The Mount Chiliad Mystery is a myth and an easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V that refers to a series of mysterious markings scattered around Mount Chiliad, the largest mountain in the State of San Andreas. The mystery behind UFOs, the Underwater Hatch and the possibility of a jetpack in the game may be on the verge of being solved. This is believed to be related to the achievement From Beyond the Stars where some UFO parts must be collected, as it shows what appears to be the map of GTA V with some markers on it. In the Illuminati, there is a symbol called the "All-Seeing Eye," which is an eyeball placed onto a pyramid. This symbol is called the Eye of Providence, also known as the All Seeing Eye, which could be a reference to the Illuminati. The last drawing is etched behind the viewing platform that reads "Come back when your story is complete". This may be what the drawing inside the cable car might be, but Mount Chiliad is the pyramid.

The symbol could also be the UFO, either the sunken wreck or the one above mount chiliad itself. If the player returns to Mount Chiliad after getting 100% Completion, a UFO will appear floating in mid-air above Mount Chiliad.
The strange red mark also bears a resemblance to an eye, and "Come back when your story is complete" could be a reference to the New World Order, the Illuminati's scheme to take over the world and make 1 totalitarian government. So another underwater hatch could be here or something else. #3 is a marking of a person wearing a jetpack, which has yet to be found in the game.
The symbol is similar to the symbols that give clues as to when the character can find the UFO. This location is where the military base Fort Zancudo is, which would be the most likely place to discover a jetpack since in GTA San Andreas the military base Area 69 had a jetpack. In this case, at the point where the UFO, just above the observation station, lined up with the cable car, the map may be accurate to mount Chiliad.

Since the pyramid chart is divided into 6 sections, with 3 having markings, there may be 3 more undiscovered markings left which might be enough to solve the mystery. It's also no coincidence that there are All Seeing Eyes scattered throughout the map which is a clue to this pyramid chart. This can be seen on the chart by placing the all seeing eye at the Paleto Bay area (which sticks out the top of the Chiliad area) and if you follow the highway from Paleto Bay (through Mount Chiliad and Mount Gordo) to Grapeseed a resemblance can be made between the line on the left side of the pyramid and said highway. Referring to the markings and the Chiliad area the hatching egg may be in the Alamo Sea and the UFO may be over Chiliad Wilderness. Some believe the map is tied to Mount Chiliad in GTA San Andreas, as there is a tunnel in that version.

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