The iPhone has the ability to play custom text message and iMessage alert sound effects, these custom text tones apply to all incoming messages. Not only can you set custom text message tones for all of your incoming alerts, but you can also set custom text alert sounds on a per contact basis, so you’ll know who is texting you based on the alert sound alone. Tapping a text tone will play a preview of the sound, the checkbox alongside the tone indicates it’s the current setting. Again, this changes the message sound effect for ALL messages coming to the iPhone, but what if you want to set custom text alert sounds for specific people? Remember free iPhone ringtones can be made with iTunes, and they can be used for text tones as well. This process is the same on all versions of iOS, so regardless of how new or old your iPhone is you can change the text tone sound this way.
With modern versions of iOS, you’ll have many more pre-bundled message sound effects to choose from, both for your ringtones and for text message tones, so just explore your options and pick one that you like the best. By the way, setting custom alert sound effects for individual contacts when they message you is a really good tip, since you will begin to associate that sound with that person, you will know who is sending you a message before you even see the iPhone alert on your screen. Glad to have it, but why did it take until version 5 of iOS to get this feature that has been standard on mobile phones since the 90’s?

Im getting the iPhone 5 and I want a specific ringtone and thanks to this website I have found it! I have a few custom ringtones and have attempted to use them as text tones, but when I select them, they do not work. ChatPic is a new jailbreak tweak that puts a little photo of your contact beside each incoming chat bubble, a simple mod that gives the Messaging app a little more personality. It takes the photo stored in the Contacts application, and is compatible with Facebook photo sync, which is a utility in the Facebook app itself that downloads your friends photos and matches them to the contacts on your iPhone. The app will not add any icon to the home screen, but you can configure its options from the iPhone Settings app. You can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google and Apple.
BGR shows how their gold unit came out. iPhone 5 color anodizing costs $249 and the iPad mini conversions run for $299.
You can choose from many Apple provided text tones that are included with all iPhones, or, since this feature can choose any ringtone file to be set as a custom SMS sound, you can even use your own custom alert sounds if you want your messages to play any specific tone or sound effect. Both of these are great features that provide a great way to customize your iPhone experience, so let’s learn how to set message sound effects.

Generally the shorter the text tone the better, unless you want to hear a song play when someone sends you a text message or iMessage, which can get annoying rather quickly. The settings may look slightly different depending on what version of iOS you’re running on the iPhone, but otherwise everything is the same. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! For those of you who use those apps frequently its unlikely that you will be using ChatPic anyway. The company offers the ability to change the color of your iPhone 5 or iPad mini into red, pink, yellow, gold, orange, blue, teal, violet, copper, green, blue steel, or bronze.

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