First, a nonprofit that operates an unrelated business venture, say a coffee shop that does not employ disadvantaged workers, is not an SE. Secondly, with rare exceptions, consultants and lawyers are not SEs, since they do not directly address social needs or employ disadvantaged people, apart from providing services to organizations that do so. Thirdly, forprofit companies whose products or operations broadly benefit the environment are not SEs, but rather they are environmentally-sensitive companies. Finally, no matter how entrepreneurial it is in obtaining labor, funding and supplies, a nonprofit or a program is not an SE if it doesn’t charge for its products and services, such as a soup kitchen.
Meet the Blog’s HostRolfe Larson provides consulting and training in areas such as strategic planning, market research, feasibility analysis, business planning, marketing and implementation strategies. As much as world change may be about politics or economics, at its heart it is a creative proposition. These two great organizations and others – including Ketchum– are developing an online ‘library’ of case studies to serve as a repository of effective public education campaigns addressing pro-social issues, as well as a brief “how-to” guide for organizations planning to create or needing to elicit support for initiating such efforts. Over time, we hope to catalyze an active global community of social change agents, enhancing the website with live events, compelling content and original research and analysis. The site will be in active development from late 2012 through mid-2013, with a focus on adding content and involving as many interested parties as possible. Share content.  We’re looking for good examples of any pro-social campaign that is non-commercial, non-political and that does not advocate for any particular legislation. Tell us what you know.  Please share experience, knowledge and ideas for developing the site further. Spread the word.  Help us engage your employees and partners through your internal and external channels. As a Senior Partner, CEO of Ketchum’s European operations and Chairman of the London office, David Gallagher brings more than 20 years of public relations experience, both as a client and as a senior agency adviser, to some of the world’s leading brands and companies. Once upon a time, you might have known a small handful of people who were afflicted with the gift of gab. As Seen In… PRSA Measurement and evaluation have become pressing issues for the PR profession. Welcome to Ketchum's blog portal, where we capture the opinions and insights of our employees on a variety of communications topics. Social entrepreneurship is the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems. A powerful example of encouraging social entrepreneurship for change is the annual Rolex Awards.
Business entrepreneurs typically measure performance in profit and return, but social entrepreneurs also take into account a positive return to society. Social entrepreneurship practiced in a world or international context is called international social entrepreneurship, and sometimes also Corporate social entrepreneurship. There are more and more ways of finding resources to start your ideas and turn pioneering ideas into reality. Although the terms are relatively new, social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship can be found throughout history. Youth social entrepreneurship is an increasingly common approach to engaging youth voice in solving social problems.
In the British context, social enterprises include community enterprises, credit unions, trading arms of charities, employee-owned businesses, co-operatives, development trusts, housing associations, social firms, and leisure trusts. Enterprise orientation: They are directly involved in producing goods or providing services to a market. Social Aims: They have explicit social aims such as job creation, training or the provision of local services.
The Social Enterprise Awards is the UK’s national award for social enterprise, recognising both individuals and organisations in the social enterprise movement. The Asia Social Innovation Award is the first Asia-wide annual competition that asks for simple ideas that can solve social issues common in Asian cities, such as an aging population, poverty and environmental sustainability.
The Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge is the first and the only inter-collegiate social ventures business competition in Hong Kong. Fast Company has a yearly ranking of the top 15 to 25 noteworthy social enterprises called the Social Capitalist Awards which highlights noteworthy organizations in social innovation (2004 to 2010). In addition, several organizations offer fellowships like Ashoka, Acumen Fund, and Echoing Green, all three of which are quite competitive.

