms. Conspiracy theories assume that "a small handful of wealthy and highly educated people somehow develop an extreme psychological desire for power that leads them to do things that don't fit with the roles they seem to have." A powerful businessman will not desire to make money anymore, but instead seek world domination. Conspiracies put immense power into the hands of a few, when in reality it usually involved much MUCH more people. Assumes clever elites have somehow "manipulated the thinking of their hapless bosses." On the contrary, evidence shows that people usually stay in the area of their policy. A group that confounds common sociological thought and defies common theories of psychology.
The foundations of it's evidence relies on several quotes with many out-of-context ones, constant conspiracism[3] and unparsimonous theories, and at best wishful thinking. If you think your blind assumptions surpass Presidents, CIA members, Supreme Court Justices, Senators, and the very Global Elite we are talking about, then you are sadly mistaken.
And if he did, you must realize that the consequences for revealing the membership of the Illuminati or their existence would be dire. It is true that not all members of these organizations are conspiring, but the power behind the organizations are.
The true power structure of the world is a pyramid, even described as so by ex-Illuminists. Conspiracy theorists, creationists, or any other loonies ALWAYS love to quote people out-of-context. If it's so "obviously known" they are members (sine they supposedly came out), how come it's not common knowledge that they are?
I gave you the reference to DR's book - if you read it IN CONTEXT, then you will see that he was talking about his internationalist stance.
A Canadian journalist (who believes in tons of BS conspiracy theories as well) luckily got an interview with him and you can see DR deny such claims of a world government.
Theories of power structure aren't an option or method people can choose, it's a structure that MOST, if not ALL, people follow. My opponent's last point - referring to the intellect of the Illuminati - is ONCE AGAIN tons of quotes. I was expecting facts, geographical locations, inconsistencies in government policies, and severely suspicious actions. And that so called conspiracy theorist interviewer, is in fact a 33rd Degree Freemason and a member of a Japanese secret society. I was taken there at intervals for testing, to step up a level, for scholarship, and high ceremonies. No, especially at the lower levels, I believe they know nothing of the practices that occur in the middle of the night in the larger temples.
This is coming from Texe Marrs who saids he is an occult expert appeared in the documentary dark secrets inside the bohemian grove by Alex Jones. The demon Alex Jones speaks of is in the bible but in the bible, Moloch is a bull and not an owl.
So far, evidence points in that direction, but can be overturned by discovering new evidence and saying, no actually something else happens for this reason.
To summarize it briefly, he basically believes that there is a secret group of elites in rule behind the many global powers of the world, and they conspire to eventually join the world into a "one world government", presumably to rule it with a fascist iron-fist.
It's like me trying to show that God exists by quoting theists saying "God exists" or "I truly believe he is there!" Obviously, any intellectual would say it doesn't matter that people believe in something - because what people believe has NO contingency on whether or not it's true. For example, a commonly cited Illuminati "member" is David Rockefeller's book Memoirs, where he supposedly admits to being an Illuminati member. They are homes to constant debate, refurbishment of foreign policies, and anything else that are qualities of a good think thank.

He explains the current theories of power structures - which is basically the measure of someone's or something's ability to control their environment - discount conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories assume that these leaders are HIGHLY CLEVER and intelligent do NOT have mess-ups or mistakes. Evidence shows that the forefront groups are NOT Illuminati, but sincere efforts to improve the world. The most he had was a theory that simply said "this power structure just can't be possible" or opinions that the provided quotes were out of context.
However, do take note that most people just put up a video as a complimentary "food of thought", if you will, instead of saying it's an actual argument. As any peer review community would want, I want my opponent to give me the ACTUAL sources of the quote - not a website that spits it out.
The only people who acknowledge their so called past history with the Illuminati are people who believe in this! Furthermore, he was also replying to people who said that he was an Illuminati member, and he replied sardonically that he wasn't.
Do ignore all the crap and "deduction" the journalist did after - my point is that DR denies such interpretations.
Saying that, I will concede that a human fossil found in pre Cambrian rocks would present some serious problems for evolution. There is enough substantial and reliable evidence to prove the existence of the Illuminati. In Secret Societies, best-selling author Philip Gardiner delves into a world that is hidden from our eyes and finds himself in situations that mirror the fictional world of The Da Vinci Code. However, avid Icke followers are committing a horrendously UN-parsimonious claim in thinking these are actually the forefront of Illuminati. If someone says "I saw him shoot her" it's probably going to be taken seriously because it's tangible.
Again, he fails to realize that his "evidence" of quoting what people believe is no better than theists quoting sermons and pastors - both intellectually impotent.
Besides your conspiracy theories, the term New World Order "refer to a new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power."[3].
If we find a fossilized human in a saddle on a dinosaur, then evolution is in very serious trouble. Geo has provided enough evidence to show that our world is being controlled by evil people! People say it's to cover it up - but he freaking wrote a BOOK with it; something that people can buy and go over again and again.
HOWEVER, it never entailed beliefs in "reptilian humanoids" or "we wanna take over the world rawr".
For example, the famously quoted-out-of-context statement by Charles Darwin (concerning the eye) is exactly the same! I can show what events or findings would make me wrong; this is not the same thing as proving a negative. If you say no proof can exist to disprove the illuminati, then you walk on the ground of pseudoscience and intellectual dishonesty. See, if you count the seeds in a kiwi you get the same number as (add nonsense about the pyramids, pi, and throw an equation in for good measure). These are simply annual events in which high-ranking people will meet, with the purpose of of "promoting understanding between the cultures of United States of America and Western Europe"[1]. The felon is a different person, the weapons varies, the reasons differ, the place of the crime varies, the victim varies, etc. Creationists say "oh look, the quote shows that Charles Darwin doesn't believe an eye can form". I am asking, "what evidence would prove your idea of the illuminati wrong?" If every event in history and any conceivable event or statement supports your belief in the illuminati, then how do you determine a hoax? Weishaupt was a Kantian Idealist and a Deist - he wanted to do away with monarchy and organized religion and bring "to lay the foundation for the reformation of the world by the association of good men to oppose the progress of moral evil."[2] Where does "we want to take over the world, trick people, mind control them, and become fascist rulers" EVER come up in his philosophy? But if you read in context, Darwin just uses the literary tool of saying something must be improbable, then he goes on to show why it isn't.
Just because Weishaupt started a secret society doesn't mean it's some reptilian conspiracy.
Obviously, human memory is VERY fallible to forgetting and to bias creeping in - even without our awareness that it is.

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