Outlook 2013 is a very helpful program for managing email, because it stays connected to your email account and automatically downloads messages as they arrive to your account. But if something happens, such as an attempted hacking attempt on your account, then your email provider may prompt you to change your password. This tutorial will help you change the password for the email account that you have set up in Outlook 2013.
Step 3: Click Account Settings at the center of the window, then click Account Settings again. Step 4: Select your email account from the list at the center of the window, then click the Change button.
Step 5: Click inside the Password field, delete the old email password, then enter the new password.
Surely, a password can be set to protect Outlook data file (*.pst) from unintentional access by other people who can login in your computer.
Outlook Password Genius is a professional password recovery program that everyone could use to recover Outlook 2016 PST file password and get technical support in time from designer. If you havena€™t been concerned about where data file is located, find outlook data file location first.

In Outlook Password Genius Type of attack drop-down list, you can see four password recovery types.
At this moment, copy password on new dialog, and you can open and decrypt encrypted outlook pst file. After opening Outlook 2016 and data file, follow the steps to change Outlook 2016 PST file password.
Step 3: Double click the data file you want to change its password, and a new dialog appears, where you can copy data file location, change data file password.
So you can simply leave it open on your computer and be notified when a new message arrives. After changing your password with your provider, however, Outlook will not be able to download your messages until you also update that password in Outlook. However, the email password must first have been changed with your email hosting provider before you can update it in Outlook.
If one of these tests results in an error, then you may have entered the password incorrectly. Learn how to increase the send and receive frequency in Outlook 2013 so that the program downloads new emails more frequently.

Get Outlook Password Genius trial version to free recover Outlook 2016 file password no more than 3 characters. Outlook Password Genius full version has to be charged for effective Outlook 2016 password recovery. Try best to find password that can open imported PST file according to password recovery type you configure above. Reset and verify new password for this data file and click OK twice to make sure data file password change. Outlook uses the password that you have entered into the program to connect to the email account.
If there is one password that could open PST file, the password would pop up in new dialog and Outlook Password Genius stop working to recover outlook PST file password. So while the method below allows you to update your email password in Outlook, it must first have been changed with your email provider before it can be changed in Outlook.

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