NIS America has had to change the name of its PSP dungeon-strategy game, Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! I've always enjoyed Dragon Ball games, whether it be the fighting, the ki blasts, or even revisiting the storyline again. In Bayonetta, taking place in the fictional city of Vigrid, you play as a female protagonist named Bayonetta, a shape-shifting witch with firearms battling both angels and demons, to say simplistically.
For the Wii U version, gameplay takes a new twist in comparison to its older 360 and PS3 counterparts. The only general concern I have with Bayonetta is the unnecessary use of Bayonetta’s sexuality. Overall, Bayonetta is still the great game it was back in 2010, and with the new inclusions in the Wii U version along with being packaged for free with the newly-released Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U, I recommend this game for anyone who owns a Wii U and is looking for a more-mature alternative to other first party titles on the Wii U. Sometimes, instead of playing the multi-million dollar blockbuster franchises, it's good to spend some time playing the smaller, simpler games available on the market.
But anyway, I thank you all who follow me and read my irrelevant junk whenever I am able to come on and post.
For now, in honor of this celebration, I am going to sit back and check out Journey for the PS3.
But what interests me deeply is the confirmation of Danger Close developing the entire game. So this past Saturday I picked up Rayman Origins and have steadily been playing it ever since. I know this isn't a very credible example considering that it is well known that this franchise has its fair share of hackers (too many if you ask me), but it pains my heart to see how bad the hacking manifestation has become in Call of Duty: World at War, my personal all-time favorite multiplayer FPS. Rumors have been speculating the "Xbox 720" and the "Playstation 4" for a while now, and the 360 and PS3 have been around for years. But anyway, I was considering a 360 mainly because of the various good deals I have been seeing on the console. Also, if you guys have any tips for my PS3 HDD problem (like a certain hard drive that works well, a link to a good tutorial that you may have used, etc.), I would very much appreciate it. In my life, my New Year's resolution would be to explore more in-depth of game development and design.
So in honor of the last week of the year, I have been writing some blogs reflecting my gaming experiences from this year. So yesterday, I wrote a blog talking about four particular games that I found to be the worst ones I played this year. I know I haven't played many racers this year, but I think it wouldn't be too farfetched of me to say that Mario Kart 7 is possibly the best racer of the year and even one of the best Mario Karts ever developed. I have to admit that I didn't find Uncharted 3 to be as memorable of an experience as I did with Uncharted 2, but that isn't to say that Nathan Drake's third blockbuster wasn't something remarkable. Many like to place Battlefield 3 and the Battlefield series as a whole in the "generic shooter" category. For as much as I enjoyed this game, Limbo was far too short for its own good, especially considering how amazing this game was in regards to how it plays and feels. Well, these are my personal picks for what I would nominate for "Game of the Year." Like I said before, these only reflect based off of games I have been able to play. Unanimously, everyone here would agree that there were many great games this year no matter what system you played on.
So these are most of the games I played this year that stood out for me as being some of the worst ones I played.
Yeah, the video in a way is nothing more than a" troll" video, but nonetheless I would absolutely love to see a new F-Zero!
While I do have a couple of gripes with the game, there is one thing that really bothers me. I don't mean to sound as if I am some king at the game who thinks everyone should bow down, but really. Anyway, despite my time away (again), gaming has been in full swing for me just as it has been with everyone else.
Some other games I have checked out were Modern Warfare 3 and Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Throughout the months we have learned all kinds of new details about the game and what to expect.
The gaming season has begun, and many of you more than likely have already started to pick up the games you have been anticipating the most, whether it be Dead Island, Rage, Gears of War 3, or maybe even all of the above.
So right after we get through this week, the (what I like to call) 2011 Gaming Phenomenon really starts kicking off. This brings me to my concern with what has been shown so far for Nintendo's much-anticipated 3DS debut for Paper Mario. Even though they were forgettable in Paper Mario's entry on the Wii, they were there at least to help you out.
