If you checked even one of those boxes above then I can empathize with you as I've had personal experience with ALL of them - but hey, you don't need to hear my sorry story. If you've been searching all over the internet looking for help then you are in grave danger of making the same mistake I did many years ago.
And I'm going to share with you something most people don't know, which is a shame, because we'd all live in a much better world if they did. Quickly, without thinking about it, swap your clasped hands from the first arrangement to the second at least twenty times, while thinking about something totally different, such as the weather outside. The real secret is to teach you the skills to do this for yourself and change negative thinking, erase poor habits and eliminate self-sabotage.
Its hard to admit that things may not be as great in your life as you might like to think they are. As I was saying, during the last 22 years, I've read just about every single personal development book published.
I will show you exactly how you can re-code and reprogram yourself and 'create new orders of change for your life'. These are the same tools that changed my life and these are the same tools I still use, every day, day in and day out. These are the same solutions that took me from negative misery to freedom and a fulfilling and happy life. Do you experience a frequent despondent feeling of failure -- or do you feel that success will always be elusive? Find out how to develop a strong belief in yourself that attracts like-minded confident friends -- and lovers! Follow these 3 Golden Rules and you'll see why you haven't been able to make change stick in the past -- most other "solutions" leave out at least one of the golden rules! Find new hope by learning how "what you are becoming" is completely in your control! Have you ever been self-critical or disliked some aspect of your body, or your mind or emotional stability? I have to confess there is a key issue at stake here -- one which is well known by good therapists. Above are actual screenshots of the 5 In-depth Lessons that coach and guide you through each part of the system.
As a Corporate Consultant, Author and Coach of some 10 years standing it is rare that you come across material that is so easy to use and understand.
There are plenty of books out there on similar topics but very few could claim to be as practical, down to earth and easy to understand as the material created by Robert Scanlon. With Robert you have the extraordinary combination of a person who is not only widely read, but has also been in difficult personal situations and has applied the very same techniques he teaches to improve the results he gets. Simply click on the 'Buy Now' button below and you'll be taken to our secure payment processor, PayPal.
Once your PayPal payment is confirmed you will be returned to a special page on this site confirming your order and the link to the member's area.
You'll receive a user name and password (that you can change at any time) IMMEDIATELY in your inbox to gain access to the member's area -- even if it is 2am in the morning!
It's that simple and you'll be on your way, taking advantage of this powerful system in minutes! I use PayPal because they are 100% secure, they are owned by eBay and trusted by millions around the world. Now I'm feeling a little crazy, so I'm going to go a step further and offer you something totally unique.

