This and the next step look a bit different on Android, but still you have to choose the same things, so you'll find it there easily. But VERY LUCKY for you, we've recently made a generator for Facebook names which you should use to make the coolest possible Facebook name with symbols in no time. Make a Facebook name with symbols and cool lettersA tool that will enhance your Facebook name with cool letters and symbols. If you’re in the same boat as I was and have some fans you’ve worked hard to get to like your page, you can ask Facebook to change the name of your page, but NOT the URL – not at least at this time.
Go to your page, on the top right click on “Help” and then “Request a name change for your Page”. On the next screen, you’ll see two boxes, one with your “Current Page name” and one with your “Desired Page name”.
I am looking to change the name of a page I manage as the company is undergoing a re-brand in May with a new name being developed but the only thing I can find on Facebook says you can only change if you have less than 200 likes! I had to send Facebook a request and let them know that I had changed the name as I had over 200 likes. About Jo Guerra, Owner of Kick A MarketingWe specialize in WordPress web development and make sure your website kicks A.
If you want to get information about how to Change Your Name on Facebook Again then yes you are at right place.
And it's your name, so it's only up to you to decide how you want it to look, it's your style. But if you’ve misspelled your page name or have changed your company name, here’s your chance to ask Facebook to change the name of your company.  Hit “Send”.

I’ll make sure your site looks great and can even write and get to the heart of your story, so you are not just another company - you make a difference for your clients. Yes this is very interesting and funny topic because if you are facebook users then you must have this information, but any how do not feel worried because we are sharing this method with brief detail. These days in Pakistan IT sector is getting boom because different private companies is providing internet service with cheap and latest technology that is the reason in Pakistan internet users ratio is increase day by day. You can edit and change current display name on Facebook accout to any desired name using following procedure.Customize display name on Facebook1. Before you had to have less than 100 fans in order to change your name and this information is still listed on Facebook’s help section. Facebook is one and only popular social media source that is providing social networking between different people in worldwide. Before facebook Orkut was very popular social website that was also providing same service but facebook is more than user friendly as compare to other social networking websites.
Through Facebook you can update you thinking on your facebook wall that message is called facebook status and if you want to see different Videos then through facebook different pages you can watch visios that is uploaded by different persons. And to be honest, I think you've really put wa-a-ay to many symbols in your desired name ^.^ Too cool sometimes seems a bit stupid, really.QuestionHey I've read the article and I'm still lost! How do I surpass the errors?AnswerSometimes you can only surpass the errors if you try another username.
This was like "know your enemy" thing to help you filter out some usernames by yourself (without trying) and understand the system better.QuestionI wanted a put a minus at the beginning of my surname like [-Surname]. Though, those people you're talking about probable have just "[symbol] Surname" as they're surname.QuestionHey, I wanted to put a star at the end of my name, I've seen several of my friends have done it but when I try it - it just doesn't seem to work, it says "The name contains invalid characters".

I used your Cool text Symbols for Facebook a?„ thing but still nothing, I've also tried copying the symbols from friends that have done it, still not working. Remember to put a space between and try other stars.QuestionI want to put a A?a€zA? (Trade mark) sign at the end of my last name but it won't let me! It worked for me that way.QuestionI copied facebook symbol from someones name itself but it doesn't work on my name.
Why?!AnswerProbably, some symbols have been blocked from some time after your friends have put them in their names.
Cheer up and try some other one ;)Of course, the problem may have been because you have put that symbol in some wrong place in your name where you shouldn't have put it. If you want some other symbol - find one in Cool text Symbols for Facebook a?„ and try it on Facebook. If it'll work - tell it to me and I'll tell it to others ;)CommentJust wanted to let you know wat worked for me. I was able to change the letters of my name to make it look different but facebook still would not let me enter any of the symbols from character map to my name. I had a star for my middle name for months but today facebook wouldn't let me log in until I changed it to a "valid character".
Please, try like I wrote in the article.QuestionHi!I changed name from Parag Kadam to Xyro Frenchgoatee Frood and then to Xyro Frood.But now it won't let me change it back to Parag Kadam!

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