Anyway, I am being rather vague with my opinions of the past few CoD games, but the truth is that I could write an article on each game. So allow me to express my opinion quick opinion on the newly released info on Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer. Dragon Ball hasn't had the greatest of games these past few yeas, so it is no wonder if you're not interested in the latest iteration coming out October 25th. It is no secret on MyIGN (or at least in my opinion LOL) that I am possibly the biggest Paper Mario fanatic on here. The problem I had with the game back when I first played it in 2007 was that everything that made Paper Mario unique for a Mario game was either made more accessible for the casual audience the Wii became infamous for, or was changed to try and make it feel more like a Super Mario Bros title than an RPG. This would have been more fun as a turn-based fight like in the previous titles rather than how it is here. September should be when things finally get back to pace when it comes to "my gaming." This summer has been dead for me.
So with the large amount of incredible games coming out this fall, expect plenty of blogging from me starting next month.
Also, with the four new "Nintendo Selects" coming out next week, I have decided to re-visit Super Paper Mario. Last Saturday I took off for Springfield, Massachusetts; something my family and I weren't expecting to do for another few days.
So here's a short summary of what I have been up to for the past week and why I haven't been on at all. This is a rhetorical question, but to correctly explain my satisfaction and happiness right now is a psychological impossibility. To think that an Xbox Live Arcade game that was released a year ago has become my favorite downloadable PSN game of 2011 so far is kind of humorous to me. So as we all know, Nintendo has started its own version of lower priced software with a unique name similar to what Microsoft and Sony do. If I were given the chance to select 4 titles, I would go with older games that could possibly be given a sales boost if they were to finally get a lower price. So this is just my example of what could be the next group of games that could be marketed as "Nintendo Selects" titles.
I've heard great things about the Turtle Beach headsets and have always secretly wanted a pair.
I must admit that so far I've only experimented the headphones with a couple games, most of them being Call of Duty. But I am kind of mad at myself for not trying them in some of my other games yet, such as Bad Company 2.
What Did I Do To Deserve This?, to the less Batman-esque title of What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord!?The original game has been pulled from the PlayStation Store temporarily, while its sequel has been delayed to 4th May 2010 (for North America) as a result.If you're over five years old, you probably already know why the publisher had to make the alteration. Originally for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it received critical acclaim for having a surprisingly well-done story, and an intricate fighting style. You have have lost your memory, and the story of Bayonetta heavily involves you trying to find out your past.
While you can opt to use the Wii U gamepad’s button controls for combat and moving your character, you can also control the game directly with the touch screen on the gamepad. Whether it is with using specific attacks or when Bayonetta shapeshifts, the game will find “reasons” for flashing the player, whether it be the backside to her breasts. Of course, Pac-Man is a historic franchise and mostly anyone who knows anything about video games knows who Pac-Man is. Particularly with beginning my college career, I no longer find the time to play every game that interests me. Call my methods of game purchasing asinine, but normally I won't pay for the smaller titles as I will refute with myself that they aren't worth it. For anyone who has played a previous entry in the Championship series, you already have an idea what to expect.
Now it had its fare share of problems at the beginning, particularly those overpowered sniper rifles. In the 2010 "battle" between Medal of Honor and Call of Duty: Black Ops, I in the end chose Medal of Honor as my shooter. DICE developed the multiplayer for the last Medal of Honor game, and even though I loved it, personally, the idea of Danger Close developing the multiplayer this time around excites me.
World at War has had its fair share of issues just like the other Call of Duty games, but hackers were never a strong one. It is arguable that this is a very strange one to call my favorite multiplayer FPS, but I've always felt the game was pretty  underrated in terms of the CoD games.
That, and the fact that my PS3 HDD is almost completely full (even after deleting stuff I don't care about). It has always been a career I have been interested in as a  lifelong gamer, and after taking a game design course in high school (with a 95 average! That, and I also have had quite a few instances where I have had to "abandon" MyIGN for various personal reasons. Outland stood out for me this year as a game that goes back to what makes games great: Fun, simple gameplay set in a beautiful backdrop. Both the racing mechanics and item balance are perfect, the crisp, smooth graphics are some of the best offered on the 3DS, and the online multiplayer is better than ever.

