Firstly, though, we need to love, accept and value ourselves.Once we have learned to do so we are open to forming lasting, strong and loving relationships with others.
You'll also discover here which Archangel to call on to help you with love and relationships, also with finding your Soulmate.
Created by Mary Jac with the aim of attracting love & romance, and promoting self-love too, encompassing a peaceful happy heart. Inspired by Archangel Chamuel, this essence has been lovingly created with the aim of attracting love & romance into our lives.

Wearing a small piece on a necklace, close to the heart, helps to dissolve blockages that prevent you from being open to loving yourself and others.
Take a look at the 'Living, loving and healing with crystals' page to discover more crystals that are said to heal the heart, attract a soulmate and more.
The Metatron Prayer of Protection and Abundance This is a prayer of Visualization and Spoken word. You never know who in the crowd, standing beside you in line or passing you in the street, might be raised in spirit, or even lifted from despair, by the kindness in your glance or the comfort of your smile.

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Some of my services include Intuitive Readings with messages from your Angels, Tarot Readings, Angelic Candle Vigils, Divinations, Energy Work and More.

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