Overwhelming evidence has consistently pointed to Barack Obama being born in Hawaii, and NOT in Kenya. Barack Obama has obliged the Birthers' most incessant request: President Obama, show us your Birth Certificate!
Amazingly, some staunchly-committed birthers admit that the 2008 version of Barack Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate is a forgery.
For the record, Dr Matt is Politically Independent and a strong supporter of the United States Constitution, as it is interpreted according to the Founding Fathers' Original Intent. In the minds of millions of Americans, Donald Trump has managed to reinforce doubt about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii. Obviously his people on the ground in Hawaii, investigating Obama’s birth origins, have really just been digging into old birther blogs. If you pay attention to Donald Trump's hedging language, you will know that Trump is using this issue to get attention — he's pandering to Ultra Conservatives, and stirring up controversy to get free advertising for his Brand. Intelligent and honest observers can finally resolve this thorny issue by taking up the opposite question: Instead of asking the Innocent to prove why they are NOT guilty, put the burden of proof upon the Plaintiffs: What evidence exists that proves Barack Obama was born in Kenya? It's easy enough to cast doubt on Barack Obama's birth in Hawaii, but try proving the opposite thesis: That Barack was born in Kenya. When we look closely into the opposite issue, we discover this question is riddled with even greater doubt, filled with contrived lies and forgeries, and saturated with logistical quandaries that defy evidence. What are the chances that all these details would be exactly the same on a Kenyan document compared to an Australian document? The Forged Document is dated 17 February 1964 (above, left) and is issued by the Republic of Kenya, as shown below. According to Snopes, Kenya did not adopt the name, Republic of Kenya, until 12 December 1964. The Fake Document also indicates the wrong age for Barack Obama, Sr., who was born in 1936. On 1 July 1895, Mombasa became part of Britain's protectorate, with the coastal city being nominally under the sovereignty of Zanzibar. Mombasa was part of the state of Zanzibar but under British rule until 12 December 1963 when it ceded into the independent state of Kenya.
Even though the 2008 Photoshopped-Forgery was easily exposed as bogus, still millions of Americans were willing to believe this lie because it fit their political bias.
5) The Birth Certificate states that the Coast Province General Hospital was located in the British Protectorate of Kenya. 7) Using the email address that is stamped on the New and Improved Kenyan Birth Certificate, Jim Byrne sent an email to Dr Maganga.
If the couple were in Kenya at the time of Barack, II's birth, the most likely place for them to visit was Barack Sr's hometown — and not Mombasa. This 1959 Map of Pan American Flights confirms that a realistic route from Honolulu to Nairobi involves booking connecting flights. According to information at Pan American World Airways, the first regular jet service between New York and Paris began in October 1958. On the 26th of October 1958, the first Pan American flight from New York to Paris cost $489.60 per ticket (Scroll down to 1958). Remember, this cost scenario is an underestimate — it completely discounts the cost to travel 2,558 miles from Honolulu to Los Angeles, and another 2558 miles back. What are the chances that a poor college student could even come up with the equivalent of $13,000.00 dollars, let alone want to spend $13,000.00 just to drag his 8-month pregnant wife half way around the world to attend a Muslim Festival in Mombasa, and eventually have a baby delivered in a primitive third-world medical facility? But throwing all logic to the wind, and assuming that Barack Sr & Ann actually did fly into Nairobi Embakasi Airport, again, why would the expectant couple proceed to travel east 300 miles to Mombasa, instead of traveling west 250 miles to Barack Obama Sr's' hometown of Nyang'oma in Nyanza Province?
But then again, you know how ladies in their 8th month of pregnancy just love to attend a good Muslim Festival on a hot August day in Africa . So, let's assume that Barack Obama, Sr and Ann traveled to the the small village where Barack Sr. Adding the travel time from Nyang'oma to Kisumu, plus a couple of hours more to account for BAD road conditions in 1961, a couple would spend most of a day traveling to Nairobi. But in the end, convincing evidence that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, is also very simple evidence: Here's an announcement of Barack's birth published in the Sunday edition of the Honolulu Advertiser, August 13, 1961. Birthers erroneously reason that merely raising the possibility that Barack Obama's grandparents could have planted the newspaper announcement is evidence enough — when in reality, it's NOT evidence at all. PolitiFact has vetted the allegation that Obama spent $2 Million to hide details about his birth, and found it to be False. Now for more smoke and mirrors, in leau of evidence, here is the supposed Source for the existence of Sir Edward F.