Similar to Among Thieves, Drake's Deception had an amazing story, this time focusing on Nathan's and Sully's relationship and how they met. The characters were lively and creative, the world was filled with hilarious references to fairytale creatures and places, and the Diablo-style gameplay worked well. I purposely chose not to ask for much of anything because I was hoping for this year to be different. The funny part that I specifically remember though is that I NEVER played anyone else other than Mario. In fact, I have been playing it a hefty amount throughout this week for nostalgia purposes. The reason I mention these games separately is because I thought they were pretty awful in regards to what I had wished to come of them, whereas with the first batch of games I wrote were all fantastic. Now, while we could all just simply say were hyped for the fact that this game will without a doubt be amazing, but is there anything in specific that makes you "jump-for-joy" for the next big adventure for Batman?
Overall, it depends on the game, the genre it fits into, and what exactly the game is trying to bring to the market. The masterful turn-based RPG-centric gameplay was removed entirely, and the experience of this game felt more in the vain of a Super Mario Bros with a hilarious story in the middle of it.
Mario games aren't known to have dialogue and a witty cast of characters (in the talking-sense), but Paper Mario did.
Well, while it is true that the "citizens" of the Mushroom Kingdom that you meet during your adventures are a huge part of it, it is debatable that the partners made the game what it was. I even came up with the theory that perhaps partners in this next entry only stick with you for the chapter you meet them in, and then afterward you are back by yourself until you move onto the next area. It all goes back to the idea of personality, a word I most certainly am using continuously in this blog post. I try my best to not fall victim to the CoD hype every year, because each new iteration creates a slew of new problems for the series. But more than likely you all have played the games as well, so I feel that it is not needed. I personally wouldn't list it as a "must have" like many would, but I am nonetheless very pleased. I've played many of the triple-A Mario games such as Super Mario Galaxy, 64, Sunshine, etc. Usually I either play some classic games or I check out games I never got a chance to play.
The reason for this was because we received a call from my niece, whom told us my ill uncle was getting worse. Seeing the family is always a bonus, and I got to also travel up to Boston for a day and see my new niece.
Carmel Italian Festival in Enfield, Connecticut; the town I used to live in four years ago. Technically, I've been back for a couple of days, but my internet has been down for whatever reason. Hopefully, for those who want to or have to wait to buy a 3DS after the price drop, they will eventually be treated to the GBA goodies as well. If I were to make an assumption, I would say that Nintendo will release future "Nintendo Selects" in pairs of 4 like they have done with this first batch of games. Paper Mario is my all-time favorite video game series and I felt that this game did not do the series justice. Don't get me wrong, I personally thought Mario Strikers Charged was an awesome game and was a massive improvement over the original on the GameCube.
More than likely a game as big as Super Mario Galaxy still sells well, and maybe keeping it at 50 bucks would benefit Nintendo more. I am also debating as to whether or not we could possibly see any 3rd Party games under this branding as well.
Up until just a few days ago, I only used my 21-inch HD tv's built in speakers for my gaming.
I mean come on, if the headset can make CoD sound amazing, I cannot imagine the magic it must make when playing a game such as BC2. Nonetheless, I am very much enjoying the game and have about 45 hours plugged into Xenoverse. Bayonetta can appear as a cliche Japanese “beat-’em-up” title with the selling factor of a sexualized main character.
Using the stylus (or your finger, if you prefer), you can move Bayonetta around with the touch of the screen. Given how well the gameplay itself is along with the unique characters, including Bayonetta herself, the inclusion of the various sexualities with Bayonetta feels unneeded and could even turn off female gamers from what is otherwise a good game.
I would argue in today's gaming landscape that you're not going to find as many gamers interested or intrigued to play a Pac-Man game, let alone a simple arcade game on Steam available for $10.
Nowadays, I'll just play a few of the major titles that come out that I feel will be worth the investment.
