I have figured out how to put a password into my Keychain, and I went to my web account, to change the password, so it is the same in both places. After making the password the same in both locations, and making sure the account user name was on the password listing for Keychain, I logged out of the web account, and tried logging back in, by just putting the user name, and hitting enter. Next time you open up the Apple ID login page in Safari, your username and password will be filled automatically for you.
So basically, the way you "synchronize" is: Enter your passwords once in Safari, let the Keychain save them for you. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged osx mac security osx-lion keychain or ask your own question. What is the smallest number of people in a group, so that it is guaranteed that three of them will have their birthday in the same month?
Why is the laser dish in the southern hemisphere of the Death Star rather than the northern one? New employer wants me to pay for ISO 9001 accreditation before employment begins - is this a scam?
This happened to a friend of mine whose PowerBook originally ran Panther (or even Jaguar, maybe) and was upgraded to Tiger. A clean install of Tiger was recommended on a forum, which fixed all the problems and they never came back, so you might want to try that. This is probably obvious, and something you've already tried, but: I had this problem for awhile and it turned out that my home network was no longer first in the list of preferred networks. Seconding olecranon: nuke all the wifi keychains - which is the mac password program in the utilities folder in the application folder.

Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. Recent AnswersMichael W on apple tv 4th gen bluetooth headphonesTara Singh on email attachments disappear after viewing on Ipad and iphone. A code, key, or string of text required to gain access to a particular service or resource. I'm trying to write a script that requests the user password for some sudo-related commands.
I recently changed my Gmail password, and as expected, the mail app can't log in to that account anymore.
My girlfriend forgot the password for her MacBook (don't ask), so I reset it using the Utilities. Just now, something strange when I open my Macbook Pro Retina : the password entry was locked for 30 seconds and a tooltip saying me to use the machine's encryption passphrase to unlock it. An ex-employee change her administrator password when she was fired and nobody can access the MacBook Pro (late 2013 model).
I'm trying to update an old and outdated Puppet manifest to setup a new Jenkins slave on OSX El-Capitan and hit an issue which I suspect could be related to new security features in El-Capitan.
Just the steps to do specific tasks, and don't really give anymore than what is in the Help topics on Keychain. When I first logged into my Mac after my hard drive crashed and I had to get a new hard drive, I used a simple password (my bad).
Now, how do I get the two to coordinate, so I don't have to put the password into the web account login screen?

If you want to change your password, you can do it on the website, and your Keychain will track these changes.
He has to reselect his local wireless router in the wireless menu each time the laptop sleeps or is rebooted. She never had a Network Preferences pane that looked right--the settings for remembering networks and joining preferred networks stayed like it was in the previous version of the OS.
I totally lost my paper with the secret password for my encrypted external GUID hard drive.
You can also manually change the password that is stored in the Keychain if you need, but you should never manually create Keychain entries, since these cannot be synced with your browser. The connection in OS X 10.4 keeps getting lost somehow, so the user has to go to the wireless menu and reselect his local network each time the system sleeps or reboots.
She also couldn't enter some types of WPA passwords, which was how we first noticed the problem. I'm not sure about Firefox and others, as I haven't used them — but they should use the Keychain if they want to properly integrate with the system. Knox on Does anyone else find it more difficult to close open apps in iOS 9?Frieder on Widgets and El CAPITANErin Clemons on Is URinfosoft a reputable company ?children - on What causes Dump Panic in Kernel?

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