The deluge of Forwarded Propaganda that intrudes upon email boxes everywhere, is notorious for simply asserting a false message; the author of the propaganda is usually unidentified, and the message has no references that link to verifiable evidence.
Here's the story that Birthers expect us to believe: Just days before her due date, Stanley Ann Dunham accompanied by Granny Sarah Onyango and Barack Obama, Sr.

Here's the problem with this account: Granny Sarah Onyango does not speak English, her native tongue is Swahili. There is alleged testimony from a Mombasa science teacher that Obama's birth certificate from Mombasa is genuine. With an abundance of excellent fact-checking websites available, there is no excuse for anyone to forward fraudulent information — make that . Here is the rest of the Interview between Granny Sarah Obama and Bishop Ron McRae of the Anabaptist Churches of North America. To double-check the accuracy of the preceding exchange, here's the audio recording of the entire telephone interview.
So what was Donald Trump thinking when he echoed the baseless birther claim that Granny Sarah Obama said that Barack was born in Kenya?
For persons born between December 24, 1952 and November 14, 1986 (as was Barack Obama, II), a person born outside the United States is still a U.S. The conspiracy theory would have us believe that when Ann Dunham was in the latter stages of pregnancy, Barack and Anna hop a Jet to Kenya to visit Barack Sr's old stomping grounds — or was it primarily to participate in the Muslim Festival in Mombasa? Now, if you believe that story, then I've got some beach front property in North Dakota I want to sell you. Gerald Harrison: The 14th was enacted to right the wrongs due to SLAVERY not establishing natural born citizenship. Gerald Harrison: A natural born citizen as defined within the context of the Constitution is that BOTH PARENTS must be U.S BORN citizens in order for themselves or their offspring to be eligible for the Presidency! Dr Matt: So which part of the United States Constitution establishes that both parents must be U.S born citizens for their offspring to be eligible for the Presidency? The Article written by the unidentified author cites only one reference as authority for being binding United States Law: Title 8, 1401.
In response to reading my personal message, Gerald deleted all his public facebook posts on this Natural Born Citizen issue. It's a common and curious human occurrence when people get so consumed with pushing a political agenda, that they are willing to intentionally lie. But a second Kenyan Birth Certificate has also appeared; a document allegedly retrieved from the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya by Lucas Daniel Smith on February 19, 2009.
I disagree with President Barack Obama on most political issues: I'm NOT a Barack Obama Fan, instead I'm a Fan of the Facts! This document is based upon a real birth certificate issued to David Jeffrey Bomford, born in South Australia in 1959. A year after Kenya gained its independence from Britain, the Dominion of Kenya became the Republic of Kenya. But intelligent and honest observers will be skeptical of Internet articles and emails written by unidentified authors and provide no verifiable evidence.
1963, Mombasa was part of the British East African Protectorate, as such dates would be recorded in a British format of Day, Month, and Year.
If this Kenyan birth certificate were genuine, Barack Sr would have reported his birth date at the same time Ann Dunham declared hers. On the day Barack Hussein Obama, II was born, August 4, 1961, Mombasa was not yet part of Kenya; again, Mombasa become a part of Kenya two years after Barack's birth. They could not have flown directly to Mombasa from Hawaii back in 1961, because an International Airport at Mombasa was not established until 1979.
The 1969 Map of Flight Routes shows that Pan American World Airways had no flights into Nairobi, Kenya of any of the adjoining countries on the African East Coast.
Depending upon the model of the jet, a refueling stop at Gander Bay Canada may, or may not, have been necessary.
From this lively online discussion, I learned that the cost of air travel in the early 60's was prohibitive for the average person, and that boat travel was more commonly used for intercontinental travel because it was more affordable. This cost estimate assumes a FREE 5,000 miles round-trip canoe ride between Hawaii and L.A. If the couple were in Kenya at the time of Barack II's birth, the most likely place for them to visit was Barack Sr's hometown — and not Mombasa. And instead of checking into a hotel to rest for another day's journey to Mombasa, why not just check into a Hospital and save yourself 300 more miles of jolting up and down on pot-holed roads.