Unlike the competition, Medal of Honor had a "no bullshit" campaign that at least tried to give respect to the soldiers of today's war, something missing from other franchises such as Call of Duty and even Battlefield. The levels are challenging and while the game is definitely hard at times, it's never overly frustrating like some games tend to be.
So it pains me to enter lobbies where everyone is flying around and have infinite ammo or health. I guess I could say that this is also a way for me to "catch up" with my opinions on various games that came out this year. Combine this with a drop-dead beautiful (and quite stunning) engine and a refined multiplayer, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception was a big highlight from all of the games I played this year.
Now while there are many large differences between Battlefield 3 on the PC and consoles, I feel that Battlefield 3 is a still a damn good game no matter what system you're playing it on. If all goes well, I will reveal the choice for my personal 2011 "Game of the Year" tomorrow in honor of 2011 being almost over!
There was very minimum choices you were able to do with your Sim, you were only allowed one residence to play on, and the 3D did nothing satisfactory for the game. After all, they were amazing back in the days of the PS2 (and on the GameCube and Wii, depending on the game), so how is it that Namco Bandai has failed to give as a remarkable game as the classics such as Budokai 3 or Tenkaichi 3?
It's no secret that today is a day of giving and receiving, so I hope you were all able to give your friends and family all they asked for and that you received all you had hoped for.
What immediately made me interested in this book is that Jason Gregory is a developer from Naughty Dog. Also, I could only get one photo up because my computer is being rather unfriendly right now, so I apologize for that too! Seriously, out of the hundreds of races and Grand Prix that I played and messed around with in that game, it was always with Mario. But in my defense, I am a high school Junior who is juggling that with a job that works me 4 to sometimes 5 days a week, and I have an ill father who needs my attention everyday. So anyone else who has the game or is planning on getting it, I shall see you online later today!
However, I must say that the idea of this game, in a way, being an "open-world" version of Arkham Asylum alone makes me very excited for this game.
Starting with Batman: Arkham City on October 18th, the following week we then see Battlefield 3 release. It was great in the first two Paper Mario games and in Super Paper Mario, it wasn't as vibrant. Super Paper Mario had awful partners with no personalities, and during your adventures the game felt boring. But after hearing all of the new features and (hopefully) improvements, it is hard for me not to get excited. However, it may be arguable that the addition of Slegehammer Games may be what the series needed. As someone who does have a fanfiction story of the Dragon Ball universe (mine happened to be about telling an alternate story for what happens after DBZ instead of the fiasco called GT), my characters that I thought of can finally become an actuality.
In a way I am hypocritical about this because in all honesty, Super Paper Mario is not a bad game. The lack of the turn-based fighting mechanics found in the original game and The Thousand Year Door completely made me lose respect for Intelligent Systems. Despite getting out of school in mid-June, my school district started a new school year on August 17th. I was also going to pick up Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two owns 3D that very same week, but the game has now been delayed to October 10th. It was filled with rides, Italian food, and very well-done performances by Deana Martin and a few others. Death comes at you all the time and when you do die, it isn't something you can immediately pacify and restart thinking nothing of it. I also prefer this name over the bland "Player's Choice" name Nintendo used with the GameCube.
But I just feel that these would be a good selection of games to market under the new branding. Lets just say that after checking out the Turtle Beach PX21, I never realized just how bad my HD tv's sound quality was.
The guns sounded more powerful, I could hear sounds I never heard before, and that bass feature is pretty epic as well. However, its surprisingly complex fighting system requiring only three buttons for control along with its fast-paced action proved itself above other games. Other than Bioshock Infinite, Gone Home, The Last of Us, and a few 3DS titles, I haven't played many games this years than in comparison to previous years. Medal of Honor, for me, was dismissed because it wasn't entirely the same as other franchises.
Don't be surprised if I am one of those fanboys who goes with Warfighter as my "vote" for the better shooter. Anyway, I am currently in the middle of the "Desert of Dijiridoos" levels, and I have fallen in love with this game!

