MARC also offers an ongoing free series of drop-in meditations Monday-Thursday at several campus locations, including one at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and a session in Spanish at the Semel Institute. This shows the correct method of diaphragmatic breathing, which increases the amount of oxygen that goes into your lungs.Beyond that, this meditation does a nice job of guiding you through imagery to stillness. You are then given about 10 minutes without a guiding voice to allow you to float in silence.

This has the effect of shifting your mindset to be more positive.The progressive scanning up the body after feeling a connection with the Earth is pretty sweet.
It also can be considered the space between sleep and being awake.This video combines the binaural tones with contemplative questions (written on the screen). Big questions are asked, some without an answer: “Who are you?”The binaural tones combined with the contemplation can lead to profound insights.

Especially if you’re at a crossroads with a job, relationships, or direction at work.I recommend this for those who tend to be contemplative or just want to experiment with binaural meditation.

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