We’re a quaint, pedestrian friendly town that offers boutique shopping, a variety of cafes and restaurants, charming accomodations and signature events, Just park your car and stroll down Main Street.
Check out the latest from the Dominion Power Community Connection for the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. The plot is a thick one, its sort of childish but even children might find it too exaggerated for their tastes. At first I thought, how is it possible that two really great indian movies came out during the same time? What is left to be said about movies like Pardesi Babu, I guess one can never get tired of typical Indian movies.
China Gate is about ten former army men, who were court-martialed for fleeing the battlefield. Akshaye plays a college student whose rivalry with Urmila slowly turns into love with the help of his grandfather (Kadar Khan) and her ayah (Aruna Irani). Any movie Nana Patekar is in has to have some validity so when viewing this film you should already expect it to live up to certain standards. Anil Kapoor plays the son of Anupam Kher, who has just come back to India after studying in America. This film was filmed in New York City, and could have used the oppurtunity to impress its viewers a lot more than it supposedly did. Ravi (Chandrachur) and Kajal (Mahima) are a young and frisky couple living the good-life with their young daughter and live-in Nanny (Sushma Seth). You would think Amitabh would start doing father roles now and act his age, but I guess that blood in his veins is still younger then his body. Aarzoo is is a love triangle in which two heroes fall for the same girl and it requires a sacrifice from one of them to give the movie a happy ending. Silsila Hai Pyar Ka brings Karisma back to the screen, a year and half after Dil To Pagal Hai, in a welcome return where she continues to display the same charisma. The film opens with a synopsis of the crimes of Jeet Balraj (Sunjay Dutt), a killer on death row. The plot is as follows: Gajendra Singh (Mohan Joshi), murders both a simple village man, Surjit (Anil Dhawan), and his wife, and seizes their property.
In Haseena Maan Jaayegi, Sanjay Dutt and Govinda play Sonu and Monu, spoiled brats of rich dad Kader Khan (Ameerchand) who sports a PA in Satish Kaushik (Kunj Bihari) to attend to his phone calls.
Another typical film, for some reason this month, there wasn't even one movie released from Bollywood that was good.
Hote Hote Pyar Ho Gaya took four years in the making and the end result would've been better if it had been released in the mid-80's. The movie is an Indian adaptation of the Hollywood classic, An Affair To Remember, and the premise is a little more ridiculous.
How would you handle two overpowering actors who are both brilliant and intense about their work?
Before I begin this review, I would like to warn Govinda of his steady decline into the Mithun stream of films. This movie might as well be called "Urmila" cause thats what you basically see through out most of the film.
Vaastav is about Raghu (Sanjay Dutt), who lives in a chawl with his parents (Shivaji Satam and Reema Lagoo) and his brother Vijay (Mohnish Behl). The much anticipated "Hum Saath Saath Hain" has arrived and people are rushing into the theatres to see it. A couple of weeks ago, actually Christmas eve to be exact, I happened to walk into BlockBuster and with no particular film in mind, I glanced upon the word, "Chutney" on the cover of some movie box.
This film stars two new actors namely the dashing Hrithik Roshan and the cute Amisha Patel.
Bobby Deol plays Badal, who is seeking revenge on behalf of his family {who was victim to the ruthless crimes of Jai Singh Rana (Ashutosh Rana)}, who is the corrupt police officer that caused riots to take place in Punjab and Delhi. In Hera Pheri, Sunil's character is poor and leaves his ghown in search for a job in a bank where his father used to work. Baaghi, revolves around Vikram (Aditya Pancholi), who plays an underworld lord with Raja (Dutt) as his right hand assassin. Gang has quite a leading cast of stars: Jackie Shroff, Nana Patekar, Kumar Gaurav, and Javed Jafrey. This film is a comedy through out, and a surprising one since you would think that an Indian film could only surmount to cheeziness. Preity (Priya) is portrayed as a strong willed girl who has a caring family and particularly a loving father and an over protective older brother. In Hum To Mohabbat Karega, Bobby plays a waiter, Raju Bhatnagar, who is in love with a journalist from Ch.
Govinda plays Raja and Johnny Lever is Kanhaiya - two crooks who pose as narcotic officers at airports and loot innocent strangers.
