The studio recorded mp3 version and the live recorded version of this session are now available for you to download.
NOTHING but FAKE PADDING written by individuals that have obviously never even TRIED using hypnosis! REAL HYPNOSIS is not simply a matter of getting someone into a trance then making a few suggestions. Everyone that attends walks away with either a NEW CAREER – or the most POWERFUL self-development tool they're EVER likely to discover!! Bradley Thompson, I've taken FIVE MONTHS OUT to compile all of my secrets into one resource.
Learn the SIMPLE 4-PART hypnosis formula you'll NEVER forget – so you can hypnotize anyone, anywhere!
The 5 THINGS you absolutely MUST KNOW before hypnotizing someone – forget these and you're HISTORY! The CORE SECRET TECHNOLOGIES of advanced hypnosis and how to use them – and I'm NOT just talking about NLP! What INDUCTIONS really are – and how to use instant inductions to hypnotize in just SECONDS! The 3 RULES of SUGGESTION – make sure you DON'T break these, or you could have the REVERSE effect on your mind!! Who you SHOULD hypnotize – and who you absolutely should NOT, under ANY circumstances! The SECRETS behind INSTANT HYPNOSIS – YES, IT EXISTS and I'll tell you how to tap into it!! How you can SUCCESSFULLY hypnotize a group of people at the same time – even if they don't know it! Find out how to QUICKLY INFLUENCE (and EVEN SEDUCE!) ANYONE – using the powers of covert hypnosis!

Use a SPECIAL TRICK, made famous in a certain movie, to INSTANTLY gain rapport with anyone – this alone is worth the price of the course! Why self-hypnosis is the MOST POWERFUL method of gaining new skills and removing fears – and how YOU can tap into it within minutes! The conditioning hypnosis scripts you NEED – for improving your mind and breaking bad habits!
The SECRET 4-part self-hypnosis trick that will ACTIVATE your self-hypnosis state in RECORD time!
Discover EVERYTHING you need to become a hypnotherapist – it's EASIER than you think! The ESSENTIAL SCRIPT COLLECTION, covering everything from bad habits to fears, from physical disabilities to psychological issues!
The TEMPLATES you need to formulate your OWN scripts for ANY situation – just sit back and read!
STAGE HYPNOSIS – And if you thought that was enough, you haven't yet discovered the most entertaining part: STAGE HYPNOSIS!
The 6 SECRETS that every stage hypnotist knows – IGNORE THESE and you might as well throw away your career! DOZENS of routines for EVERY part of your show – just mix and match, I'll show you everything you need! How to COPE with TWENTY PEOPLE all under hypnosis – all in action, on stage, all at ONCE! The BIG ENDING – Your audience will LOVE you when you perform this one magical ending.
How to ROCKET your self-confidence prior to ANY show – and why you absolutely MUST, even if you feel fine! And you'll discover a WHOLE NEW CAREER – with EVERYTHING you need to get started as a hypnotherapist or stage hypnotist.

The diploma is fully recognized and can be used to help prove your training and qualifications within the industry.
Again – it's yours FREE OF CHARGE, as thanks for being one of my first 300 customers!
And remember, the kit is a PHYSICAL PRODUCT, unlike the cheap, poor quality e-books you'll find elsewhere online. Take action – and claim the ENTIRE course and ALL of the freebies – WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Hypnosis is one of the most powerful methods of self-development currently known to mankind. Let me take this chance to wish you the VERY BEST in all of your self-development endeavours!
You'll be able to make life-long changes to your thought patterns literally in a couple of minutes. That's almost 60 MINUTES of BONUS COACHING – and it's ALL THROWN IN, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE! The kit is produced in our UK warehouse and shipped direct to you, wherever you are in the world – and comes with its own protective ejector CD case. EASY – This course is over $2950 cheaper AND ships with two FREE hypnosis sessions and a BONUS audio CD. You'll be able to control conversations, instantly build rapport and make others WANT to help you! You'll discover how to CHANGE ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE – using the amazing power of self-hypnosis.

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