You can send digital books as gifts directly from the iTunes app and it’s included iBook Store on any desktop Mac or PC.
The iTunes Store updates frequently to display new apps, music, movies, TV shows, and the free app of the week, and typically you can see the new stuff by just clicking around in iTunes to visit the various stores and media content areas. If you're curious about trying an Android device then you might be interested to know that you need not abandon your iCloud calendar or reminders for Google based alternatives. Thanks to an enterprising developer, Marten Gajda, you can import and two-way sync your iCloud calendars to the stock Calendar app on your Android device. Sure, using Apple products together is still much easier, but it's great to know that if we should want to go cross-platform we can take a little piece of iCloud with us. If this scratches a particular itch for you, grab the app from the Google Play Store at the link below.
Other individual app changes, like chart editing in Keynote, better, more informative pop-ups in Numbers, and better page wrapping and chart editing in Pages.
The changes are live for iCloud right now, and updates to the iOS and OS X apps should be coming later today. A married couple wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing, leading to a frantic search for its whereabouts. Give contact groups a try and then tell me in the comments how they're working out for you!
If you aren't able to open a file or document in Pages, Keynote, or Numbers that's saved in iCloud, it's most likely caused by a syncing error.
Completely quit Numbers, Keynote, or Pages — whichever program you're having an issue with — on the computer or device in question.
Now go to another device that also has Pages, Keynote, or Numbers installed and open the exact same document you were just having issues with. Now go back to the problem Mac or iOS device and try launching the iWork program in question and that same file. While the fix is somewhat simple, it does rely on the fact that you have another device lying around with iWork installed. If you've been using iWork— Pages, Keynote, or Numbers — on your Mac for a long time, chances are you have older files stored locally rather than in Apple's online service, iCloud.
Launch Pages, Keynote, or Numbers on your Mac — keep in mind you must be running a version new enough to support iCloud.
You should now see a drop down that lets you choose where you'd like to save it, as well as an option to rename it.
Your document or file should now be saved in iCloud with the rest of your iCloud documents.
Based on what I posted last week, it's clear that many of you — like me — want Apple to adopt a more uniform user experience between iOS 7 and OS X — a flatter interface for OS X 10.10. This isn't to imply that Apple plans to simplify the actual Mac user experience with any sort of user interface rework. Under the Documents & Data section tap on an app you'd like to view what documents are being stored in iCloud.

Tap on the Delete button to the left of the item to delete it and then tap again on the right to delete it. Alternately, you can tap the Edit button and scroll to the very bottom and choose Delete All to remove all files stored by a specific app. If you're using iTunes Match you'll see a cloud icon next to a track indicating you can download it again whenever you'd like.
Having long been able to send apps and movies, music, and movies as gifts, giving books is a recent addition.
With so many great devices on the market these days running Android it's perfectly reasonable to expect someone to have a mix of both platforms in their lives. I've gone in to a little more detail in the post on Android Central, but for $2.99 you can use your iCloud calendar just the same as any other calendar on your Android device. I love this app – particularly the reminders sync – since I'm very much a cross-platform person.
Simply turn it on, log in with your Apple ID, and then setup you phone or tablet as a new device or restore it from a previous iCloud backup. Apps and iTunes music, TV shows, and movies aren't backed up because you can re-download those at any time, but any data specific to any apps is backed up so that once the apps are downloaded again they're right back the way you left them. So, you can start a spreadsheet or presentation or simply text file on your Mac, edit it in a cab on your iPhone, and then show it off on your iPad at the office.
The iCloud versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote now have Retina display support, a new design in the editor tab, and better sharing that allows for a "view-only" state to keep unwanted changes from happening. Hilarity, as you might imagine, is supposed to ensue, and even Siri can't escape the resulting shenanigans unscathed. While the premise might sound far-fetched, but we've heard a few stories here at iMore about how cloud sync has ended up putting private material in very public hands, so let this serve as a cautionary comedy for all — if you don't want to see it online, don't put it in digital form. It can also be used to create contact groups to help you better, faster connect with the people that matter to you most. Hold down the command key— control key for Windows users — on your keyboard in order to select multiple people at once. Remember, deleting a group does not delete the contacts in that group from your actual address book. Contact groups are a great way to get organized and get a better handle on contacts, especially people with large address books.
Rumors have abounded since January that Apple is working on just that by creating a "flatter" interface for OS X 10.10 (code-named Syrah) that makes icons and other interface elements more consistent with their iOS 7 counterparts.
But from the Home screen icons to the apps themselves, iCloud certainly has more in common with iOS 7 than it does with OS X.
While more rounded three-dimensional icons still abound, apps like Calendar have gotten a rework to more closely resemble their iOS counterparts.
Imagining that same design sensibility employed across the entire OS X user interface isn't too much of a stretch. The Mac remains fundamentally different terrain than iOS, with an emphasis on file management that is almost completely absence from iOS.

Things may look different — and it'll take developers time to adjust — but it'll still work the same. Since Apple only provides a paltry 5GB for free, and only 50GB maximum, it pays to clean it out as often and as well as you can. Were you able to clear out a significant amount of your iCloud storage you didn't know was being used? Otherwise, you can plug into iTunes whenever you'd like and re-sync your music again whenever you'd like. For whatever reason you might want to change your Apple Store ID there are only a few steps involved. Keeping your iCloud calendar running on Android is a piece of cake, and I've written about it over on Android Central. As an added bonus, Gajda's app also has a free add-on that will sync your iCloud reminders to your Android device as well. Much of my work is done using an iPhone and a Mac, and it's so convenient knowing I can flick over to any Android device and still have access to my iCloud reminders.
It can be something as small as adding a word or period — you can remove it in just a second. If you want all of that sync and access goodness, you'll need to move your Keynote, Pages, or Numbers files from your Mac to iCloud. We don't have to work too hard to imagine what it'll look like: Just open iCloud in a web browser. But most of us who didn't love it at first blush have grown accustomed to it and many of us are willing to admit that it did move the goalposts forward for future innovations in iOS. Luckily you can delete documents and data stored in any app right from your iPhone or iPad, even if you saved it in a Mac app.
Sure, the individual files aren't large, but many people have hundreds if not thousands of them in their collections and they can really add up.
So check out below on how to change your Apple Store ID to another country.Transfer Apple Store ID To Another CountryThere are a few reasons why you might want to change your Apple Store ID to another country. It all works in the background, and while you have a separate app, Tasks, for reminders, your calendar just works within the stock calendar app on your device. You can still find all the individuals that were contained in that group in the main section of your Contacts. One of the most common example for changing your Apple ID to another country is to download country specific apps. Whether you're using iTunes in the Cloud to bring down your music or syncing it with iTunes, the process of deleting a song is the same. On the next screen it will show some options for changing your address and method of payment.

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