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AmoLatina is a Latin dating site that you might come across if you’re interested in seeking a mail order bride from Latin America. Although focused on South America and the Caribbean, the ladies on this site are primarily from Colombia, Peru and Brazil.
There are also small numbers of ladies from countries including Honduras, Bolivia and Puerto Rico.
The first thing I notice from these statistics is that there aren’t huge numbers of women on AmoLatina. As a guy whose own interests in foreign women are chiefly focused on Asian ladies, these numbers also seem quite modest. Anyway, the main thing about AmoLatina is that there are still plenty of ladies to choose from.
The small number of women from major countries like Mexico also reflect the fact that AmoLatina is less active in these countries. There are a good selection of ladies on the site, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes (well these are Latinas we’re talking about). One thing I’ll point out is that the majority of profiles of the female members contain heavily airbrushed photos. Airbrushed photos - great if you're reading a magazine, not so great when you're choosing your future bride!

Every time you want to write to a lady on AmoLatina, you’ll need to pay with credits.
You can send emails to ladies who speak or write no English, and you don’t need to learn a word of Spanish or Portuguese.
The translator staff should pick up on the warning signs that the lady is trying to scam you.
Having said this, thanks to improving techology I think these letter writing sites have had their day.
I’ll also point out that neither Spanish or Portuguese are particularly difficult for English speakers to learn.
It’s not hard to find Latin women on singles sites, and you don’t even need to pay for the privilege of chatting to them!
We bring people inspiration at our ground-breaking seminars and connect them with the leading voices in the field through our exhibitions, workshops and on and offline content. This is related to the fact that all the profiles are added to the site by agents of AmoLatina rather than the ladies themselves.
If you’re ever in the market for a Filipino bride for example, well then you’re going to find tens of thousands of Filipinas on the average Asian dating site, and over 600,000 female profiles on the mighty Filipino Cupid!
So if you like Mexican senoritas then you’re better off on a site like Mexican Cupid. While this makes the site look a lot more polished than, say, Latin American Cupid, it can be seriously misleading if you’re looking for a marriage partner!
Certainly you’re not going to see any of the notorious Senegalese or Nigerian romance scammers on AmoLatina like you can on other sites.
This is a letter writing site, and in my own online dating experiences, I soon learned to avoid these like the plague.

Many ladies have computers or iPhones these days, and Internet cafes are widespread from Colombia to Peru.
I’ve even chatted to Chinese women online when they speak no English and my written Chinese is basic in the extreme. In fact, if you’re living in the USA then you might already know a fair bit of Spanish. Check out Colombian Cupid and you’ll find thousands of women who can speak and write English. When I last looked at their site they were offering a forthcoming trip to Medellin, Colombia for around $1600. The romance tours look interesting, but for pure Latin online dating it’s probably better to look elsewhere. If you’ve had any good or bad experiences of using the AmoLatina Latin dating site, then leave your comments below (anonymously if you wish).
Chinese dating can also field some impressive numbers, although this is more down to the fact of China having such an incredibly vast population. Expensive, but can you put a price on the opportunity to meet dozens of Colombian girls in a single trip?
Hmm, I found many leggy beauties on this site, and it’s all completely free to send them messages.

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