Proper Mustang maintenance and regular oil changes are the key to enjoying your car long term. Once you get underneath the car (be sure to have your wrench and drain pan) you need to locate the drain plug.
As per EPA regulations you just can’t pour old oil into a storm drain, and unless you want to have the oil laying around in your backyard for years, the best thing to do is to recycle it. After getting hefty quotes(one quoted $950) from my stealers and browsing thru and reading good articles from my fellow 6speeders i have decided to do this oil change (in fact i did most of 20K service) myself. Other stuff like Ramps, Chokes, Torque Wrench, 8mm bit, oil catcher, oil filter wrench etc are more of one time cost(investment) for next oil change($135). Of the maintenance items you’ll run into, changing your Changing the oil is really a simple process, even for a beginner. It should be the big bolt all by itself if you look at the bottom of the engine (the oil pan).

Check underneath around the drain plug and oil filter for any leaks and tighten them if necessary.
Picked up rhino ramps in below, they are so strong and solid, good investment for future oil changes. If your car is equipped with an oil pressure gauge check to make sure the oil pressure isn’t too high or low. To change the transmission fluid on a Honda Civic, you will need a good rug, a drip pan, 10 quarts of transmission fluid, a funnel and a ratchet wrench..Why Pay For Shipping When You Can Get It For Free? It you are having trouble gripping the oil filter or if it is too tight, use the oil filter wrench. AmericanMuscle is very proud to offer Free Standard Shipping on everything and Same Day Shipping on most parts if you order by 5PM EST on a business day.. The oil will now start to pour out of the oil pan so make sure you have your drain pan in the right spot.

The wrench will fit around the filter and the tighter you pull to the left, the tighter the grip of the wrench.
Once you unscrew the filter try taking it off with the open part facing up because you don’t want oil all over the place. Search, Browse and Discover the best how to videos across the web using the largest how to video index .

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