Members of the Business Communication faculty were among the stars at the Second Annual Faculty Development Conference hosted by Stevenson University on Friday, October 7, 2011. How lucky is senior BusCom Mandy Stark to be interning with one of Baltimore’s most knowledgeable public relations directors, Edie Brown of Edie Brown and Associates?
Senior Shane Griffith has been busy learning as much about networking and marketing as is humanly possible under the able mentorship of Brian Litofsky of Crown Trophy.
Build Community Day saw the first-year Business Communication majors and their faculty working with Healthy Neighborhoods in the Reservoir Hill area, clearing land for gardens and a farm, and helping to clean up vacant lots. Senior Bus Com field hockey star  Ashley Beam scored a career-high six points in the Mustangs’ recent 6-0 win against Frostburg State in the Capital Athletic Conference opener for both teams.
During StadiumPalooza, BusCom department chair Chip Rouse was fortunate enough to be able to meet and chat during the pregame festivities with one of her childhood heroes. Business Communication students and faculty will travel to New York to visit Ellis Island and Liberty Island on October 28 as part of a study of intercultural heritages.
As part of StadiumPalooza, the celebration surrounding the opening of the new Mustang Stadium, the deans turned out in force for the BBQ Bash on Thursday, Sept. Chairman Li said that PATA was a very influential international travel organization in China and the Asian Pacific region. Communication with our children is key to building connection, trust, empathy, and teaching them to be responsible citizens. My work within organizations focuses on ensuring clear messages get through to employees and management.
Foster two way dialog - two way communication is like ping pong but instead of hitting a ball back and forth you are sending words. Be Consistent - As an undergraduate I was in the psychology honors program which meant in order to graduate I needed to take on a research project, write a thesis, and present it in poster form at a symposium.
Think about how the message is best delivered – verbal, written, checklist, text message, etc.
If you have a hard time communicating your feelings, write a letter to yourself or to the person involved.
Repetition has always been a cornerstone of effective communication especially with children. Back to the example of my Weekly Rundown – after I communicate it on Sunday do I forget about it the rest of the week?
Here is a fun quiz from Psychology Today called the Interpersonal Communications Skills Test. So much good advice here, and I couldn’t agree more about how important communication is! My biggest flaw is that sometimes when I am talking to people on the phone I am trying to do other things, and then I am not 100% listening, or I do not retain the information.
Craig – true and frustrating since the right intent was there but misunderstood because of tone of voice. I feel I always have more to learn in this area because I was quite shy as a child, and probably very awkward as a teenager (I prefer to block it out of my memory). Using the wrong tone of voice – totally see this one every single day in my work environment. Once you take a step back and look at how and what you’ve communicated and assessed if the message got through and put the onus on yourself that if it didnt to try a different approach it can make a world of difference. I have a 3 strike policy for repeating anything at any given time and then I get frustrated and stop talking ha I’m the worst communicator sometimes and my bf knows it. If you want to build trust and healthy communication skills with your kids, experts agree that it’s best to start early.

