The species in question is known as the common clothes moth, the webbing clothes moth, or if you are really posh, as tineola bisselliella.
This initiated a massive operation in order to protect the remaining clothes and get rid of the moths. The carpets here are wool and they really like them!If you don’t know what a clothe moth look like here are some images.
Later they turn into moths.The clothes moths and larvae like dark undisturbed places such as under your bed, desk or in your wardrobe. When I closely inspected the carpets I spotted hundreds of eggs along the edges of the carpet under a desk. I tried to vacuum the eggs up but this required a lot of scraping with the hoover as the eggs were well stuck on. You can kill all the moths and larvae but then the next day there will be a whole load of fresh larvae to take their place.In order to protect the clothes we took them all to a laundrette in black bags. We hot-washed them to remove any eggs, threw the black bags away (in case they contained any moth eggs) and then put the clean clothes in new black bags.
He said he would spray the carpet with a chemical that would kill any live clothes moths or larvae.
The chemical would remain on the carpet for two weeks (no vacuuming in the mean time) killing any larvae which subsequently hatch.
This will reduce the number of hiding spaces for them.If the infestation is established then you may have to get a professional in. It seems that the clothes moths have transferred to my friend’s sister and parents homes! Sometime in the next month or two we’ll probably try out one of those home fumigation kits that you can get at Robert Dyas to see if it will kill the moths at her sisters flat. This has now become one of the most popular posts on this blog, and the post with the most comments. I’ll update the posting with the results of the third spraying whenever that happens. We have been useing Mottlock natural traps for the last 6 months- which do seem to attract the males from the spirit of nature website.As from the above comments we are yet to see an improvement but will keep you updated. A fairly expensive cashmere jumper was the worst hit and today I see a hole in my boxer shorts!This is clearly going to be a nightmare to get rid off despite hoovering (wooden floor) and having a search about for the larvae. Make sure you are vacuuming regularly as well and try to find out where the eggs are being laid. One of the rules is of course that the flats should be free from infestations.I have no idea what help you can seek in France (I’m assuming you are in France) but I would hope that every landlord would have a duty to keep your home free from infestations! You are then going to have to do more research to see what options you have in your country.Good luck. We had already a professional treatment 3 times, all the cloths washed and sent to the dry cleaner twice.
The carpet is eaten everywhere (we’ve got 95% of carpet in the house) and my children are still playing on an infested carpet. I have been on the brink of a nervous breakdown trying to find the source as well as clean everything in the house and bag it all up.

I used thick bin bags to store everything I had washed and with 4 small children there is an awful lot to wash, dry and store. I contacted my housing officer who inspected my house and told me it was all in my head and that I should consider visiting my doctor for stress. By the time they came I had collected what looked like flakes of paint or paper along with cotton looking pods and what I thought was chipboard flakes. I have wrecked my home by taking up carpets and skirting boards and removing wallpaper so that the enviromental health officer could see the damage caused because even my kitchen is infested, under cupboards and along skirting boards and walls.When the officer came round she looked at the damage and said the decay was natural and it is an old house so I should expect some decay.
I have always been a clean and tidy person, bourdering OCD so I was mortified to hear this and it made me worse for cleaning than I was already. The whole house was wallpapered by L&Q using some kind of embosted paper that the moths obviously love so everything is half ruined.
I have lost thousands of pounds already with damage and infestation and for so called experts to not identify this problem, I am totally disgusted! I never really open my window in my room except for recentlywhen the weather has been warm… I work away from Limerick and so am only at home at weekends which gives them loads of time without being disturbed.
I dont know what to do or how bad it is and do not know how they got in in the first place.
Last year I was sent down to London for 6 months with work and when I returned to my flat in Leeds I kep seeing a few moths in different rooms. After a couple of weeks of swatting them I realised there must be a bit of a problem and looked on the internet and realised it was more than likely the common clothes moth. I did a full search of the flat and found the main infestation was under a heavy wardrobe in the main spare room which is never moved – the moths had munched about 2 foot of wool carpet under the wardrobe!
I found larvae here too, but nowhere else.I bought some spray off the internet and religiously vacuumed every room including in all nooks and crannies and moved all furniture and then applied the spray along the skirting of every room.
Whilst not as many as before, after a week or so I’d still keep finding one or two live moths here or there in different rooms. They spray the whole floor area in each room, rather than just at the edges near the skirting board as obviously if a moth lays any eggs not at the edges, the infestation will start over again.
After the first 2 sprays (8 days apart) I again began to see a couple of moths (but literally only about 3 over the period) here and there. I had the third full spray last Friday (26th June 2009) and the chap absolutely soaked the place on my insructions, so watch this space. At least now however they do seem to only be re-appearing in the main spare room where they’d munched that carpet. My worry is that they’ve somehow laid tons of eggs under the carpet which will continue to slowly hatch etc.
I havent seen any eggs or damage to the carpet yet but I am going to buy a magnifying glass and torch and check all the carpets this weekend.
I saw somewhere on the internet that you need to spray 2 feet from the edges on both the top of the carpet and underneath it to make sure you zap it all. At least if you know they’re mainly in the kitchen then the outbreak should be fairly easily contained and you can treat it.
Just make sure they don’t spread into other rooms where you have carpets and wools etc.

The damage to the carpets was apparent when I moved in but I presumed it was wear as the apartment is old.
After reading your post and all the others I am now annoyed as well as on the verge of crying. My agent said he would cover the damage of my clothes, does he know that I am a girl who spends most of her money on clothes(I don’t really drink etc)???
ALL my clothes are ruined apart from a couple of t shirts, even my trackie bottoms are threadbare after washing a few times!! The damage to my clothes becomes more obvious the more times they are washed:( I found an artice on a reputable website telling that they damage 12cm of clothing in a minute!!! As she had previously complained multiple times and as the landlord had signed up to this code of conduct she was able to lodge a complaint against the landlord with the University housing service.The landlord did finally give her a months rent as compensation.
A goodwill gesture might be the best you can get.Moths are very hard to get rid of so you might have to consider moving unless they are completely eradicated. I contacted my agent to tell him of the cost to my clothes and he now wants proof of purchase etc..
BUT, he also asked me did I not have contents cover and that there was no way the landlord would cover the cost… NO insurance company covers the cost of moth damage, it is an act of god or uninsurable:(!!!!! She had a dark corner with some toys and there was some uneaten food which must have attracted them.
This week i have found at least 5 items of clothing with holes in (not the clothes i never wear, oh no, all my best items of course). I sprayed some standard fly and moth spray in my wardrobe this evening, will that get rid of them???I also found a wool sock with a hole in earlier in a completely different draw!
They will tell you your rights.I am so fed up and stressed out by our moth problem, in a way it makes me feel better that other people are getting as stressed as me, it means I am not overreacting!We had a moth problem in our previous flat so I assume we brought them with us to this flat, which we own. Since we’ve done lots of cleaning we seem to only be finding one eveyr few days instead of a couple a day, so I hope it is getting better. If you can find where they are coming from then you can specifically target your moth killer.
Is this likely to be a seasonal problem, if Ia€™m unable to locate them will they die off in the winter? Emily this is just the beginning of my problem and i am pulling hair out already…i seriously sympathies! The previous tenant had carpets and the whole place was really dirty and smelled awful even after all her stuff was removed before i moved in.
In the end I had 4 treatments over 8 weeks and touch wood (fingers and everything else crossed) I haven’t seen one moth now in a good few weeks, but I’m keeping vigilant!

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