The story revolves around the murder of Roshni (Tabu), a nurse at the Military Nursing Service. Abhishek Bachchan is introduced in this film in his first starring role following the legacy of his father Amitabh Bachchan. The movie starts out with Siddhu (Fardeen) and Anu (Urmila), next-door neighbors who have silly squabbles and eventually fall in love.
Raju (Govinda) and Urmila (Urmila, yes, with the same name) are in New Zealand, where they happen to meet the typical 'one mishap after another' Govinda, fall in love, and depart to return to India, planning to meet again very soon.
Raj (Salman) is a poor orphan who comes to Mumbai from Goa with dreams of becoming a super star singer.
Being a Kapoor creation; Hamara Dil was expected to fill spaces previous Kapoor films such as Pukar and Prem failed to. Yes, he's back, and with all due respect to Jaya Bachchan and Karishma Kapoor, the spotlight and attention was mostly on Hrithik Roshan.
The setting of the movie is Punjab, and the main female lead, Sahiba (Aishwarya), comes from a traditional Rajput family. This application was created to enable you to delete your files permanently.Want to delete your files easily? This automation tool for Yahoo Messenger will enable you to schedule different status messages.Useful to change Yahoo! This easy-to-use utility was created to enable you to customize the display of your computer Windows Explorer.Want to change your Explorer background? An easy-to-use application that will enable you to schedule it to launch any program you want.Set your time to open a file or launch an application and start timer and our program will launch it for you.Very useful when you want to launch your download manager at a specific time and you want to go to sleep! Know others ip address via messenger onlyAdd the person in yahooif the person comes online you can know his ipnot needed to chat with the person or send him a fileI found this trick now.Install kaspersky internet security. Some people say Google Talk is nice because of its minimalistic design, but they coudn't use an Instant Messenger that doesn't have smileys and font customization.
IntroductionTo be clear, while this is a tutorial for how to create a password brute-forcer, I am not condoning hacking into anyone's systems or accounts. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT MAY HAPPEN TO YOU OR YOUR COMPUTER THAT IS CONNECTED IN ANY WAY WITH THIS INSTRUCTABLEThis is my first Instructable. For several years (ok maybe a decade) I've had this on-off relationship with learning to code.
This tutorial is for exploring and learning how to use the MeshMixer with the Edge Operation Exploration. Dijkstra’s Algorithm, published by Edsger Dijkstra in 1959, is a powerful method for finding shortest paths between vertices in a graph. I made the components for an LED Throwie in Blender, and figured other people might be curious what my workflow was. Mesh generation is the process of approximating geometry with polygons (shapes with strait outlines).
Hello, Today I am going to show you how to make a Minecraft server that has a lot of options. If you want to add watermark to your videos, no matter the video is still in production or uploaded to Youtube. In the last three Instructables, we've shown you three different ways you can use to clone yourself in videos: Green screen, mirror effect, mask effect.
In the last two Intructables, we've shown you how to clone yourself in Videos by using the mask effect and green screen effect. In the last Instructable we've shown you how to clone yourself in videos by using the mask effect. Clone yourself in videos in three easy steps by following our step-by-step video tutorial, everything from preparing the shooting equipment to post production.
Sometimes, even when we have an active internet connection, due to DNS error, we may not be able to access sites other than google products'.
Most of the perfboard layout you can find on Internet are some 2D top view design made with specific software just like VeroCAD or DIY Layout Creator.

Register based on your local address and have messages sent to your phone-land line or cell. If you're like the very few Bollywood fans who demand new and meaningful plots than Dil Se is for you. We're constantly shown how the upper class - lower class division is still very wide spread in India and in a good way. With the really boring films that have come out recently it is very pleasantly surprising to watch films like this. The sort of reunion for actors Shahrukh Khan and Kajol who starred in the smash hit "DDLJ" together. After being branded cowards, they live a non-existential life with a story woven into each character.
The responsible gang's demand is that one of their members be released from police custody. The illegitimate, Muslim, arms thief son Afthab (Ajay Devgan) and the legitimate, Hindu, rich, advertising executive son Dhananjay (Saif Ali Khan) are introduced to each other on their father's deathbed. The film has its moments of brilliant humor but it also has moments in which the fast forward button on all remote controls is required. There life is even more complete with two adorable little kids and mother dearest (Himani Shivpuri). Well this couple doesn't have to worry about that, cause they fell in love without seeing each other. The (unfortunately) fading Jackie Shroff and the current Numero Uno Kajol lead this lackluster film. Some parts are great while others are just horrible, and as a whole, the film amounts several notches above the average Bollywood action flick.
