After level 6 you need to choose a branch, Master of the Real branch or the Patron of the Arts branch.
Almost every object you get as a reward for your promotion can enable an emotional aura so your Sims in the room can become inspired. If you hire an Agent when you reach level 5 in the Painter Career you can earn some more money.
You will start as a Medical Intern but you can climb your way up to become the Chief of Staff.
Start your workday at the Hospital to diagnose patients, treat patients, perform surgeries, deliver babies and determine the gender of babies on pregnant Sim.
Learn and level up the Logic Skill to get a better result if you are analyzing samples on the Chemical Analyzer or the X-Ray Machine.
Tip: Stick with one patient while you are completing the tasks for your career goals instead of trying to get all the patients from the front of the desk to their bed and tests them.
Delivering babies at the Hospital can be done by your Doctor Sim when reaching level 8 in the Doctor Career. Tip: You can influence the gender of your Sims offspring by eating Strawberries and listening to Pop music for a girl, and eat Carrots and listen to Alternative music for a baby boy.
When put on a House Call you only have to treat the patients, you don’t have to diagnose them. When your Sims is reaching a higher level in the Doctor career you will be able to unlock career rewards such as; Diploma's, eye chart, and a Sim Skeleton Model. Resilient immunity, Sims will have a lower chance of getting sick and will recover from sickness faster. My Sim, Dylan, was able to tell his wife what gender their baby was, but the option didn’t become available until the second trimester.
Yes, it is a friendly social interaction and it will have that little doctor symbol beside it. Also, a Sim came into the hospital glowing red, and when I did an x-ray scan on her it said several organs were out of place and that it was an anomaly. I just had a sim come in that at one point had orange and green stripes, then the stripes went away to be replaced by a red glow. Since I’ve climbed up the career I realise that no other sim does anything with the patients except stand up and talk. You could have one of your own sims get pregnant and do it that way or just use the doctor promotion cheat?.
Consider the impact of your application if you included a short and informative explanation that explains why you are looking to change career paths. There are a number of really simple but effective points you could include when applying for jobs, which all too frequently get ignored.
From a recruiters perspective it is always eye-catching when a candidate knows about the business, so when you’re applying for a job make sure to add a section relating to what you know about them. Go into detail about previous experience and skills that will relate to the role in question. Regularly a recruiter will search your details on Google and social media, you must ask yourself; how do I look?
Remember you are an engaging and prospective applicant, who has done their homework and is solely focused on being a successful candidate with that organisation.
Written by Ellis Osborne, who is responsible for the posting and monitoring of job adverts, aiding in screening CV’s and working closely with Client Services to ensure the smooth running of recruitment campaigns.

Make a place for yourself in the art world with hyperreal masterpieces or abstract works of unsettling beauty. The required emotion and the daily task stays the same with every promotion with both branches. When you level up your skill you get more options to become inspired: Research Art Reference, Gather Inspiration and Critically Assess. If you can get your Sim focused you will have the option to paint Mathematical Diagrams which increases your Logic Skill.
Receive updates and Sims news on your Social Media: Follow me on Twitter, Like me on Facebook and add me on Google+. By leveling up in the Doctor career you will unlock clothing, objects and even a Trait: Sickness Resistance.
You can do this by browsing Simpedia on the Computer at home to gain a +1 Focused moodlet for 4 hours.
You can also use it to upgrade the Chemical Analyzer or the X-Ray Machine for better results. You can use the X-Ray Machine, run tests, or bring the patient to the examination table to check his eyes, ears and take his temperature. When pregnant Sims comes into the hospital and is going into labor you will have to bring them immediately to the Surgery Table to deliver the baby. Doctor Sims can also unlock new interactions: give medical advise or give bad medical advise, new romantic interaction 'check for fever' and determine if pregnant Sim is going to have a baby boy or a baby girl. Its so frustrating that my Sim can’t tell what is wrong and the symptoms I see are so unreliable!!! Alternatively, you could go through the special>doctor interaction menu and probably find it there. My Sim is level 7 in the career and I’ve yet to see any event regarding a Sim in labor. The machine wasn’t calibrated, but the work day cut off before I could calibrate it and try again. I found out she was an Alien, so I didn’t put it down as a symptom but yes I can be wrong. It can be even further disheartening if you want to change the direction your career, as you may find that employers and recruiters are always looking for experience. Realistically, who is going to interview an experienced chef as a payroll clerk, if there is no substance in the reason for applying? Tell them what it is about the company that intrigued you and explain about one of their achievements that made caught your attention.
For example, someone who works in warehousing and has applied for an office administration job appears to be an applicant with no relevant experience. If the recruiter was to find your LinkedIn profile, facebook or Twitter profile, do you come across as employable to the recruiter? You could call or email and give them a personal introduction as to who you are and why you would like the job. You have explained the reasons for your application in a personal and professional manor, providing a better understanding to the employer.
If you sound desperate for a job, it can come across rather needy and unprofessional and therefore off-putting to the recruiter.
You have the transferable skills required for the position and you can demonstrate this with your online persona too.

If you want to make serious money with the Painting Skill take the career as a painter, you will be able to sell your work to the Art Gallery for a lot more money than the other option ‘Sell to collector’. When working in the Hospital you can find rooms for patients, analyzing, performing surgery, a room with X-Ray Machines and a room for Medical Treadmills. If you are at the Hospital you can ‘Research Health Reports on Medical Journal’ on the computer to get a +2 Focused moodlet. When your Sims is level 6 in the Doctor career you can determine the sex of the baby before a pregnant Sim is going in to labor. When to wait to long the house call will vanish but it won’t effect your work performance in a negative way. I think there is one symptom for each disease that is unique and I’m trying to figure it out. Then I turned up the settings and immediately saw tiger stripes and green spots on my patients. This means while I’m trying to diagnose and treat patients there are those not even being showed to a bed and walking out the hospital.
This maybe a little or a lot of experience, but either way they are recruiting to a job brief, and if you lack what they require you probably won’t get a look in. However, if you have a desire for a future within that line of work and there is a good, strong reason why you have not taken a job in that career path yet, it is imperative you inform the recruiter of your reasons. The fact that you’ve shown an interest in the company and know about your potential new employer, will speak volumes about your genuine and honest desire to work for the organisation.
Be that as it may, they will have strong organisational and time keeping skills, they are able to follow procedures and compliance and have understanding of documentation and filing. If you have applied for a HR position, would your LinkedIn profile reflect a genuine interest in Human Resources?
The fact that you are interested in your application and have gone out of your way to introduce yourself, makes you more personable and memorable to the recruiter. However, it is incredibly important to sound genuinely interested in the role and getting the balance right is critical. If you’re accepting the house call just click on the front desk (the counter and not the computer) to travel to the right location. I know it won’t pratically work but I’d love for that to be the case regardless! When a recruiter reads your CV, they are not reading your mind, so on the basis of a career change, they need to know why you have applied for the job and what is inspiring you to change career paths. In addition, they are aware of different service level requirements and the flexibility required to full fill each customer’s objectives. It shows you have genuine interest and that you’re taking your application to their organisation seriously. Suddenly, there are specific areas of experience and skills that can be demonstrated and transferred from one job to the next, regardless of the different nature of the two roles. If so, it will not appear that you have any desire or that you are able to demonstrate an understanding about this vocation. There are many tell tale signs surrounding the information you publicly promote and your associated activity on social sites, which may or may not help your cause in changing careers.

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