Common usage also comes in the form of nicknames and abbreviations, such as "Ted" for Theodore or "Jenny" for Jennifer. In some states, you can download free forms from the internet, and in other states, forms must be purchased.
Make fried rice at home with a variety of veggies, fresh pineapple and homemade teriyaki sauce. People voted for Boaty McBoatface just to see what would happen just like people voting for Donald Trump just to see what happens. In 2015, Stanford computer science PhD candidate Andrej Karpathy decided to test out some neural network tools he’d been experimenting with, and set them to generating plausible baby names. You misspelled "the capricious whims of jackasses with an internet connection and too much time on their hands". Typed the person with an internet connection and enough extra time on their hands to post judgemental comments on forums. In a true British compromise, a submersible carried on board the ship will be called "Boaty McBoatFace".
I really dig the name "Boaty McBoatface" However I would rather see it named after some worthless overbearing rich dolt who gives a sh_t ton of money that buys stuff like this for research.

Oh I dunno, Shippy McShipface is cute enough, but it would within minutes become Shitty McShitface in common usage. Someone needs to get on the BBC and explain to many many people why smiling when you think of a scientific research vessel is inappropriate. It's the same name that appears on her social security card — every baby gets one — and the name she will use on tax forms, loans, insurance policies, driver's license and passports. For example, Donald Scott is introduced to family, friends and teachers as "Scott" (instead of Donald). But avoid calling your child by an altogether different name ("Gus" instead of James, for example). Those conniving, lackadaisical, workshy office workers always looking for an excuse to bunk off and deprive their wealth-creator bosses of the profits they so rightly deserve. This is more appropriate since the vessel itself is a ship, not a boat, while the submersible is a boat. We need to form a foundation called the "Boaty McBoatface Deep Sea Research Foundation" after we get some starter funds from Mr McBoatface of course. It was made pretty clear from the beginning that they reserved the right to make the final decision on the name.

Perhaps it was explained so well to him that he agreed being a wet blanket was an experience worth having. People who get outwardly angry that people don't laugh at cute dumb jokes well past the jokes' natural lifespan are not cute.
Even though everyone will know your son as Scott, he will be required to use his official name – Donald Scott – on legal documents.
Doing so places him in a never-ending struggle to re-identify himself every time he comes across a legal document.
Depending on your state of residence, your child's original birth certificate will be amended or a new certificate will be issued.

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