Google Adsense in a recent program update, has announced the introduction of new option that lets users to change the size of the fonts in ad units, which was previously available only to premium Adsense publishers.
Adsense team has announced that the default ad font which is now ‘Small’ for all the publishers will soon be changed to ‘Medium’ . We’ve heard from some of you that the current font size can be too small, and our testing also showed that slightly larger font sizes improved performance.

Techrena wants to hear from the Adsense publishers who have implemented this.Do comment about this new Adsense here.
Also it is too small, doing your adjustments simply displays the type, in some instances bigger but still blurred?
In most cases, web designers will do a good job at selecting a font family and text size that matches the needs of users and the requirements based on display size and screen resolution.

Just pick the one you think you'll need, and see if it makes the web page text more legible.

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