Hero lives in a basti and loves Rani (Rani Mukherjee), Rani just thinks of Hero as a good friend.
Kittu (Aftaab) is a College student who has an obsession with an actress named 'Malika' played by none other than Urmila. Zamindar Dharmaraj (Anil Kapoor) is the head of a village and represents the Supreme law of the land. They both do an excellent job in the film but Hrithik exceeds Amisha as he has sex appeal coming out of his belt buckle. Although the film itself is somewhat distorted, as it doesn't appear to be as composed as it should have been. The movie is a story told from the mind of a dying man, Saket Ram (Kamal Haasan), an 89-year-old South Indian Brahmin. Jackie Shroff plays Veer, a police inspector whose family is complete with wife Naina (Raveena Tandon) and a young son, Sahil.
Here they meet NRI Raju Patel (Ali Asghar) who they practically rape and send to an insane asylum. Her body is discovered in a pond, and CBI officer Jasraj Patel (Nana Patekar) is assigned to the case. Kareena Kapoor also stars in her first film role following the engraved foot steps of her sister Karishma.
Find the "skin_name".xml file, where "skin_name" is the name of the skin, and open it using notepad or wordpad. I've dabbled in this and that picking up some Java script here, HTML there, snips of VBA and working knowledge of all manor of industrial logic controls. It was hard to explain in the title, but basically what this does is makes a batch file run certain code, but it only runs it the first time the file is opened.
Then you get the right website as in this article both the root methods with computer or without computer will be introduced. Most meshing processes that translate point cloud geometry into polygons are done by computers.
This tutorial shows you how to record iPhone and iPad screen on your Mac, and you will get a very professional-looking video.You can screen record with Quick Time on a Mac. This tutorial will show you the easiest way to play your video backwards with one simple click. In this video, we will show you two more ways to make cone effect by using PIP, alson known as video overlay effect. In this video, we are going to show you how to make clone effect by using mirror effect in three easy steps. In this video, we will show you how to create a clone effect by using the green screen technique. Once you get comfortable with the concepts covered here, you will be able to play around with the software and learn on your own!
But some people prefer local backups for their speed, which is a special advantage when dealing with a slow internet connection.
The problem against them comes in the form of the girl's three brothers and strict mother and the boy's parents. The British Empire then announces dugna lagaan (double tax), making the villagers' lives even more miserable and complicated than before. The film is not terrible, but could have been better, if only some of those "comedy" sequences had been cut out. Sapna is constantly bored by Vishal's lack of romanticism, and his routine dance ball nights. Many video formats needed to run our gadgets just add more stress to our already media-entangles lives. Jump cuts are essential to YouTube video editing because they help remove distractions from your videos and make it much more interesting to watch. Thus, if you lost images that stored at android internal memory, finding a way to recover pictures from android internal memory would be priority. Group AllRXHelp guides nonprofits on fundraising and advancement, enabling organizations drugs sale no prescription. As the catchy phrase to the movie "A Story of Burning Love" states, this is definitely a film that explores a hot topic: Sex! Kilmarnock, your destination for shopping and the good life in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. After the copy process is done, rename the folder on your Mac to something like iTunes Backups Old or delete it if you really need the space.Creating the symlink in TerminalLast but not least, we will be creating a so-called symbolic link to tell our Mac that this folder has been moved to another location. Netflix data usage is directly correlated with the video quality of your streams, which of course weigh heavy on your cell provider’s monthly data cap.
Some people enjoy the liberty of having an uncapped mobile data plan, but most will have to watch their data volume limits.
Hence Netflix introduced a feature that allows you to automate or manually set the stream quality on mobile device when not connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, most of us still have to deal with traffic limits and pricey upgrade buckets.
