It’s not that I’m paranoid, but I am worried that my roommate might have figured out my Facebook password and I want to change it ASAP. Another strategy you can use is to replace vowels with digits, so the above might have the ‘i’ replaced with a ‘1’, becoming “mg1hhh!”.
Email purporting to be from Facebook claims that your password has been reset due to suspicious activity and you must click a link to 'restore the password'. Your Facebook password was been reset on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 11:48AM (UTC) due to suspicious activity of your account. To restore the password complete this form, please, your request will be considered within 24 hours. According to this email, which appears to come from Facebook, your password was reset due to suspicious activity. The message claims that you should click a link to fill in a form so that the password can be restored. The email features the Facebook name logo along with the social network's familiar blue and white colour scheme. However, the email is not from Facebook and the claim that your password has been reset is untrue. If you click the link as instructed, you will be taken to a compromised website that contains the malware.
The download file will conduct a test to see if you are using a targeted browser and operating system. If this email comes your way, do not click any links or open any attachments that it contains. Hoax-Slayer debunks email and social media hoaxes, thwarts Internet scammers, combats spam, and educates web users about email, social media, and Internet security issues. It's always advisable to keep changing your Facebook password and maintain required Facebook Security on timely basis.
How to Change Password of Your Facebook Account – Here we have some pictures to teach you about Changing Password of your Facebook Email Id. If you want that nobody can access your account then you will have to change your Facebook password from time to time. First you have to log in your account then click “Star” button in the top right of Facebook home page a drop down menu will be open then select setting option.

After this first you have to type your current (old) password once then type your a new one twice and select “save changes”.
Now the process of changing settings has completed and also your login details have been updated. By following above steps you can change your Facebook account password again and again in order to stop accessing your account from unknown device.
Option 1: Reset your password by identifying your account by entering either Email, phone, or Facebook Username. Option 3: If you can’t recover your password using either Option 1 or 2, the only option available is to fill a Facebook Form and contact their support team.
Details that you would need to provide: The method you used to try and recover the password, Your Full Name, Date of Birth, Email address listed in the account, Mobile, Facebook URL with username if applicable, any other email addresses linked to the account, a description of your profile photo, and any other information that would help Facebook to identify your account.
Facebook perform match between your app_id and your next parameter, Facebook also sends the access token via GET request to the owner application after the user allowed it,Now that we know how Facebook OAuth works, Lets talk about my finding, I started to think of my options, what if i can redirect the application OAuth Request to a different 'NEXT' URL??
Works also on 2 step verification accounts, When it came to access_token , 2 Step verification will fail. How I Hacked Facebook OAuth To Get Full Permission On Any Facebook Account from Nir on Vimeo.
In fact, it’s a good practice to change your passwords with regularity and, heck, I know that if I’m getting lazy I can end up with the same password for all of my dozens of different accounts, which is about as bad as security can be because if one is compromised, then they all are. The link in the message opens a website that contains malware that can join your computer to the Asprox botnet. The message includes information about the operating system and browser used for the 'suspicious activity' along with an 'estimated location'.
Also having a strong password will keep your Facebook or any other web account secure and safe. So if you want to know how to change login words of your account you have to follow below steps. Now on this note you will have to select “Log me out of other Device” and then click submit. We will take you through the options that you have to change the password and get your account back. The only difference if you can track your account with your full name and any of your friend’s names.

Many users tend to goofup with name field and want to change display name of their Facebook account.
Ensure that you select phone number, if you want to reset password by SMS or by calling a phone number. Thankfully, Facebook does have option to change the display name.Change display name of Facebook account1. Like you can display nickname or maiden name for easier dicovery by friend who know you by nickname instead of full name.3. It will take upto 24hrs (or 48hrs) for new name details to appear in your Facebook account.
Facebook requires you enter your real name, which I agree with, but you are now also stuck with displaying your full real name. I can see that i am not the only one that has tried to do this and i can’t believe that there is no soultion to this problem. Why does facebook allow you to create a username if you can’t use it for this purpose.
ReplyJue says: February 25, 2011 at 5:55 amwhy facebook rejected my request to change my display name???
ReplyJaved says: June 29, 2011 at 5:22 amI want to change my name in facebook id but I received a mail from facebook server that your name will not change ? Replykelly johana says: August 19, 2011 at 2:41 pmcomo puedo cambiar mi nombre si asi aya llegado a el limitehow I can change my name if you reached the limit ?
Replyemon khan says: June 9, 2012 at 11:43 pmwhy facebook rejected my request to change my display name??? The name fields no not appear as FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME & LAST NAME to change my name.

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