If you're using Windows Media Center to watch TV on your computer, the image on your monitor or TV might be stretched or there might be unnecessary margins around the image. Before changing any Media Center settings, make sure that the display settings on your monitor or TV hardware are configured correctly and that you're using the best available connection to connect the computer to the display. If you're having problems with the image aspect ratio on only a few TV channels, you can use the Zoom feature to change the dimensions for those channels.
While watching TV, right-click the video, and then click the right arrow to scroll to the Zoom section.

Click Zoom 1, Zoom 2, Zoom 3, and Zoom 4 to try the different zoom modes and see which one eliminates the margins and expands the image appropriately. If you're using a Media Center remote control, press the MORE button to go to the Zoom section. On the Windows Media Center start screen, scroll to Tasks, click Settings, click General, click Windows Media Center Setup, and then click Configure Your TV or Monitor. For information about the different types of video connections, see Connect your computer to a TV.

You might need to try more than one resolution setting to find the one that looks best on your display. When you do this, Media Center automatically adjusts the aspect ratio to match your display.

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