Everything you need to know about changing your name with a marriage certificate or by deed poll.
This name change manual for brides will guide you through all the steps and make it as easy as pie!
A comprehensive marriage name change checklist and tracking form covering over 60 areas to update your name. As a bonus I’ve included common government name change forms that you might need as you go through your name change process.
Since I couldn’t find anywhere that would tell me how to change your name after you get married, I documented my whole name change process, got onto some forums and spoke to other brides going though the same thing and gathered all of my newlywed friends around me. My ultimate goal is to help you save time and some frustration, and am giving this name change kit away for free for a limited time.

Tell your friends about the Newlywed Name Change Kit and how they can change their name for free!
Download the Name Change Kit straight onto your computer read through the manual and print out the forms as you need them.
Both processes explained in simple language with guidance and templates for changing your name by Deed Poll (if that is what you need to do).
I would love it if you would help to spread the word and help other brides change their name for free!! The 30 page manual covers practically everything you can think of (and things you probably have never thought of!). What started as a bunch of lists and forms that I handed out to anyone I knew who was getting married, has turned into a complete name change kit with its own website.

And I have hundreds of newlyweds to thank for helping it to get to this point, whose input has been invaluable.
I had spent the past 7 months in a constant state of planning and organising my wedding and even though I really wanted to change my lastname, the process of of doing it was not something I was looking forward to. After spending an hour on hold on the phone, and then an hour in the wrong queue (just to get my marriage certificate!) I decided that something had to be done!

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