Having a small child left me with virtually no time for myself, and so no hope for recovery from the torture of my mind-numbing job. She tried to help me as best she could, encouraging me to switch jobs and return to school, neither of which had a lasting effect.
All this time, I was waiting for something outside of me to change, hoping that someone would see my pain help me out of it. Actually, this was a brand new concept for me: I’d always thought of a job as merely something you do to make a living. This started a long search for my passion, eventually leading me to more than one way of making a living doing what I love. What’s most important is that I became happy. The depression lifted life a veil, and I was once again fully alive and joyful. Today, I make a living as an actor and singer, and help others discover their passions and make a living doing what they love. Let me leave you with three things to help you get started on your path to change, all of which I learned from those five simple words. Realizing that the responsibility to change your life is yours might seem intimidating at first, but it is actually very empowering. If your responsibilities to others leave you feeling powerless, then keep reading. When we are down, when our life feels beyond our control, then we cannot bring joy to others. Lastly, if no one else had told you this before, let me be the one say: You’ve got to do something! About Latest Posts David LokerDavid Loker is an actor, singer, life-coach, and the founder of Passion For A Living. Glad you found your way, it is so easy to continue to suffer in silence and I believe that eventually brings us illness. I really liked that you dispell the notion of thinking we are suffering for others in order to make them happy. Your story will, no doubt, touch more people than you imagine – especially those who are ready to learn what you learned. This goes to show how powerful it is to muster up the strength and take that first tiny step in the direction that your heart is telling you to go. Isn’t it so empowering to finally realize that you are the one in control of your life?
For myself, I know that my time and health are far more important than making lots of money.
This has not been an easy thing to do as so much of who we think we are is held subconsciously or assumed to be true. Imagine if you David did not experience all you have in life – being an actor would be hard as you would not have developed the level of feelings and experiences you have to employ on stage. Sometimes frustration is good provided it makes me to introspect and seek ways to change the situation.
So my point is that yes, dreaming is good – have an idea of where you are going or want to go. You might not be ready for what you want, but the universe knows exactly what you need to get there.
Experiences took me away from being shy through high-school and my undergraduate education.
Nevertheless, it took a lot of courage to start taking lessons and sing in front of people.
As for the toolkit, if you head to my site and fill in your email address I’ll send you the toolkit. You are absolutely right that action, any action, is the only thing that will start to make things better. In this romantic comedy-drama from Filipina director Cathy Garcia-Molina, Laida (Sarah Geronimo) and Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz) think they’ve found perfect happiness with each other, until circumstances beyond their control threaten to pull them apart.
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The only escape I found was the make-believe world of video games, into which I’d dive at every opportunity.
I thought that this must be my lot in life: I was destined to sacrifice myself in the service of others. While I was sacrificing my life to my family, my wife wanted nothing more than for me to come out of my depression.
Even with the best of intentions, other people simply aren’t as well positioned to help us. The arts allowed a level of self-expression unlike anything that I’ve experienced before, bringing me immense joy, and satisfying my natural need for socialization. Instead, figure out the smallest step you can do right now, and one tiny step at a time, you will climb to the top of the tallest mountain that your imagination can conceive.
My last piece of advice for you today is to seek out the help of others, be it by reading blogs (as you are already doing, I commend you on that!), going to a local resource center, or seeking out the help of a coach.
It’s hard to give specific advice, but there is definitely some stuff you need to do. It’s your life, and the only one who can really change it to what it needs to be is you. I have a great toolkit that’s free on my site that can help you find out who you are. It’s so great to hear from everyone, and I love hearing about people who find their path in life. It’s so important to quit blaming everyone around us for our own situation and step up to take the responsibility for our situation.
The more people I think that take back their time and their lives, do work they love, the better off this world will be.
And, in assisting others to be true to Self you have experienced what it takes to find yourSelf. I am interested to learn because I have dreams too, I am just having to accept there is ground work to do. So the time was right for the comment, and my attitude was aligned with what I needed to do. To be able to walk into a room, and cry as if I had just lost my family, and open myself up like that in front of total strangers took courage that I don’t believe I had growing up. There’s also a link in the author box at the bottom of the article, and I think my name in the comments links to the site as well. I’m so happy you were able to rise out of the mess and create the life you love and deserve.
Thank goodness for folks like your wife who are willing to cut through that permanent fog with love and truth. Articles from other sources were linked to the original article to give full credit to the writer and publisher.
So, I started with one small step: I went to a career center at a local university, and filled out a questionnaire to help me identify a career path that matched my personality. Further, the test results spoke of my need for creativity, which was badly suppressed after so many years of what felt like mindless work. I got in touch with my emotions, learned to express how I feel, and even started connecting with others in a more authentic way. Further, you are only one who can do it. Others can help, but the bulk of the work is up to you. Learning from the experiences of others who have been there is the shortest path to change. So often we try to wait for outside circumstances to change on their own, but really it is up to us. So far so good for me, I had a driving test to switch my Canadian license for a California one and I passed!

In the end, your misery, once apparent to the other people that care for you, will not make them happy at all. Your wife is clearly a loving and loyal person to be there for you until you were ready to take the path that was always in front of you. I did do something about it and ended up switching careers, but I always love reading about others who have done the same. It’s really amazing how many of us out there had such similar circumstances befall us. I have had the career along with the things we collect like cars, homes, electronic gadgets but was never happy.
Life prepares us quite often for our awakening and without the life experience we just would not have the empathy to shine as our true Selves. Since my depression, I try and go with the flow, which is working out well for me; much better than before! Timing of her comment and your desire to change coincided or else it would have been just a wasted comment and more frustration. How much courage did it take to take the plunge into the unknown world of being true to Self. We are all the sum of our experiences and it can be the smallest thing that distinguishes us from each other-hence why twins can turn out to be vastly different. My parents were avid movie watchers, and we owned around 1000 movies that I watched over time growing up. I dreamed of being a singer, but thought it was silly and was embarrassed to ask for lessons.
In the event that there is a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon proof. By the time I got home, I was so drained and frustrated that I got little joy from my family. I’ve given up my life for her and our son, and she wants me to do more?” That was my initial reaction.
Don’t look at that as a negative—realize that you are in control of your own life, and how important it is that you alone have that power! It’s funny how we can look back after and realize that the opportunity for change was there for a long time, we just missed it. The timing of your wife’s words and your strong feelings of being trapped were no fluke. Happy to know that you have realized happiness and are helping others to realize the same .
But, for how long did you David have to wait for the right moment to become what I call your true Self?
I believe that with passion comes the motivation to practice to the degree required to succeed. If you are the owner of material that appears on this site please send proof to us and the material will be removed promptly.
This education proved invaluable later on as I took up singing, since my rhythm and music knowledge was already there.
However, if you are the owner and would rather credit be given for the material, instead of removal, we will gratefully give the appropriate credit desired.
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