I am now offering Free Guided meditation and Hypnosis via Teleconference ( Group session ) . The free service i offer until the end of December this year to help Raise vibration of the earth for the Mayan Calendar .
Feel relaxed and comfortable from your own home and space with this Teleconference meditation . PLEASE SEE TWO IMAGE OF MERKABA AND PINEAL GLAND BELOW AS THEY WILL BE USED IN THE SESSION.
Repetition of this session I offer will change your life in many powerful way emotionally, mentally & physically. Merkaba, the light body is the inter-dimensional framework of the human energy field that connects to and metabolizes divine life force. Upanishads are the summit of mankind's thinking - the prime doctrine on self-realization, yoga and meditation. Life Bliss Meditation is a 5-step meditation technique which immediately helps us to relax, and to experience a stress free mind.
Formulated by Enlightened Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the meditation systematically allows us to reach subtle layers of our being.

My e-book tells my story of how I managed to overcome the chronic pain of illnesses such as Fibromylagia, Benign Hypermobility Syndrome and chronic mono. In the book, I talk about the tools I had to use daily to change my health COMPLETELY around. I also include some of the inspirational authors, people, video, and books that were there to inspire me.
While these illnesses according to the doctors are not technically “curable”, I am living proof that people with chronic illnesses can have a better life without relying on pills. I recently updated my ebook to include the PAGING ME SYSTEM which are the 8 techniques I used as well as inspired action worksheets to help you start off. Heart light guided meditation ( Universal Expansion of your power ) -being one with the source , Opending up all your chakras .Expand your light !
Life Force of Soul Guided meditaion -Being one with Life force energy -Cleaning your energy & Grounding, becoming that Life force energy and attracting that energy. Individual healing, Group Healing , World healing with Sun Tetrahedron & Earth Tetrahedron vortex spinning . The sacred geometry of the Merkaba is composed of two intersecting, crystalline tetrahedra (triangular pyramid).

In just a week I felt better than I had in months — if you use the steps I outline you will feel better SOON.
Now I can keep up with my kids, do errands, clean my house, take online courses and have energy to spare.
The center point of the spinning tetrahedron (pointing up and down) forms a "zero-point" construct that compels singular motion (wave of creation) to resonate with Universal Harmonics. It took my strength and BELIEF that I could do it as well as changing a lot of my ingrained behaviors to see results.
I am SO grateful for my new life and hope to help as many people as possible realize, they too can heal themselves. This harmonic convergence within the center of the body activates a rotation phenomenon similar to twelve-strand DNA, which is the upward spiral of evolution. Sign up below to receive a Free Consultation and I will get in touch with you to schedule our time together.

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