Destiny has been out for almost two weeks now, and Bungie is still continuously supporting the game with new updates. Mask of the Third man, probably the most popular Exotic Hunter piece at the moment (it was available for purchase last weekend in the Tower), and it definitely is a worthy piece of gear to search for.
Those are our top picks for the best Hunter armor in Destiny, if you have any other cool gear that you’ve seen in the game, be sure to hop over to our forums and discuss there!
As many of you are already grinding away and enjoying the game, we created a list of the Top 5 Exotic Weapons found in Destiny.

One increases grenade throw distance, another replenishes your Super energy with grenade kills, and the unique upgrade grants an additional shot to the Gunslinger’s Golden Gun super.
Not only does it increase melee attack speed, but it will also reduce the amount of Super energy that the Bladedancer’s Arc Blade super uses up.
One upgrade boosts the reload speed of Special weapons, and the unique bonus increases the duration that the Gunslinger’s Tripmine Grenade can remain active. Bladedancer is becoming a popular subclass among Hunter fans, and if you are looking to start leveling up as a Bladedancer, you should probably try to find this helmet out in the wild.

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