That isn't really an excuse, but I guess you could say that I tended to play 3D games such as Super Mario Sunshine over any 2D games that may have came out. I'm not saying this is new to this CoD game specifically, but I haven't played the game in a while and wasn't expecting to run into so many of them. That, and the fact that I'm a little worried that I would screw something up while switching out the HDD. Set in a rich, lively, and beautiful open world, Arkham City features one of the best stories of any game this year, and the best cast of characters from a game in 2011. The campaign in Battlefield 3 clearly wasn't anything worth mentioning, but in terms of the multiplayer, Battlefield 3 comes on top over almost all of its competition. UT had beautiful graphics, a decent sized roster, and for the first time, Character Creation.
Of course, that may be because before he was watching movies on an old Sanyo DVD player that wasn't HD compatible (on his 32" HDTV). Boy, am I glad this game, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, was the introduction of the GBA for me. I haven't dove much into the multiplayer portion just yet, and have mostly been checking out all that the Single Player aspect has to offer. The same can be said about 150cc (I haven't beaten it due to a lack of time, but I have had no troubles getting in first place). I try not to make notice of anything personal in my life, as this is a website to talk about games with my fellow gamers. In the first two Paper Mario games, the colorful members whom decided to team up with you all made the game more enjoyable, as they all could talk and interact with you. It may be early next year, or maybe not even until the end of next year (when the world decides to supposedly blow up). There were instances like that in past Paper Mario games where an extra characters would follow you around for the time-being as you helped him or her out with a specific goal for them. It sounds like a irrelevant feature of the game, but I truly do believe that the fate of partners will ultimately decide how the entire 3DS  game will play out. Whereas in Black Ops, many of the problems from past games were fixed, but the overall package felt mediocre to me. The original CoD developers have made it obvious that they were sick of CoD and Activision, so maybe some fresh eyes can bring light to the series? So hopefully you guys understand why I am very much anticipating this "Ambassador" program. Yes, a game that has you play as a young boy who wants to find his sister in an environment containing dead bodies and men trying to kill you, is amazing.
I haven't beaten the game yet due to the lack of free time, but from what I have played so far, whether it be in the form of a puzzle or surviving the horrors awaiting in this confound world, Limbo shows no signs of showing remorse from beginning to end. Anyway, I could see this game becoming a" Nintendo Select" title merely by the fact that currently, this game is out of production.
In late 2014, Bayonetta 2, shockingly released as an exclusive for the Wii U, also came packaged with a redesigned version of the original acclaimed game.
Double-tapping (along with other various combos using the stylus) allows you to perform more complex attacks onto enemies, and sliding the stylus quickly when an enemy attacks allows Bayonetta to dodge any attack swiftly. Plus, I wanted a game to kill some time with, so I took the "chance" and bought DX+ on Steam.
Medal of Honor featured a close-quarters, slow and tactical style of multiplayer and when you got the hang of it, meaning you did NOT treat it like Battlefield and did NOT play it like Call of Duty, you were given what I felt was one hell of a different (and unique) multiplayer experience. Gamers could not figure out the rhythm of the gameplay and it haunted anyone trying to understand it. Yes, I am one of those idiots who finds fun in getting into the midst of discussing which shooter is better each year.
Featuring massive maps (Caspian Border is fucking huge no matter what system you play it on), a large, diverse set of weapons to use, and challenging vehicles to conquer with, there is so much to do in each match you jump into. The original reason why my Dad had bought me one was for when him and I went a on a road trip from Colorado Springs, CO, all the way to Springfield, Massachusetts. I was used to the brighter screen, and the GBA's lack of a background light is hard to get back used to. The story and core gameplay ultimately are the same, only The Thousand Year Door slightly expanded upon the first game and added a nice coating on top of it. Once you helped them out with their needs, they returned to wherever it is you first picked them up. Despite having a lot of anticipation for Battlefield 3, I will still gladly pick up a "new and improved" Call of Duty along side it if it means the game will be balanced nicely for once. Combine the fact that item collecting was scaled back and the "partners" weren't charismatic whatsoever, and you have what I believe is a very bad sequel.
