If you are reading this article then , you must be looking for simple steps to change or modify your Google account password. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. If you are using the same keystore for signing your application before pushing it to the play store, it should be fine.
I am not sure about the reason about why it's not letting you change the password for the allias. Well, it turns out that I don't know how to read and before asking me for the alias password I should be writing my keystore password. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android google-play keytool android-keystore or ask your own question. Why is the laser dish in the southern hemisphere of the Death Star rather than the northern one? Yesterday news came that millions of Google passwords leaked online to a Russian Bitcoin forum. According to Reddit reporters, they checked and found that some username password combinations were matching with some of their services where they used Goggle username for logging in but those were not their actual passwords.

Ecco come funziona: Chrome memorizzera una versione codificata della password del vostro account Google.
If you have a Google Account, you must have enabled 2-step verification, and now you have one more option to stay ahead of hijackers, enable mobile text alerts for password change and suspicious log in attempts. Now Google has added option to get a text notification on  your mobile if your account password is changed and if it detects any suspicious activity on your account. Email notifications are enabled by default but you have to manually enable the mobile text notifications, even though you already have linked your mobile number with 2-step verification.
It will ask you for a mobile number if you have not already linked any mobile number and then enter a verification code you get on your mobile number to verify the owner of the number. Changing an account password in Google Account is a very easy and simple task ,but there are many users who don##Q##t know how to change password in Google account. Changing Keystore's password or alias password doesn't affect the way it is used to generate the signed apk. About less than 2% of combinations matched and this indicates that some other service was hacked which allows login through Google.
Recently Microsoft published an article stating what mistakes users make while giving passwords and it stated that one major mishap many users make is to keep same passwords for every account.

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Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. Una volta installata, Password Alert mostrera un avviso ogni volta che viene inserita la password Google in un sito diverso dalle pagine di accesso all’account Google. Questa informazione viene memorizzata per ragioni di sicurezza e non viene condivisa in nessun modo. There is a possibility that the correctly matched passwords are of those people who use same passwords everywhere. The passwords either belonged to some old accounts which are not used or passwords that are being used in services in correspondence with Gmail account.
This means there are various websites or apps that let us login using our Facebook or Gmail accounts.

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