I know this is a little hard to wrap your mind around at first, but perhaps you can think of a time when you’ve experienced this. Maybe there was something you wanted so bad and you focused on it, just knowing it would be yours and then as if by magic, it appeared. But then there are the times it doesn’t appear and you might start doubting yourself. Balancing motherhood with marriage and a professional business career is challenging regardless of the circumstances. All mothers are working mothers, but those who have their own business have an extra challenge in juggling their business and their family life, because when you have your own business, work does not finish at 5 pm. Really Successful Women take care of their health and understand that prevention is better than cure. Angelina Jolie is definitely one of my favourite people in this world and also my idol, I have so much admiration for what she stands for and just wanted to share her amazing news about undergoing double mastectomy to prevent and decrease risk of breast and ovarian cancer. I have learned this money management system from Harv Eker at the Millionaire Mind Intensive and it truly is the world’s simplest, easiest and most effective money management system. According to T.Harv Eker, the difference between rich and poor or middle class people is their ability to manage their money. The most important part of managing your money wisely,  is separating your income into different accounts for specific purposes.
You can use actual jars to split your income into, or just open different savings accounts and name them the same as you would the physical jars. I have found this great video where Harvard Business School professors and lecturers share their opinions on what are the best leadership skills and what are the qualities of a good leader. It appears that trust, being authentic and having integrity, having empathy and being devoted to others, curiosity, mindfulness and being in the present, as well as having a clear sense of purpose are all ranking very high on the list of developing leadership skills. As a bonus for registering, you will gain access to a movie titled Smoking Teeth that will blow you away!!!
The Current Health Issues in dentistry are about the mercury toxicity from amalgam dental fillings and periodontitis or gum disease being linked to heart disease. I’ll leave periodontitis for another day, because today I invite you to watch this short video on the release of toxic mercury gas from the amalgam dental fillings. To learn more about how to avoid mercury toxicity register to the Healthy Mouth Summit  a FREE teleseminar event starting on the 13th of January.
Dr Sellman also reminds you about the new FREE event on current health issues relating to the effects your oral health has on your systemic health at  Healthy Mouth World Summit which starts on the 13th of January 2013. Dr Sherrill Sellman has developed the  “THE ULTIMTE FAT LOSS & REJUVENATION” program and it is a totally NEW approach addressing the cause of weight gain.
What makes this program so unique is that it only releases stored, toxic, visceral fat – the dangerous kind- very little muscle mass and no structural fat, therefore minimizing the side effects of loose skin after weight loss.
This program has assisted thousands of Dr Sellman’s patients and every single one of them has been successful.
This program is for BOTH men and women, and under this protocol not only did her patients lose pounds and inches, they have all gained health benefits – joint and knee aches and pains disappeared, blood sugar levels returned to normal, blood pressure was lowered, sleep improved, energy increased, skin tone rejuvenated and food cravings disappeared. In fact, there is no weight loss program that I know of that can safely release long term fat reserves and reset the hypothalamus for on-going weight maintenance. I have no doubt that in our diet-crazed world of people desperately seeking help; this is truly is the ultimate fat loss and rejuvenation program! Dr Sellman has now developed an integrated program based on using several comprehensive homeopathic protocols, personal guidance, and the skills to expand our health for the long-term. This is one of the latest articles I have just published on Ezine, please feel free to use and share the affirmations. If you look at any of your problem areas in your life, you’ll probably find they are rooted in faulty and limited beliefs, imbedded deeply in our subconscious mind. These negative and dis-empowering beliefs, are the reason our life does not work as well as we would like it to; they are the barriers and blockages that stop us from reaching our full potential. I believe these are the source of our self-sabotage, and through daily affirmations and declarations we are able to imprint in our mind a new way of thinking, new beliefs that are empowering, boost self-esteem and develop self-confidence. We are re-programming our subconscious mind through daily repetitions of these affirmations, and remember that every new belief needs time and attention to flourish. Affirmations can be used for immediate, short-term results as well, when you want to influence and redirect the thoughts that occur in your conscious mind. For example, in a situation where you are feeling stressed, tense or upset, you can repeat an affirmation such as, “I feel calm and relaxed.
I have put together 27 of the most powerful affirmations and declarations that I have come across, specifically to boost self-esteem and develop self-confidence.
You can choose to start with the ones that fit you best, and rotate them daily or weekly, whatever is appropriate for you.
If you want to learn more about How To Increase Self-Confidence and How To Succeed In Life, please visit my website and get the FREE Mini E-mail Course and Discover the 7 BEST Steps to Build Your Self Confidence …  FREE! Regular contact with your innermost self promotes radiant health, inspired thoughts and profound peace.

