After a post praising Parallels running Windows on my Mac I have had quite a few pings on my statement that the built in iSight camera on my MacBook Pro works in my Windows VM.
There is no catch you just need to know where to look on your leopard DVD to find the iSight driver install program. I would just do a search for AppleiSightInstaller.exe from the root of the DVD in your Windows VM.
Michael's attention to detail and intense interest in continuously improving the software development process made working with him a very enjoyable experience.

His great work ethic and agile perspective allow him to motivate and manage himself, and his team, seemingly without effort. He is able to break down complex concepts into elegant solutions and communicate them effectively with a remote team. He has a great attitude and enjoys sinking his teeth into projects that leverage and push his skill set to the limit. In addition he was an excellent software developer that set a high standard for others to meet.

Mike's leadership is apparent by his ability to manage scope, keep deadlines and translate evolving business requirements into flexible technical solutions.

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