Popularity is on my mind today, after I noticed that a handful of people had exited my Facebook page overnight. People decide to sign up and sign off from newsletters and pages all the time, so this isn’t anything new. There’s always a balance between letting-it-all-hang-out and thinking about how we seem to others. I’d be interested in your thoughts. If you blog, how conscious are you of your readers?
I recently felt that I wasn’t being honest enough on my blog, which is why I stopped blogging so often, changed my emphasis.
I’m always aware that I could cause offence by something I blog, particularly on my darker odder posts. Boost Your CreativityIf you would like a one-to-one session with Satya or Kaspa, or to combine a course with a one-to-one or series of one-to-ones do email Satya or Kaspa, or take a look at the Creative Boost page. Guilds may hold a certain percentage of influence in a certain town, called the "town popularity." The higher the influence in a certain town, the more benefits a member of the guild will have access to in the town.
One person influencing will usually not cause a visible effect on the percentage of guild influence in a town.
The popularities of different guilds in different towns can be viewed in the Godville Times.
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Bing has just announced that users in the UK will now be able to see which searches are trending, right on the homepage.
If you click a search term in the "Popular Now" section on the bottom right-hand corner, you'll be directed to a search results page for the term. This feature has been available in the States for awhile now, and it resembles something like Yahoo's "Trending Now" section at the top of its homepage or the Google Trends page that monitors popular searches. We do this whenever we brush our hair before we leave the house, or when we decide to be tactful when a colleague asks us what we think of their (hideous) new hat. Yes, Geoff, perfect sense – it definitely feels like the right direction to be heading in – being true to ourselves and trusting that some people will want to carry on listening! We are generating your results.Here are some optional offers while we process your information. The number shown next to a guild is directly linked to the total amount of that guild influence across all towns. It is purely the sum of the percentage influences a guild has in every town, and guilds are ranked by this in the pantheon of popularity.
The best way to raise your guild's ownership influence in a town is by influencing your hero by encouragement or punishment. Instead, the number of influences that guild members have activated in a town are taken as a percentage over the total number of influences from members of all guilds, which is why guild town influence is measured in percentages. Usually, lots of members of the guild must participate in this activity to significantly raise the influence in a town.

On some days it bothers me, and on others I can turn the other cheek knowing not everyone will like me.
You will know that the influence in the town has increased when diary entries containing the guild name are displayed, although even influences that don't result in one of these diary entries still have an effect. However, as other guilds gain influence in a town, the influence your guild has in that town will start to drop and must then be reclaimed. Miracle actions create a lot more town influence than the other actions available on the remote control. Since the guild influence is measured in percentages, there is but 100 percent which must be shared out between all guilds. The manner in which America addresses any one of these issues could impact the identity of the country for decades to come. This all means that the closer a town is to Godville (the milestone origin), the shorter the time it will take for the influence a guild has there to decrease since the town is more easily accessible. Whether you think you're popular or not, take a moment to find out if you pass the popular quiz! Hopefully I will touch a few, but ultimately I do it because I find out so much about life, myself and my god.

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