This site contains affiliate links of which I would get part of the sale should there be one. 1.  Look for hotel discount coupons at discount travel sites online, hotel websites, and in free travel publications you can find at rest areas and in many hotel lobbies. Sure, why not just walk into some nice hotel lobby and look at their travel brochures and books?  If they were smart, they might be listed in one of those publications along with their own special prices, deals, coupons, or specially priced couples packages.
If you don’t see any hotel discounts, all inclusive packages, or deals listed, go up to the front desk and ASK if they have any hotel discounts or special packages available for couples, whether they are for honeymoons, anniversaries, or romantic weekend getaways.
Front desk people are always knowledgeable about their special rates, and they are almost always the most helpful people around.
2.  Pay attention to websites and magazine ads that advertise discounts on all inclusive wedding packages or romantic weekend getaway packages. You can also find some great deals on last minute all inclusive weekend getaways at some of the best all inclusive resorts for couples if you keep an eye out for these gems. By the way, it’s never too late to enjoy that all inclusive newly married suite, even if you only feel like young lovers inside all over again. You can find amazing prices sometimes on last minute weekend cruises and one day cruises by just keeping an eye out online.  You can also sometimes find great prices on early bird specials through the cruise line websites.
Sitting down with a big package of material and educating yourself will help you determine what you might be able to afford in an area and the best times to visit.
You might even get some visitors publications that contain ads and information on special event pricing, coupons for restaurants in the area, and discounts on hotels. 5.  Investigate national park service lodging, camping in national forests, state parks, and outdoor adventure getaways.
While you will need to pay a modest fee for lodging or camping in these areas, you’ll make up any fees with inexpensive or free recreation or activities.
Going romantic places off season can provide opportunities for cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples. Weekend getaways for couples are in your reach, but you must first take matters into your own hands to get to them.  These six steps will help you find ways to become a rich couple with cheap couple weekend getaways. Chris Stevens is a full time writer and speaker focusing on natural health and wellness, family issues, and Christian growth. This section will focus mostly on locations within easy driving distance of the City, though we’re including Cape Cod, which is a bit of a long drive.
We like to call Cape Cod “the Hamptons for smart people.” It’s cheaper, milder, folksier, more authentic, and offers far greater abundance. The Cape is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway from New York, boasting some of the most photogenic beaches in the world, and because it’s a year-round residence for many of its inhabitants, it resists the “spring break” feel some beach destinations have. Home to two of the nation’s premier colleges, Ithaca combines all the advantages of small town and big city into a friendly, relaxed, hip package, surrounded by breathtaking geography.

Cheap & budget weekend getaways, Weekend getaways site is the best source to get cheap weekend getaways. Taking a weekend getaway together can cultivate a romantic relationship but these romantic escapes should not cost a fortune. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Disclosure – we have no affiliation with any of the businesses we discuss in this article.
The fact that Ithaca is just long enough a drive to make it an undertaking also makes it an oft-overlooked weekend getaway destination, especially as throngs of weekenders head for the beach. Driving from NYC to Ithaca is fairly straightforward, and probably the best option if you own a car. JetBlue doesn’t serve Ithaca, but it does serve nearby Syracuse, with 4 daily flights. Shortline, by Coach USA, offers between 7 and 12 daily busses from NYC’s Port Authority bus terminal to Multiple stops in Ithaca.
Several travel forums suggested that it’s possible to get an extremely cheap fare by riding the Megabus from NYC to Binghamton, then transferring to the Shortline  for the trip to Ithaca.
On the outbound ferry, watch the Seattle skyline and waterline disappear behind you as Bainbridge Island looms ahead. Driving your car onto the boat will cost you about $16 each way, but it’s worth it for the ability to road-trip on the other side. Even standing in the car berth and watching the swells of seawater displaced by the hull, feeling the wind, and smelling the surf, is a cheap thrill for this city boy. We queued up for the ferry back to the mainland with a somewhat different cast-of-characters, these folks mostly seemingly mostly from the towns neighboring Kingston.
The timing was perfect – the sun was just starting to sink low on the horizon as we left Kingston, creating a completely new palette of light effects. Very nice writing, nice style, quite conversational, tight, and pithy, a McCarthy Coyle word if there ever was one. Scargo Pottery (website) is the brain trust of the legendary and much emulated ceramist Harry Holl, who during his life helped transform the Cape into a Mecca for potters. The Hudson Valley, Long Island, and Ithaca offer affordable and easy getaways that seem light years away from the city.
The north fork boasts some of the best wineries in the east in a region called Long Island Wine Country, and we review eight of them. The very fact that it’s geared top-to-bottom to attract and pamper gamblers is what makes it the ideal getaway for the non gambler. In midday traffic, it will take you about four hours from lower Manhattan, via the Holland Tunnel, I-80, and I-81, and most of the drive is beautiful.

Direct flights into Ithaca regional airport are ridiculously expensive, but you can fly into nearby Syracuse for a song. Travel time is around 5 hours, and fares range from $53 – $107 as of the time of this writing. The cascade mountain range is off to the right, and deep blue, purple, and green hues color the landscape. Bremmerton is an archetypal northwest commuter town that looks familiar if you’ve seen Twin Peaks or (be still my bearing heart) any of the Twilight films.
I’m mixed on recommending the espresso joint just outside the Kingston ferry terminal, but leaning toward the positive column. Back on the east side of the sound, we were now north of our hotel, a quick 25 minute drive if you don’t hit traffic. Similar to Japanese gardens or the Storm King Art Center, Scargo Pottery is vast, and painstaking arranged to incorporate ceramic pieces into the surroundings, both indoor and out (borrowing the Japanese concept of no wall separating interior and exterior). Whether it’s the dog days of the summer and you want to get some fresh air, or you need a way to break the routine, getting out of town can be the smartest move.
We’re going to take you on a journey – one that includes back streets, wineries, classic car shows, people-watching, the best Pho on the East Coast, and not a solitary hand of blackjack. Fares on Amtrak to Syracuse are between $80 and $104 one-way, and travel time is five hours and change. My astonishment that you can *leave your car there* and *go up on deck* where you’ll feel the 20-knot *wind in your hair* and watch seagulls draft you, and that some people are so jaded they just stay in their cars, was reassurance enough that my ferry fare was well spent. Guns-n-Roses blared over the radio, and the place had all the wonderful hallmarks of a Fire Island burger-and-shake joint back on Long Island. Above deck, we sat adjacent to a lifelong resident of the sound, and chatted about Seattle-area winters.
Because of the expense, time involved, and hassle, we’ve decided train is not a viable travel option to Ithaca from NYC. Then again, I’m the guy who still presses my face to the window on the F train between 4th ave and Smith Street. If we’d done it right we would have left in the morning and given ourselves a whole afternoon to wind our way up to Kingston, stopping at curious spots along the way. But if you’re renting a car anyway for mobility within Ithaca, air is your best option.

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