This time last year, Highclere Castle was just another struggling English family home with the usual 5,000-acre estate, 50-plus bedrooms, portraits by Van Dyck, Victorian gothic design by Charles Barry (who also did the Houses of Parliament), towers, follies, tapestries, heraldic shields and attached museum of Egyptian artefacts from Tutankhamuna€™s tomb. The magnificent old library, with its 5,650 books, some dating back to the 16th century, is where the kindly Earl of Grantham invariably liked to retreat from the cares of running his estate, to sit at his favourite writing desk with its built-in post box.The Rose Bedroom is where the Turkish ambassador was supposed to sleep on the night of his fatal tryst when a€“ most embarrassingly and inconveniently a€“ he had a heart attack in Lady Marya€™s bed.And that cedar tree on the lawn outside? But the current chatelaine, Fiona, eighth Countess of Carnarvon, has no time for such petty snobberies.
Fellowes a€“ now himself a lord courtesy of David Camerona€™s New Yeara€™s Honours list a€“ had long been smitten with Highclerea€™s Victorian gothic splendour and intended it to be the location for his Oscar-winning screenplay Gosford Park.
The Music Room, with a baroque ceiling painted by Francis Hayman in the 1730s for the Drawing Room of the earlier house. For the current Earl and Countess, however, withA  A?11 million needed for repairs, this kind of decadence is out of the question. Wooden doors leading into the gothic front entrance hall designed by Sir Gilbert Scott, who also designed the Midland Hotel at St Pancras and the Albert MemorialBesides the household manager and butler, there are two chefs and a kitchen porter, a housekeeper and a deputy housekeeper, but they are there as much to help out with Highclerea€™s business ventures as they are to attend the family. Butler Colin Edwards, for example, does everything from serving the family lunch in his white gloves to shifting furniture to lending a touch of class to events. These days, Edwards is as likely to find himself attending to Thierry Henry, Greg Rusedski or Des Oa€™Connor at one of Highclerea€™s numerous celebrity weddings or business functions as he is serving Carnarvon family friends such as Princes William and Harry.
A system dating from 1895 by which servants could be called up from below stairs when needed. Ita€™s like Through The Keyhole.a€™ But no one, least of all the Carnarvons, is under any illusion that the great days of Edwardian aristocracy can ever be revived. Leather-bound editions of studies of Napoleon's military strategyThe most senior member of staff at Highclere is House and Banqueting Manager Luis Coelho, 29, who lives in the castle and supervises all the weddings and corporate entertainment events. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Sony's Playstation VR will go head to head with Facebook's Oculus Rift and HTC's Vive next year. One of the highlights of our visit to England was touring Highclere Castle and gardens where Downton Abbey is filmed. Just a short walk from the house we passed under the arched entrance where birck walls surround that first section of the garden. Several scenes in The Governess of Highland Hall take place in a garden and greenhouse like the one at Highclere, so I could almost imagine Sarah Ramsey and Clark Dalton stepping through the greenhouse doorway or Andrew or Millie Ramsey running down the garden path.