As parents, I believe it is our responsibility to talk about complicated issues such as alcohol and underage drinking way before our children find themselves in a sticky situation.
I want to inspire every parent to improve their communication with their children, no matter how old they are. Shane’s been able to attend professional meetings, meet fellow marketing professionals and learn how Crown Trophy, one of the most successful franchise operations, has learned how to stand for the highest level of customer service, quality products and a commitment to excellence. Located just south of Druid Park Lake in Baltimore, Reservoir Hill offers a combination of historic homes, strong schools and community spaces, and traces its roots back to the 17th century. The effort is supported by many partners, including Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society, Dynamic PR, Student Services, the Office of Learning Beyond, Sodexo and the Community Engagement Committee. Ashley scored all three of the team’s second-half goals in the game, topping her previous career-high five points set earlier this season on September 3 with two goals and one assist.
In 1980, the Baltimore Colts opened their training complex on the site that is now Stevenson’s new Mustang Stadium in Owings Mills, in a salute, said their owner, to their dedication to bring winning football back to their fans.
Over 12 million immigrants passed through the gateway of Ellis Island between January 1, 1892 and November of 1954, hoping to achieve the American Dream.
Mario Hardy, CEO of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) in Beijing and both sides exchanged views on how to strengthen communication and cooperation. It had maintained good cooperation with CNTA for years and together the two had hosted a series of events.
Hardy noted that Chinese tourism industry had grown rapidly and fruitfully in recent years, and in particular the boost of China’s outbound tourism market had created opportunities for tourism development in the Asian Pacific region and even the whole world. We can USE your content in our day to day lives and they have such a positive impact on them.
It helps the kids feel like they have some autonomy over the situation and they will be more likely to engage willingly in whatever you have going on. I personally found that using the wrong tone of voice can lead to communication problems, even if the words you said were perfect!
A lot of times I find myself prefacing my intent verbally just in case my tone is received the way I intended.
I just listened to a podcast by Michael Hyatt about this topic a few days ago which offered some great tips as well. Multiple times I’ve heard how people learn in different ways and I think people listen and understand communication in different ways too. I honestly feel like at least 95% of my arguments with my hubby start because of the tone we are using! I also need to remember that my husband (or anyone else) is not a mind reader, and isn’t supposed to be. Someone once told me that 90% of conflict is a result of miscommunication, and I believe it. You may also wish to download this document which has some ready made tables to help you devise your strategy.
It’s key to discuss with them important (and sometimes complex) issues even when they’re young.
We need to instill in our kids values and empower them with information so when the time comes, they can make smart choices. However, my youngest daughter has already asked me why I occasionally have a glass of wine and has even commented that it’s good that I have done it at home because you shouldn’t drink and drive. That’s why in upcoming months I’ll be sharing tips I have learned along the way and from experts that I met at a summit in Arlington, VA, where I met Dr. I'm Jeannette, a Latina mom of two wonderful tweens, journalist, TV host, writer, blogger and founder of Hispana Global.

Mandy has gained much from working alongside Edie Brown, known for her intense and professional PR work. The Business Communication majors left the site after a day’s work feeling physically exhausted but enthused about their contribution to the community. Representing the Baltimore Colts during StadiumPalooza was Tom Matte, whose 12-year career in Baltimore gained him fame as a running back with determination and heart.
Liberty Island houses the Statue of Liberty, “a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States and is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. As the Chinese tourism industry was shifting the tourism development mode from spot-based to region-based tourism, CNTA would like to strengthen communication and cooperation with PATA and other international organizations, continue to advance work related to region-based tourism, tourism for poverty alleviation and tourism for diplomacy, and promote healthy tourism development in China and even the whole Asian Pacific region. PATA was always committed to enhancing communication and cooperation within the Asian Pacific region and promoting high-quality growth of the tourism industry in the region and looked forward to more cooperation with the Chinese side to contribute more to the Chinese tourism industry.
My Grandfather’s point of view on family communication was children were to be seen and not heard.
My last boss would never say anything to me and when it was time for review I would just stare in shock.
While introverts might need to learn to speak up and not rely on extroverts to carry a conversation, extroverts may be more challenged to learn listening skills. I heard a long time ago that if you think these 3 things before you say something it can really help, and I am trying to share this lesson with my kids, too.
Of course you need to adjust what information you share, and how you share it, depending on how old they are, but the fact is that children understand and know much more than what we sometimes give them credit for. Inspiration, videos and advice about beauty, parenting, hair, travel, food, fashion and technology. The students were joined by their five faculty members and the dean of the school, Keith Kutch.
22, members of the Stevenson Community can place their perishables in any of the green boxes in each building across the two campuses.
Earning a ring in SuperBowl 5, Matte also played in two Pro Bowls and was immortalized in a 1969 Sports Illustrated cover. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886, designated as a National Monument in 1924 and restored for her centennial on July 4, 1986,” according to the National Parks website. He hoped that PATA would make full use of its strength, further regional tourism cooperation in the Asian Pacific region and create a safer, more convenient and more comfortable environment for tourists.
It’s through our words and our body language that we can express a wide range of emotions from love to heartbreak and from triumph to disappointment.
Other bloggers and social media influencers will also be supporting TalkEarly, such as Stacey Ferguson, Meagan Francis, Elena Sonnino, Leticia Barr, Adrian Culp, Erin Dymowski and Ellen Williams.
I think people often overlook just how important this is, especially in this time when we are so disconnected from one another. I also know when to dial down the anger in a way that leads to a quicker, healthier resolution.
You can find more information about  TalkEarly on The Century Council’s site, follow the conversation on Twitter and check out their boards on Pinterest.
Poor communication leads to conflict, misunderstandings, broken dreams, and a lack of trust just to name a few. At home, we try to keep an open line with the kids, we encourage them to speak and let us know what they think.

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