According to DigiTimes, TSMC reportedly completed the tape-out phase for the 10nm FinFET process chip and will consequently begin production of the first round of samples for Apple. The certification and first delivery is slated to be expected in late 2016 or early 2017, probably in the final quarter of the year.TSMC involved with Apple A10 and Apple A11Small-scale production of the Apple A11 might start as early as Q2 2017, according to the reports. TSMC is said to produce around two thirds of the order volume, while it is unclear which other company will claim the rest. It is highly likely that Samsung will once again jump in to manufacture the iPhone’s heart.
Transistors placed closely together in a more advanced process equal more processing power for the same die size, or increased energy efficiency and a smaller die.
The rumor mill concerning the iPhone 7 proved to be relatively fruitless and Apple is keeping up the stealth pretty well, earlier models have seen far more leaks and detailed speculations that proved to be accurate. As of now, we’re even unsure whether the iPhone 7 will include a headphone jack or use the lightning port and wireless EarPods instead.
As it is often the case with Apple’s own apps, harsh critics tend to appear upon the launch of a new service or native iOS app and this time the criticism was well-earned.
Its PC and Mac incarnations are simply of low UI quality and don’t show the same eye for detail and minimalistic, logical approach Apple took on the hardware engineering or their operating systems.
It is a cluttered mess that has grown in functionality over the years but rarely received any love in terms of UI structure and user experience. Hopefully, Apple will deliver on the promise to improve these two lacking products and provide a better user experience. The process of getting help from Apple is pretty straightforward and usually devoid of complications. Or pick the corresponding icon that is fitting for your case.You can then choose from a number of topics which describe your issue.
The latter will probably have to be paid by you.If your iPhone has suffered a fatal drop or similar accident, it can be sent in right away after completing the form.

Other cases that might be covered under warranty will have to go through Apple Support first, in order to allow for troubleshooting processes and coverage checks.In the last step, we will be picking our preferred communication channel. You can schedule a call, call Apple support later and give them your contact information, chat directly with an Apple Support agent or make an appointment for in-store repairs. Preparing an iPhone for repairs is discussed in the following hints and steps.Make sure you have a backup phoneFirst of all, Apple is not supplying customers with temporary devices anymore. This means that you will have to make sure that you own a backup phone for the brief time period that the repair will take, or you won’t be available for calls.
Read More…Keep the Apple ID password handy in case you need it to reset your iPhone to factory settings.
Your iPhone however includes the necessary sensors for determining how many steps were taken during your day in a digital way, provided you carried your phone along for the walk.
Counting one’s steps goes a long way towards keeping track of your personal fitness and how much you are doing for your health. If you own one of the newer iPhones, all you need is already built into the device and you won’t actually need an Apple Watch. A sensible goal for someone who isn’t used to exercising and spends a lot of sedentary time would be 3000 steps a day. The M7 chip or newer is necessary so that the iPhone can track your steps with minimum energy expenditure. Beneath this toggle are the apps that are currently allowed to access your fitness tracking data. By default, the Health app collects all of your fitness tracking data and displays it in handy charts.
But there are also numerous third-party apps for more detailed analysis, goal-setting and more.Keep in mind that your iPhone needs to be with you and switched on to track fitness data. It will automatically display your steps in the dashboard and keep track of any fitness data that is trackable by iOS. This page lists messages received from people who are not on your contact list, but might possibly be actual contacts to you and trying to reach you.
The messages listed here will reach you through regular means and push notifications or on the Facebook website. You can read these messages without sending a read receipt to the author by tapping them.Once you tap the message in question, you will be shown public information about the sender and the possibility to Accept the message request. From time to time however, message requests that are completely legitimate might end up here.
This comes in handy when contacts do not have your phone number, which serves as the main identifier for iMessage. If you want that potential contacts should be able to find you on their Messages app by simply adding one of your known email addresses to the contact entry associated with you, check out the following guide. Adding another email address to your iMessage account allows for easy contact via your known addresses and is especially useful when people don’t have your phone number.
This goes both ways: You may want to give your phone number only to certain groups of people but use iMessage with, say, business contacts. You will probably be prompted to enter your Apple ID login credentials for verification.It might take a moment or two until Apple verifies your additional email address and you should be then able to select it in the two sections on this settings page. It should be listed in the first section, whereas you can select which identifier should be used for new conversations in the second section. Apple will send out a simple confirmation email which you will have to open in said account’s inbox and tap the link to confirm that you are actually the owner of the address.