A business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose.
Can YOU share any social entrepreneurship ideas or examples which could help others locally or globally?
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Hospice: providing for those who have cancer and their families, also a big part of New Zealand culture with many people donating not just money but also clothes and other useful items. Oasis: Brief bit on George Willdridge and the setting up of the Oasis centre for Problem Gamblers. Second paragraph topic sentence: Quadrant Two is known as the Tipping Point and is made up of businesses that need make a profit as well as carry out their social mission. Biovittoria: New Zealand company that has created self-sufficient and sustaining communities of workers in China. Jaime Lerner and Curitiba: similar sort of thing, creating a win-win successful community. Paragraphs three and four followed the same format, so I won’t post them as you should have the idea by now! Quadrant One helps those both here and overseas who cannot help themselves which strengthens the overall economy. Quadrant Four helps the economy because the big successful corporations are giving back to the future of New Zealand through school programs and funding and by aiming to preserve New Zealand’s clean green image. Quadrant Two is the ultimate goal and the effects on the economies of Guangxi and Curitiba are incredible and if there was something like that in New Zealand the economy would be greatly improved.
Also check out some of the links I’ve put throughout the plan; social entrepreneurship is a really cool thing!
If you are a person who believes that everything cannot be left for the government to resolve, welcome to the club of budding social entrepreneurs in India.
Imagine the kind of blessings you will receive from people living on the streets, if you construct a series of hygienic public toilets services. Doing market surveys on the internet and sitting in the comfort of your air conditioner won’t help you in knowing what your country and its people are all about. As a social entrepreneur, you will need to put in double the hard work and commitment as compared to any other profit seeking entrepreneur. These organizations are an important part of the social enterprise eco-system, and often work closely with social enterprises, but they are more appropriately classified as SE service providers. We’re using the working title “Creative For Good” as we want to capture the most innovative and engaging thinkers in the marketing services industry, but the actual site’s name may change before its debut. An always-inspirational event, this year’s presentations, speakers and content were particularly motivating as a more global pool of voices shared their passionate perspectives on topics ranging from female entrepreneurship to the portrayal of women on advertisements. Whether this is due increasing client demand or internal motivation, demonstrating tangible value of PR efforts has never been more important. More specifically, social entrepreneurs adopt a mission to create and sustain social value. For more than 35 years Rolex has honoured extraordinary individuals who possess the courage and conviction to take on major challenges.
Social entrepreneurship typically furthers broad social, cultural, and environmental goals and is commonly associated with the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors.
Youth organizations and programs promote these efforts through a variety of incentives to young people.
They have ethical values including a commitment to local capacity building, and they are accountable to their members and the wider community for their social environmental and economic impact. Profits are distributed as profit sharing to stakeholders or used for the benefit of the community. These are run by Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) in partnership with social enterprise organisations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Still other organizations offer accelerator and mentorship programs like the Unreasonable Institute. While some commentators argue that it has been around in practice for at least a century or more, for example the ‘Gung Ho’ response to Japan’s blockading of China’s industry during the late 1930’s, it is a largely misunderstood way of doing business. Who wants to take the risk of investing monies that are not only expected to yield profits, but also advance a social cause?

If you have qualities of making the best of the efficiency of the private sector and the powers and influences of government agencies, set up a community venture of your own.
Or for that matter, develop a system though which there are lesser cases of stealing electricity from our country. Your social venture will make you travel extensively, make you talk to people, see how and where they live, examine social conditions and deal with beauracratic systems. Social entrepreneurs are at a much higher risk of getting funding for their business or making profits at a consistent rate. Following a triple or quadruple bottom line, in other words helping the outside community, environment, and the organizations’s own employees was not part of his definition. It’s about ideas that are imagined, communicated and delivered in ways that move individuals, communities and whole societies to stop, start or change the way they think and act. Each Rolex Award for Enterprise is given for a new or ongoing project anywhere in the world – one that deserves support for its capacity to improve lives, or protect the world’s natural and cultural heritage.
During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries some of the most successful social entrepreneurs effectively straddled the civic, governmental, and business worlds – promoting ideas that were taken up by mainstream public services in welfare, schools, and health care.
One such program is Young Social Pioneers, which invests in the power and promise of Australia’s young leaders. The Social Enterprise Awards evolved out of the Enterprising Solutions Awards, which were run by SEUK in collaboration with the Office of the Third Sector in the Cabinet Office and the Community Banking branch of the RBS Group.
In recent years, researchers have aimed to cut through the myths and present social entrepreneurship as a viable world changing instrument. Usually set up as charities these organisations rely on government funding or donations to cover their expenses. As Stephen LeFebrve founder of Biovittoria says, the old way of doing business, where you had to screw someone before they screwed you, is changing to one of co-operation and creating win-win situations for all stakeholders.
Are you in the lookout for an angel investor who can support your business plan that aims to alleviate unhygienic sanitation facilities in urban slums? The point is that once your brand garners enough goodwill from the society, you can trade off its benefits anywhere you want to.
But if the venture turns out to be successful, it can be the single most thrilling experience of your life. I have two identities–one as a diversity consultant (I help organizations become more diversity-friendly places to work). That is not to say that Jim was unconcerned about the community and the welfare of his employees. Make sure you also watch the many short 2 minute videos which appear on the menu that follows the short introduction video below. The program, which is an initiative of The Foundation for Young Australians, strengthens, supports and celebrates the role of young people in creating positive change in their communities.
One of the clearest ways of presenting the basic forms of social entrepreneurship is Masseti’s Social Entrepreneurship matrix. The change that Biovittoria has had on the provinces in China where they operate has been amazing. If these are the kind of causes that bring a spark to your eye, then by all means go for social entrepreneurship.
I am also the (unpaid) Executive Director of a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster inclusion in workplaces and communities. Using the two forces that impact the social entrepreneur the most: profit and their mission, the matrix creates four quadrants that define the four most common types of social ventures. I want to be a full-time, paid Executive Director by combining my consulting work and my non-profit work.
This essay will use the Social Entrepreneurship matrix to demonstrate that social entrepreneurship is both important and relevant to the New Zealand economy.

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