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Millwall goalkeeper David Forde is confident that the club can change their fortunes around, after losing their Sky Bet Championship clash with Brentford on the weekend. The LionsA were 2-0 down before fighting back to 2-2, but then Danny Shittu deflected Andre Gray’s cross into the back of his own goal making it 3-2 to the Bees. Millwall have been in poor form of late, only picking up one point in there last three games and Forde says the Lions fighting spirit will help them pick up points.
Ian Holloway’s men currently lie in 18th position in the Sky Bet Championship table, after accumulating 18 points from 17 league games.
Millwall face a London derby against Bob Peeters’ Charlton Athletic side next Saturday.
DSWF urgently needs funds to help save critically endangered mammals in the wild, and their habitats. All content is © 2016 the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, or the respective copyright holders where marked.
The United Nations is calling on world leaders to take action on the environment following the release of a sweeping report that suggests climate change is happening — and it could have dire effects on future generations.
The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change presented in Denmark on Sunday is the final volume of a comprehensive climate assessment, which said climate change is almost entirely influenced by human activity. The David Suzuki Foundation says Canadians must respond quickly to ensure that clean energy becomes a national priority in order to prevent the most serious effects of climate change.

Foundation science and policy manager Ian Bruce says the future will be determined by the choices made now to shrink carbon pollution and co-operate with world leaders in prioritizing clean energy. The UN report findings show that while it is still possible to avoid the worst risks, the window of opportunity is closing. Bruce notes that climate change solutions offer numerous job creation and innovation opportunities for Canada, but only if Canada works with international leaders to share knowledge and prioritize clean-energy solutions.
Enough of OUR money wasted on David Suzuki…do they not realize how many world class scientists much younger than he is know the real truth.
As a student of history, I must admit to being even more concerned about the memorial itself than I am about the Freedom Tower.
In a similar way, a portion of the last chapter of Watching the World Change describes the early struggle, in 2001, to plan the construction of a much less ambitious but singularly important memorial: one intended to honor the memory and valor of the September 11 firefighters.
Ivan Schwartz was the director of the Brooklyn design studio hired to begin work on an ill-fated statue a€“ originally conceived to be based on the famous photograph by Thomas Franklin showing three firemen raising the American flag at Ground Zero.
As noted on page 314 of Watching the World Change: a€?Schwartz says he warned about the consequences of erecting too literal a memorial. With this in mind, I recommend a look at six books that might help guide those who are thinking about the eventual World Trade Center Memorial.
It is a companion to the popular Flags of Our Fathers a€“ a truly rewarding read (made into a truly mediocre film) about how our public desire to memorialize ended up compromising the lives of the three surviving Iwo Jima flag-raisers.
Another vital book is Wall: A Day at the Vietnam Veterana€™s Memorial, now out of print, a photo-driven volume from my longtime journalistic cohort Peter Meyer, which grew out a story from the pages of Life magazine. There's another book by Nicolaus Mills on the WWII Memorial [Their Last Battle: The Fight for a National World War II Memorial] which details the politics [behind it]. Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. But I believe none of us would continue with life if we didn’t have an optimism for the future. During 2006, WLT was able to raise record funding to support direct conservation in many different countries and it is hugely encouraging to hear, as I do at regular intervals from John Burton (WLT's CEO), about new land that has been saved.

If I want to hear or read about crying and complaining about everything and nothing ever positive then I will go sit in a pub and listen to people who have had to much to drink they make more sense. Or so says yet another expert as he weighs in on the long-delayed construction project that is set to replace the unconscionable, beguiling, perpetual emptiness that inhabits the site where the World Trade Center once stood. Eliot Spitzer has now decided to back [the latest plan for the Freedom Tower], the fact is that with a little time it is still possible to rethink the tower and make it both secure and welcoming without setting back the overall ground zero construction schedule. I recognize the pivotal role that such a hallowed space (meant for reflection and mourning, for commemoration, for education) will play in determining how future generations understand the impact and meaning of the attacks and their aftermath.
Members of the public a€“ and of engine and ladder companies across the city a€“ called the monument an example of a€?political correctness run amok.a€? A petition drive conscripted many of the FDNYa€™s rank and file, who clamored for the project to be quashed. The first is Hal Buella€™s new work, Uncommon Valor, Common Virtue, which explores the enduring effect of the Iwo Jima image (shot by AP photographer Joe Rosenthal in the waning days of World War II).
And then, this Memorial Day, National Geographic Press will publish Where Valor Rests: Arlington National Cemetery, by Rick Atkinson and Rich Clarkson a€“ a moving, glossy keepsake (if I can judge by having looked through the galleys before they went on press).
Even today, people from the various "Save the Mall" coalitions come up to me at book signings and tell me how much they hate the WWII Memorial. Brown (with an introduction by Robert Dole), which visually surveys our newest Washington monument. Five and a half years after terrorists obliterated the World Trade Center, there is still nothing resembling an even begrudging consensus about what should rise in its place. Perhaps they [should have] slow[ed] down the project and arrive[d] at a more cautious consensus. This impulse of eleventh-hour reassessment, coming on the heels of years of civic stasis, not only embalms the would-be building, it also impedes the creation of the World Trade Center Memorial that will some day honor the memories of the nearly 3,000 who died that day, and the many who continue to suffer (and, due to ailments among those who helped in the recovery effort, continue to perish) in the long shadow of September 11.

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