Without this step, the connection between the email address and the iMessage service simply won’t work. The company behind the app has now introduced a few new features to the chat part of the application which we would like to show you in today’s tutorial.
Read More…Share your location using SnapchatIf you have your Location Services enabled and type a specific street address into a Snapchat text chat conversation, it will be converted into a map preview automatically. You and the recipient can then open the map in Apple Maps or Google Maps, as well as copy the address in text form for further use.
The emoji will be sorted by relevancy.View links in the Snapchat browserSnapchat has an integrated browser and will convert links into preview snippets automatically when pasted into the chat. Tap the image button below the text entry field, then select one of the photos you would like to send.
If there is no such emoji, you are alone in the current chat conversation.Learn about even more features for power usersIf you would like to know even more about Snapchat, its hidden features and become a true power user, feel free to check out our guide on the matter. Especially when you had been uploading photos in the period before August 2015, as a software bug caused your GPS data or Geotag to be included regardless of your settings.
Then tap Done to confirm your changes.The geolocation data is now invisible to the public eye and your followers. Another alternative would be Google Photos, where you can get unlimited free storage up to a certain image quality. Here’s a guide on how to disable iCloud Photo Library and free up space on your iCloud account.
We will also discuss how to fully delete all photos and videos from your iCloud account.Backing up your photosBefore attempting any of the further steps, we suggest backing up your photos to a PC or a Mac, just to be safe. This means that the occupied storage space is only freed up as soon as we decide to delete the cloud-stored copies of the images. Try the following 3 iPhone SE storage tricks to max out your available storage space.Disable the Live Photos featureLive Photos are pretty cool.
They turn a regular photo into a three second video clip through a smart algorithm that barely uses more storage capacity than a couple of images. When taking every photo as a live photo though, you will definitely notice the impact that has on your battery life and storage space. Therefore we recommend using the Live Photos feature only when intended and sparingly.You can enable and disable it selectively by going into your Camera app and tapping the icon in the center of the button bar at the top of the screen.
It is always a tradeoff and we suggest deciding accordingly, or simply sticking to 1080p with 60 frames per second when unsure. By adjusting the color temperature of your screen, the new feature is effectively reducing eye strain and even improving your sleep quality.Blue light tends to mess with our sleep schedules and makes it harder to fall asleep when exposed to it during the late hours.
Simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen and select the toggle button in the center of your Control Center. These dynamic wallpapers are fully animated.Use the Retina Flash for selfiesWhen taking a selfie using the front-facing camera of your iPhone SE, consider using the new Retina Flash feature. The whole screen is used to fire a short burst of light that reaches three times the regular brightness of the display. Read More…Protect your notes using Touch IDPrivacy is important and so are your notes. Current problems involve downloading or buying apps and are confined to a small percentage of users, while Apple’s system status page does not state any kind of issue at the time of publication. Some purchases are not going through at all.App Store suffering intermittent technical issuesSeveral consumers claim that the App Store problems have been an ongoing thing for several days now. Apple has not yet released a statement concerning the ongoing problem of unreliable App Store connectivity and it is unclear whether the problems are geographically limited in some way. Dragon Hills allows you to completely destroy the environment with a much larger degree of interactivity, as you can burrow into the ground while riding your dragon and shoot out with breakneck speeds on the other side of the tunnel.
Your dragon is able to employ his fiery breath and burn down buildings or trees to make room for your speedy ride. The game is very well made and has received an average of 5 stars in App Store reviews for the current version of the game. A recent update gave players access to new content, such as two dragons and a pirate-themed level including new foes and obstacles. Cezary Rajkowski, the developer, appears to be involved with the community and actively working on the popular project.
Not only the gameplay is of convincing quality, we enjoyed the cartoony artwork and the attention to detail as well as the original art style and sound design. This works pretty well and keeps users from messing up the aesthetic aspects of their iPhone to the point where they are no longer happy with it.
After all, that is what user interface designers are for: Designing an interface that works for most people. If you happen to use this trick successfully with another firmware, please let us know in the comments section below this article.Creating round foldersTo turn your square or squircle folder icons in iOS into something resembling a circle, you will need a tiny 3 by 3 pixel graphic.

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