It is because of this why I have decided that this Tuesday, in vain of the Nintendo Selects re-release, I will revisit Super Paper Mario.
So when you combine that along with the fact that I have a job now, I haven't been able to do much of anything on here, sadly.
When that massive arachnid chases you, all of your will power and might is required to survive.
Once you think you're starting to get good at the game, it stabs you in the back and all over again you feel helpless. Perhaps the game may still be popular (I personally have no idea if it is or not), but I could see a sales boost if they were to market this as a "Nintendo Selects" product. While I must admit that I ultimately found using traditional controls more satisfying than the gamepad’s touchscreen, I must say I was genuinely surprised with how well the touchscreen controls worked. I always found the use of the control stick to be uncomfortable and after a while, I would find myself losing enjoyment in the experience. Everyone barged themselves into the game expecting a clone of either Battlefield or Call of Duty. Now perhaps I am a radical personage who has no idea what the hell I am talking about, but nonetheless I enjoyed Medal of Honor's multiplayer.
There are plenty of levels to play (over 60, to be more exact), the local coop is damn fun, and the part that really warms my heart is just how BEAUTIFUL the game is! The gameplay has been finely tuned from Arkham Asylum, adding new elements such as taking out multiple enemies as once, and a slew of new (and sometimes pretty creative) gadgets. The gameplay is barely any different from previous entries, the humor has gone from being creative and drop-dead hilarious to uninspired and overused jokes involving mystical thongs.
Despite my disgust at the changes, I'll be the first one to tell you that I did find the game to be fun, just not the same. But so far the minuscule amount of info shown for the game makes it harrowing in trying to figure out how this new entry is going to play out. It was as if Treyarch purposely lowered the quality in both the audio and graphics significantly. I DO like the multiplayer, I just hate the lack of attention in balance long forgotten in the games.
But anyway, if they were to ever bring it back into the market, why not enlist it as a Nintendo Selects title?
Arkham Asylum was a damn good game, but Arkham City perfectly evolves from it in every way. While it revitalizes me knowing that the turn-based gameplay seen in the first two Paper Mario games is making some kind of a return, there is another crucial feature I have been talking about that I am not seeing. I know these types of things shouldn't matter so much, but it was frustrating seeing Black Ops feel less "dynamic" than their past entry, World at War.
Not only that, but with the pressure of Battlefield 3, maybe they have no choice but to try and give the fans as great of a game as they can possibly create. So perhaps lowering this price and marketing Super Mario Galaxy as a "Nintendo Selects" title could encourage anyone who may have played Super Mario Galaxy 2, but not the first one (Or anyone else who hasn't played this great game) to check out this fantastic game. The numerous attacks and combos you can pull off will satisfy any gamer looking for a thoroughly good beat-’em-up game. It's something that sometimes feel forgotten in certain others blockbuster shooters out in the market. But the simplicity of the game's controls is also what keeps you challenged, believe it or not. Before we had left, we went over to a local "mom and pop" video game store called Game Land. I'm still weary of my disappointment in both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, but I am still hopeful a balanced and fun CoD game can actually happen one day. For a game like this, graphics aren't something that come into focus, but it would be hard for me not to make mention of the iridescence flashing on your screen as you frantically race to acquire a new high score. With very little you can do, you have to rely on environmental clues to help you solve numerous puzzles that not only help you advance to the next area, but to also keep you alive. It was here he had bought me both a Purple GBA and a new copy of Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Sure, like I said earlier, the chatting can become painfully long, but at least the talking was going back and forth. If you are looking for a fun, addictive (and simple) game to play, I highly recommend PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+.
But looking at this from a PS3-only players perspective, Limbo was a great game I played this year. Without the partners, you would be reading the lines of just the enemy while you just sit there and absorb it all in, only to then randomly start a battle without saying a word. If you limit the time Mario is with partners or you remove them all-together, you become stuck with a more linear approach to the game. In Paper Mario's 3DS installment, I hope partners are back to the way they were in the first two games.
Besides, with the return of the original style of gameplay, why not return the original style of the partners?

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