Two teen girls, one from the city, one from the country, try to find the hidden gold of Bear Mountain learning about friendship, loyalty and courage on the way. As two young girls embark on a quest for a legendary treasure, they discover an even more valuable prize - the enduring power of loyalty and friendship - in Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain. Beth is a city girl who has just moved from Los Angeles to a small town in the Pacific Northwest; Jody is a rough-and-tumble tomboy who's right at home in the woods and lakes surrounding her hometown.

Together they trace the decades-old legend of Molly Morgan, who may have stashed a fortune in gold in the labyrinth of caves in Bear Mountain. Climaxing in a hair-raising chase in the spooky mountain caverns, it's a 24-karat tale that sparkles with humor, warmth, and breathtaking excitement.

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