Then we saw the sign for the secret garden and followed the pathway into another delightful garden with curving borders of unique flowers.  Lovely!
This entry was posted in Downton Abbey, Research and tagged England, Gardens, Highclere Castle by Carrie Turansky. Carrie, thank you for sharing your wonderful photos, I’ll never get there in person so I especially enjoyed the photo tour. We provide Highclere Castle Floor Plan picture, Highclere Castle Floor Plan photos, and Highclere Castle Floor Plan designs. Highclere Castle Floor Plan Free High Resolution Desktop Wallpapers for Widescreen, Fullscreen, High Definition, Dual Monitors, Mobile. SubscriberKeep update our wallpaper post with submit email, our latest wallpaper will be send automatic in your email. And the usual collapsing roofs and millions of pounds worth of debts.But what a difference a popular, prime-time, period drama series can make.
While having Britaina€™s most expensive drama series filmed in your family home is a€?enormously, hugely, greatly disruptive,a€™ it can also help save your bacon. But Gosford was filmed elsewhere (the production team wanting to be closer to London), making Highclere first choice for his next, even more ambitious outing a€“ a seven-part drama, like a more lavish Upstairs Downstairs, exploring the fortunes of the aristocratic Crawley family in the two years prior to the Great War.At A?1 million an hour to film, Downton Abbey was the most expensive British TV show ever produced. The walls are hung with 16th-century Italian embroideries from the Malatesta Palace in Rimini.
She recently gave a talk on Highclerea€™s history only to find that all her audience wanted to ask about was Downton. Not to mention Katie Price, whom he looked after on the day of her ill-fated wedding to Peter Andre. Before the wedding he was deluged with media offers to spill the beans with insider gossip. With stellar design, beautiful aesthetics and the best multiplayer to date, Halo 5 simply cannot be missed. What a beautiful spot! There are several sections to the gardens…so come along with me on a tour. It's set in Northumberland, England on the Morningside Manor Estate and includes family drama, romance, faith, and a touch of mystery. We hand-picked all Highclere Castle Floor Plan photos to ensure that they are high-quality and free.

Today the house is the most famous stately home in the world a€“ known as Downton Abbey a€“ with a future perhaps more secure than at any time in its 450-year existence.The sturdy, dark oak gothic main entrance you see set into the castlea€™s honey-coloured stone as you stride across the gravel driveway is where the pompous butler Carson lined up his entire domestic staff, to parade them before the caddish (and secretly gay) visiting Duke of Crowborough. Before Downton Abbey, the recession-hit Highclere was in such financial trouble that Lord Lloyd Webber (who lives on the nearby Sydmonton estate) cheekily offered to buy the place up as a new home for his art collection. Nothing ever looks after itself.a€™Lady Carnarvon and her husband a€?Geordiea€™, the eighth Earl, will benefit only indirectly from this. But would audiences in the post-Blair a€?younga€™ and a€?classlessa€™ Britain respond to a period drama featuring Maggie Smith as a crusty, snooty dowager appalled by such modern inventions as electric lights, let alone a plotline based on the complexities of financial codicils and aristocratic succession? He drove over 400 miles on the wrong side of the rode from the wrong side of the car and did great.
Can it be right that over 300 years of history should be erased in a trice by some newfangled TV upstart? The house has essentially belonged to the nation since the Nineties as part of a deal struck with English Heritage in lieu of the sixth Earla€™s death duties. Even if you can’t fly off to England, you can experience life in Edwardian England by reading The Governess of Highland Hall…and next October, The Daughter of Highland Hall! With group tickets priced at A?12 per person, and individual tickets at A?15, this expected six-fold rise in visitor numbers will give Highclere its biggest financial fillip since 1895 (when the fifth Earl landed a cool A?25 million in todaya€™s terms by marrying into the de Rothschild clan).a€?We hoped we would increase our profile and we have succeeded quite brilliantly,a€™ says Lady Carnarvon, who, though warm, attractive and approachable is definitely not the a€?call me Fionaa€™ type.
Downton Abbey became the most successful British period drama since Brideshead Revisited, not just in Britain, where its ratings exceeded ten million, but also in America, where it drew over six million viewers per episode.
Accountancy-trained, with a degree in English and German, Lady Carnarvon has business nous as well as easy charm. When he joined, the big house was still occupied by the sixth Earl, a charismatic raconteur and ladiesa€™ man.
Ita€™s about continuity, about passing the estate on in even better condition than when we inherited it.a€™If that line sounds familiar, ita€™s because youa€™ll have heard the Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) saying something remarkably similar in Downton Abbey. And the reason for this is that Downtona€™s creator, Julian Fellowes, and his wife Emma are great friends of the Earl and Countess, and regular guests at Highclere. Lord Porchester was the Queena€™s racing manager and one of her closest friends (which is why the current Earl is the Queena€™s godson).

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