Back of Taste of Tranquillity CD says: Within this recording you will be guided through four Buddhist meditation techniques that Chris has been using and teaching to others for more than 30 years. What I really like about this CD is the thing that encouraged me to select it from among so many meditation CDs.
I'm glad I found holistic shop, their service is excellent even though I had a bit of trouble with the delivery, they dealt with it without any judgement or blame. I bought the eagle necklace for myself (I'm a 39 year old male) even after a review said to check the dimensions as it is quite small. The purpose of Shaktipat meditation is to raise the spiritual awareness to ever higher levels, until enlightenment. Thanks to Skype and high speed internet, our first of six relationship classes was on the way. The second and most important point was something my guru stressed on strongly to all couples. Over the weekend of September 11th, Yoga off Broadway saw its beautiful studio filled with eager yogis keen on studying more about meditation, relationships, the yamas and niyamas, and the basic laws of transmutation. Kelly Western, owner and lead instructor of Yoga off Broadway, is one of the best asana teachers I’ve ever met. It was a chilly morning here in Eagle, Colorado with temperatures around the mid 30′s (F). 28 people packed into Yoga off Broadway’s lovely studio yesterday evening for a guided meditation class. We then outlined the steps for our meditation so we would know what we will be focusing on during our meditation. Special thanks to Kelly Western for inviting me, sharing her Yoga off Broadway studio and organizing this weekend of workshops.
Join our workshop at the beautiful Yoga off Broadway studio in Eagle, Colorado on Sunday, 12th Sept (10am to 12:30pm). The Basic Laws of Transmutation: As a yogi leaves his instinctive nature and unfolds spiritually, the sex force must be understood, brought under his conscious control then transmuted. For more information on the workshop on Yamas, Niyamas & the Basic Laws of Transmutation click here.
Join our workshop at the beautiful Yoga off Broadway studio in Eagle, Colorado on Saturday, 11th Sept (4 to 6:30pm).
The workshop on relationships covered topics such as how to attract people into your life, how to choose the right partner or friends, how to resolve conflicts, understanding the role of men and women in a relationship, learning to listen, how to speak about your partner in public, adultery, and more.

The workshop on meditation covered topics on understanding how the mind works, learning how to concentrate, working with the subconscious, creating positive mental patterns, simple breathing techniques, meditation guidelines and more. All workshops and retreats at Anubhuti are made possible by the generosity and contributions of the participants.
Explained in a straight forward and easy to understand way that, when applied, will bring a feeling of calm and tranquillity to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, including tips and suggestions from Chris as to how you can really maximise the benefits, to both physical and mental well-being, that this CD can provide.Chris was born in 1948, and started studying Buddhism in 1969 while a successful jazz and rock drummer in London. Really happy with the products as they are sensitive items, you have to be happy with where you buy from - all part of the spiritual process!
He is a bestselling author, host of Enlightenment Radio and Director of the Self Awareness Institute. A few people have encouraged me to conduct classes online in recent times and it has been an idea I’ve been considering off and on.
I gave a brief overview of the workings of the mind, then described the steps that we would take in our guided meditation then lead the group through a 30-min meditation.
Her approach to the practice of asana is welcoming to everyone, gentle and true to the principles of raja yoga. They stabilize the yogi’s life and lay a solid foundation on which he can proceed inward on. Eagle was the place that I had given my first workshop little over a year ago and it was nice to be back there.
Raja Yoga is an ancient system of meditation and spiritual understanding that enables you to stabilize the mind, reduce stress, release tension and pain, and enhance health and well-being. Doing ritual practice, reciting mantra, studying Buddhist philosophy and participating in voluntary work are all good things to do, and are very helpful in putting you on the right path.
He studied in Europe, India, Nepal and Los Angeles and was ordained as a Zen monk (Rev Shingen) in 1983. I, needless to say, meant the British definition) and dedicated yoga studio in Eagle, Colorado took the idea seriously. We talked about this and looked at ways on how to identify whether something is a problem and ways to resolve it before going to bed at night.
Remember relationships take work and we need to invest time in it in order for it to flourish.  No cell phones, no friends, no pets.
This open brick walls, wood floor cafe with lots of comfy couches, laid-back vibe and wifi is a perfect place to sip some delicious coffee that they churn out with great efficiency. I started the class by sharing some of Gurudeva’s insights on the mind, namely understanding the difference between awareness and the mind and how we can use our will to consciously take our awareness to different areas of the mind.

Kyoko is a resident of our San Francisco center and is a Raja Yoga practitioner and meditation teacher since 2000. Here is a voice of experience that I can trust, unaccompanied by ambient music, and calculated to keep the practitioner awake, alert and focused. Late last year she chatted with me about the idea of having classes on relationships once a month for 6 months beginning January 2011. Based on Hindu philosophy and mysticism this workshop shares with you the tools and principles that help make a relationship successful.
The first workshop on Saturday was titled “Relationships” and the one on Sunday morning was titled “Beginning to Meditate”. You begin to live from the inside out, expressing your qualities and strengths in a very natural way. She facilitates Transforming Anger, Pathways to Bliss and Beauty, and Silence retreats at Anubhuti. There are many great blogs on Buddhism as a religion and even more on Buddhism as a philosophy. The content is put together well, with its clear introduction spelling out what to expect and how to use the techniques. I am writing about Buddhism as a way of life, which means there is no Buddhist jargon or dogma. A good foundation for any of life's activities.4 Metta Bhavana - For the development of both inner and outer harmony and goodwill to all living things, including yourself.5 Vipassana - One of the greatest causes for unecessary suffering in the world is attachment!
Barely 3-weeks after giving birth to a baby girl, Kelly, her husband, baby Lily and 6 other couples gathered in the studio to join me for our first class in cyberspace. Special thanks to Kelly Marshall, owner and lead instructor of the studio for organising the event and Linda for working tirelessly to put everything together. I use the Buddha’s early teachings as the blogs foundation, and explain them in a way that is relevant to your life today. You will find some of what I am going to write about in my books, ‘The Best Way To Catch A Snake’ and 'Life's Meandering Path.' You may also follow Buddhism Guide on Facebook and Twitter.

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