In this commencement address, Wallace reminds us that we often forget, or take for granted, the most obvious things around us. Our thoughts affect our realities, and the ability to choose how you “construct meaning from experience” will determine the lenses from which you see the world and how you react in return. For years, Ellen thought being bisexual might prevent her from being a successful stand-up comedian but it’s just not the case.
It’s a moral duty because it’s only through continuous learning that we can add to the vast knowledge of man kind. This is one of my favorite motivational speeches because Jim Carrey is such a good example of his message. Carrey’s father lost his accounting job when he was 12, and it was then he realized that failure is inevitable, whether you’re doing what you want or not.

For writers and creatives everywhere, this is probably one of the most inspirational videos there is. Being a rock star, I thought Bono would talk about the perils of fame, the road to stardom or something to that effect. Charley Mendoza is a freelance writer covering business, personal development, and careers. He acknowledges it’s difficult to stay aware of what’s happening in the world, especially when you’re too busy dealing with the monologue inside your head. It’s learning how to think, exercising some degree of control over your thoughts so you can choose what to pay attention to. All humor aside, this speech shows why it’s better to be true to yourself, instead of trying desperately to be a second-rate version of someone else.

Ellen proved that you can be successful, whoever you are, if you worked hard and learn from your past experiences— even one as sad as the death of a loved one. If we stopped learning, progress in all industries—computers, finance, engineering, biology, stops as well. But through grit and patience with herself, she was able to complete the first Harry Potter Manuscript and in doing so escape the clutches of depression.

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