This is not the Long Form Birth Certificate that Obama released in April 2011; this Birth Certificate can be used for identification in obtaining a passport and was made available available to public perusal back in 2008. But where is the evidence that Barack Obama has spent two 2 million trying to hide details about his birth?
She's supposedly attending a Muslim Festival on a very hot day, thousands of miles from her Hawaii home.
Getting the birth certificate from a "Kenyan Colonel" also adds some credibility, right? If Barack Obama was NOT born in Hawaii, then why were his parents in Hawaii, in the first place.

If the American people knew their Constitution, we wouldn't have this conversation because Obama would have never been elected. Which means either Obama has to be the oldest living President at over 200 years old or both parents have to be U.S. The un-attributed Article gives the appearance of legitimacy, but later (after actually reading Title 8, 1401), we find that the citation is a bluff. Code Title 8, 1401 So exactly where in Title 8, 1401 do we find the "both parents" clause?
Based upon his avoidance behavior, Gerald must have known previously, or at least discovered for the first time, that there is absolutely NO MENTION of Natural Born Citizen or Two Parents Requirement or a Both Parents Clause in U.S. As expected the most hardened birthers have squirmed and rationalized around this evidence.
Some Birthers want to believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya simply because the claim fits their political preference — but this careless claim is starved of verifiable evidence.
I'm still waiting for one shred of solid evidence, let alone multiple facts that combine to support a Kenyan birth for Obama.
This article is NOT about picking on a particular political group, it is about finding verifiable facts and believing those FACTS, regardless of whose political agenda is supported or disproved. Lucas Daniel Smith, being an American, wrote the dates of his forgery according to an American format of Month, Day, and Year. Again, Lucas Daniel Smith made the mistake of writing the dates in his 2009 forgery according to an American date format: Month, Day, and Year. This means that a direct flight from Honolulu to Nairobi was impossible, and that refueling stops would be necessary. By 1962, the next generation Boeing 707, model 321B, had a range of 4600 miles — at which point fueling stops at Gander Bay started to diminish as airlines upgraded their fleets. Because I couldn't accurately document the cost of a flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles in 1961 — I estimated the cost at ZERO. I'm still researching whether commercial flights were available from Kisumu to Mombasa in 1961?
And on a hot day in August, 1961, we are to believe that Ann Dunham wants to go swimming in the Indian ocean about 5:30 pm. Remember, it wasn't until 18 years after Barack Obama's birth, in 1979, that an International Airport was built in Mombasa.
Such Nationality Laws and are in compliance with Section 1 Article 2 of the United States Constitution. When a woman is pregnant, especially with her very first pregnancy, priority is focused upon preparing for the birth — and not vacations in Kenya.
Such dishonest rationalizing is employed by some on the Far Right through the Birther Issue. Barack Obama was 47 years old when he was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. Ang'awa, the attending Doctor named on the 2009 birth certificate, never worked at any hospitals in Mombasa. This means a trip from Honolulu to Nairobi would involve coordinating flights from at least two separate airlines.
Is that normal behavior for a pregnant woman just days before their due date: I'm craving a Muslim Festival? After Stanley Ann graduated from the Mercer Island High School in the Seattle Washington, the Dunham Family moved to Hawaii, where she enrolled in the University of Hawaii at Manoa. And there, of all places, Stanley Ann Dunham goes into contractions; she is rushed to the Coastal Province Hospital in Mombasa where Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Gerald tried to destroy the evidence that revealed he was either mistaken or intentionally telling lies. Since the 2008 version of Barack's Kenyan Birth Certificate has been clearly been exposed as counterfeit, committed birthers yearned for a way to support their continuing conspiracy. Unfortunately prejudice and laziness continue to be bad reasons why some people forward false information. Clearly, Barack Obama II has only one citizen parent, thus he is not eligible to be President of the United States.
If you peruse a map of Kenya, you will see that traveling from Nyang'oma to Mombasa, a person will pass through Nairobi, the Capital of Kenya. Forwarded emails written by Anonymous Authors are Red Flags signaling unreliable information. Because the 14th Amendment never intended to grant citizenship to children of two non-citizen parents.

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