One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard regarding iOS 7 and iOS 8 is about the font change (the other complaint is usually about battery life, which is also extremely easy to fix).
If you find the default font and text to be difficult to read in iOS, stop squinting and take a moment to make a simple change that increases the weight of the font, making it bolder. You’ll find the lock screen, Notification Center, and Control Center are also impacted by the font change.
The huge problem is that none of the adjustments and accessibility features affect the menu bar. It's pretty well tread feminist territory to hate on princess culture and Disney Princesses in specific. Shakesville just shared this quote, from Republican Nebraska State Senator, Bill Kinter: "Biggest mystery? The new default system font is fairly narrow in weight, and as a result it can make text difficult to read throughout the various menus, settings, notifications, and even the Home Screen as icon text is quite thin.
This change is all encompassing and impacts all system fonts, and you will find nearly every text and font element to be much easier to read afterwards. This really is a systemwide adjustment, but screen shots really don’t do the change justice.
Make the change and you should be a bit happier with the iOS 7 experience, and don’t forget to master these four essential tips to jump ahead of the pack with iOS 7.

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I even bolded the font per recommendation-still no good the original font on my iPhone 5c was great. And while I might not have intentionally thought about the messages it sent me, I can certainly agree that I wasn't exactly being empowered by them. It's just too gender binary--what about the girls who want to play in the dirt and drive cars?
I'm sure that this means that someday I am bound to have a daughter who eats and breathes pink, pretty, fluffy, butterfly-y things, much like what happened to strong, independent Julia with her daughter Sydney (in one of my favorite shows, Parenthood) last Halloween.
Lynn, a nerdy intersectional feminist, cinephile, and nonprofit professional originally from Indianapolis, IN.
If you find the text difficult to read in iOS 7 make the setting adjustment yourself to see just how big of a change it really offers, if you don’t like it you can always toggle it back off again and go back to the narrow text default.
But the truth is I bet you'd be hard pressed to find a boy her same age who would choose something that illogical as his career goal. As such, even comments made in good faith will be on a short delay, so please do not attempt to resubmit your comment if it does not immediately appear. She now lives in Austin, TX, and thinks a lot of deep thoughts about pop culture, politics, nonprofits, and nail polish.There are also occasional guest writers around these parts now, so welcome to them too!

Below are a few screen shots demonstrating the difference of bold text vs normal text in iOS 7 on an iPhone 5. It looks great on the retina screens, but non-retina devices may find it to be an even greater improvement.
He might say something difficult to achieve (like astronaut) but not a career straight out of a fairy tale.
Discussion and thoughtful participation are encouraged, but abusive comments of any type will never be published. My heart was a little bit broken in that minute and I couldn't help but feel that our society had done this little girl a REAL disservice.
I've heard it still relies on some of the themes you mentioned, like the old woman as the villain and the fact that it all ends with a happily-ever-after love story. Bitch about other girls because we are that trivial!But anyway, I won't digress and get straight to the point.

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