I talked to my mom about what I was going through and she mentioned an old remedy her grandmother had given her. I talked to my doctor before taking it, to ensure that it wouldn’t interfere with the medications I was already on for my PE recovery.
Now, amidst the fury and chaos of Battleworld, a reluctant warrior pops his claws again and returns to combat. Posted in Erin Heatherton & Candice Swanepoel: Victoria's Secret Swim 2013 Catalogue Photos! Erin Heatherton and Candice Swanepoel show off their sizzlin' hot bikini bodies in these inside pictures from the Victoria's Secret Swim 2013 Catalogue.

Secret Wars has made the impossible possible and the battle-weary hero returns to the fight once more in Old Man Logan #1. The greatest heroes the world has ever known – butchered and murdered by their arch-enemies. From New York Times bestselling writer Brian Michael Bendis (All-New X-Men, Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man) and rising star artist Andrea Sorrentino (All-New X-Men Annual, Uncanny X-Men Annual) comes a brand-new series returning fans to the world of one of the most revered and iconic X-Men stories of all time. As the events of SECRET WARS unfold, will he find his life’s mission to rid the world of evil more attainable – or more impossible than ever before? The journey begins with a resounding SNIKT this May as the X-Man formerly known as Wolverine crashes in to Secret Wars for OLD MAN LOGAN #1!

That said, please do NOT go out and buy a bottle and a pack of smokes — Dorothy is obviously from another planet.

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