That's right -- start your program now and I'll supply a personal audio course (for immediate download) which is specifically designed to partner with the Lessons and the workbook -- and steps you through each Lesson, Skill and Technique. You can download the full audio within minutes of starting the course -- or you can play it direct from the Members Area from anywhere in the world.
Here is a screenshot of the audio player you'll find in the members section (shown 70% actual size). This is an extra 46 pages of valuable techniques and skills with precise instructions and examples for each topic. To help you multiply the positive effects of the changes you will make, this is a carefully crafted 45-minute thought-repatterning audio -- to play whenever and wherever you want -- containing belief reinforcing statements overlaid onto a beautifully relaxing soundtrack -- but here's the important part -- each Power Statement is carefully chosen to support and deepen every single tool and technique in the book.
I realize on the internet it is hard to know who to trust and which internet-based products offer the best value for money.
Yes, I'm sure I know what I'm doing, unlike my accountant who thinks I'm nuts, because I believe this course will change your life. You'll receive a user name and password (that you can change at any time) IMMEDIATELY in your inbox to gain access to the member's area. This course has really given me new hope, hope that there is a way to become more confident in everything. I learned a lot about how I have control over my own feelings and how to break out of the cycle of negativity I have been in. There are 5 extensive and highly detailed sections with 19 extremely effective repatterning tools -- all of which have a powerful multiplier effect on each other and any one of which has the power to change your life. As I have already said, it is a well known fact that most personal development books are rarely read past the first chapter.
In fact, I've heard one personal development guru give this as the very reason he only wrote one chapter for his book! Every 7 Days -- starting on Day 1 -- you'll receive an extensive and detailed Professional Coaching Lesson from me expanding on every single one of the techniques in the program.
Momentum, energy and movement is vital in sustaining YOUR development and in building your motivation and self-confidence. I cannot tell you how effective this is at keeping you on track and committed to your own progress. These Professional Coaching Lessons run for a 28-day period where you are literally 'forced' to return to the exercises; review your progress and build on the steps you have made by completing each section.
It works so well, I even give you access to a Member's Control Panel where you can restart the 5 Lessons as often as you want, anytime over the next 12 months! I've learned how to change behaviors and feelings about myself that I thought I just had to accept and live with!! At this stage having done 50%, I feel like a different person and I look forward for the next lesson.
Other personal development gurus seem to be charging high prices for old recycled video-taped public seminars -- but I've kept the cost down to not $497 or even $197 but just $47.00! Remember these are the very same cutting edge techniques I still use myself, day-in, day-out -- and life just keeps getting better! You can learn from my own experience -- and school of 'hard knocks' -- and years of refining these cutting edge techniques. I've also spent more than 20 years on self-improvement -- and discovering what works and what doesn't in my own life. Bonus #1: A full 61-minute audio coaching seminar for each tool and technique in the course. Learn specifically how to ask for what you want and what you need -- a key skill to building personal power.

Learn how to stop sabotaging your own self-belief and move forward by using 3 key 'comparison filters' to compare yourself the CORRECT way. Learn how to consistently make each day a positive one by uncovering your hidden personal definition of high and low esteem.
Find out how to turn the 'light at the end of the tunnel' into a fireworks-spectacular celebrating your red-carpet arrival. So many students tell me that just maintaining new habits or positive feelings is the hardest thing for them. Learn how to make things happen for yourself and use powerful affirmations to speed up the process. Each one is many pages long and you can complete them online in the member's resources section - or download them for unlimited access.
Well it might for about 3% of the population, so just in case that is you, it is possible to have ALL the Lessons sent at once by logging in to the member's resources area! You don't have to have a PayPal account either - they also accept secure credit card payments. All 5 Audio Seminars are for download only and will fit on one CD, or you can burn them to be on 5 separate CDs). BUT, in my experience, these additional resources will really help accelerate your progress. Not only did it boost my confidence, but it gave me something to concentrate on other than being a mum, which in turn boosted my confidence anyway!! I'll admit, I was skeptical at first, but after working through the course I can see the improvement. I've also taught facilitation skills and counseling skills and spent plenty of time one-on-one coaching, counseling and mentoring others. Discover the ways you already secretly 'code' your state of mind - and the code-breaking tools and techniques to erase them and feel optimistic again! This is brilliantly effective if you want to be more confident in social or public situations.
A simple skill that is instrumental in helping you release yourself from dependency on things such as food, drugs, alcohol, or even other people. Once you know how to change what you 'do' and 'how you do it' - your belief in yourself skyrockets!
Don't let constant failure to reach your goals be an obstacle -- turn it into unstoppable motivation and determination to succeed! Using unique, cutting edge mind-technology, learn how your mind responds more effectively to metaphors than to 'advice'. This 4-step success spiral is used by all successful people (consciously or not) to keep moving onwards and upwards -- and it is so simple! Learn how to use a 4 step process to create multiple ways to reach your goals, any of which will guarantee you the success you desire. Use these affirming statements daily to keep you thinking and feeling positive along your journey - and most importantly learn the exact step-by-step rules for creating your own unique and highly personal 'power-affirmations'. Out of many businesses I started, one went belly-up so badly we were chased by debt collectors. Learn exactly why 'self image' is an ineffective concept and how you can use cutting edge success technologies to have the type of life you want.

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