To free yourself from depression and sadness… completely relax and unwind with this specially developed meditation. To heal your emotional wounds…let go of the issues that have been bothering you for years.
Of course my son didn’t want to sit down with me to be lectured about how he should ignore the kids at school when they said mean things. Working on the shield gave me the opportunity to see my son identify and own his strengths. My six year old son is more into books so we worked on his Confident Me scrapbook.  Each scrapbook page has a sentence completion box so the book is customized for him. I have loved this post and featured you on my pick of the week for The Ultimate Party on G+. The 10 tips that follow will show you why this is bad and end up in a better place to put your self esteem.
After interviewing many who had about a week to live, patterns started to emerge in terms of regrets.
So if you are not receiving the feedback you expected, it’s pretty much to be expected. Truth exists, because if I say that truth doesn’t exist it presupposes that it is true.
The problem with not being grounded in what you want to do is that you are like a leaf at the mercy of the wind. Let’s take two photographers, a very very good one that only shoes their stuff to friends and family and another ok photographer that is often published in magazines and blogs. For the first photographer, 3 people like his work, and for the second 300.000 people like his work.
Like stated above, others liking your work is subjective and even the number of people liking your work is relative to your popularity. Whether you believe this stuff or not is not is besides the point, she accurately described the unencumbered photographer. Put your email below, I will send you an email with your free issue of Inspired Eye, Instant download, whohoo! Olivier – I used to read a lot of photography related blogs, articles and posts online. Select an image for your comment (GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG): Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
Haitian-French-Vietnamese graphic designer turned photographer living in Fort Lauderdale, FL. And the moment you choose to redirect your point of focus, the universe begins to rearrange itself just for you. And so the challenge becomes trusting ourselves again even when our outer world is not showing evidence of what we’ve asked for.
We can acknowledge and release it, but holding onto it will only delay the creation process even further. Your emotions are powerful indicators that let you know whether or not you’re on the right track. Rich people are excellent money managers and poor or middle class people are well… no so good at it. Because they are in the subconscious mind, often you are not aware that they are the source of your thoughts and actions.
Modern science has documented many of the physical and psychological health benefits that meditation provides in thousands of studies at leading universities like Harvard, Stanford and The University of Chicago.
My instinct is still to protect him, so when he came home and told me that he was being teased at school and that the popular boy told everyone not to sit with him at lunch, I instantly wanted to call the parents of the kids involved and give them a piece of my mind. It wasn’t easy accepting the limitations of my mom powers, but doing so allowed me to give up the notion of being able to shield my children from all the hurts the world has in store for them. Let’s face it, although we would like to believe that ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ that is pure rubbish.
Then we flipped through magazines to find pictures that represented how he felt about himself. After talking to her about what makes her special, she and I made a self-esteem sun.  We framed her sun and every day I read the affirmation rays to her.
I come from a large family, one where my mother worked around the clock just keeping up with the basics for her children. The problem with self esteem as a photographer is that we put it in the hands of others, making roller coaster of our emotions. I mean, in life context the only thing putting my own self esteem in other’s hands did is lead me to drugs and right about everything I said I never wanted to do. Wouldn’t it be wise to get some info from people who completely lived their lives to ask for a retrospective? The first two regrets were working too hard and not spending enough times in relationships.

It’s a sobering realisation on your death bed that you did things that were expected of you, not the things you wanted to do.
When you shoot the way you want to, by default some people will drool over it, some people will think it’s crap. People who come into photography are much much much more likely to hear about the second photographer as good. To reach the state of flow when making images, you have to free your mind of all the crap, criticism, the wants of likes and all and put them in the garbage. I remember holding my son for the very first time and staring in awe that something so perfect happened to me. I could either cripple him by swooping in to save the day whenever he encountered obstacles, or I could arm him with the tools he would need to navigate the world on his own. Children who think and feel positively about themselves can cope with the natural ups and downs of life without buckling under pressure. My son is big into Nerf Guns and Nerf wars so it was easy to explain to him how armor protects people when they are engaged in battle. We then cut a shield out of cardboard and decorated it with the pictures from the magazine.
My husband and I always praise our children, but we never know if they internalize what we say or just brush it off as things moms and dads have to tell their kids. I may not have the means to go back in time to have this be my experience, but it does my heart good to know you and your husband have created such a remarkable way to uplift and inspire your children and students to become stronger by loving themselves in their own unique way and then take that learning with them where ever they go. I love how you varied the ideas to give each child a self-esteem-booster that suited his or her personality and developmental level. My little one is only two and not yet able to verbalise any confidence issues, but nonetheless it’s something I always have at the back of my mind. The third regret has something for us: Not having the courage to live how they wanted to live, to do what they wanted to do. I think the lesson here is to die empty, to make all the photographs that you wanted to do the way you wanted to do them, because let’s face it, no one else can do them.
The value of your significant other (besides their value as human beings) is essentially tied to you. If you have a room of a thousand people, and put up a photo up, some people will like it, some people won’t. Your work is like a magnet, and basic magnetism tells us that the positive pole will attract the negative pole of another magnet and the negative pole will attract the positive pole. So you can give up on living off likes and favorites, as they are proportional to your popularity.
But you know better than I do how to differentiate between things that are going to enhance your own photography and things that are aimed to change your core completely. If you have that drive to outdo yourself in every turn, you have the seeds of greatness because you are growing your own way at your own pace. When creating your images, there should only be you and your images, no distractions between you and the image. I told him that if he wanted to protect himself against the kids who teased him at school, he needed to have a shield to protect his feelings.
Seeing my son rattle off all the things that make him special showed me that he was listening to us, and more importantly, he believed what we were saying.
It breaks my heart that I can’t be there to take care of him but instead now I need to give him the proper tools to deal with that.
So why do you care when people do not like your photography the way you do? To put it simply, love what you do, you give it value. And keeping the magnet image in mind, if you wish to attract those who you repelled, you have to turn the magnet around, repelling those who you initially attracted!
When you start doing things with your images, you jump from the realm of saying you like your stuff to actually showing that you like them. She revealed to me that she saw that every time I put the camera up to my eye, there was a flash of light going from my heart to the camera. Putting your validation in the hands of others is the surest way to bang your head because not everyone will like your stuff in the first place! No one was allowed to touch him without first dousing themselves in disinfectant, all his clothes were laundered in Dreft detergent, and he never left my sight unless it was absolutely necessary.
I expressed to him that his shield are the positive thoughts and feelings he has about himself. One thing I remember from my own childhood is being encouraged to learn something new (never forced or even pressured, of course), because mastering a new skill on your own is such a confidence boost on its own. He is too old for pacifiers now and he is well past the age of kissing the boo-boo to make the pain go away.

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