Fill out the information requested and tap Sign Up, just make sure you use a different email address than the one you use with your current Snapchat account. When your address book loads, anyone who has a Snapchat username under their name instead of a phone number is using Snapchat, so add whoever you'd like.
Now log back into your old Snapchat account and tap on the Snapchat icon again at the top of the screen.
Alternately you could also blast a message on your social networks letting people know you have a new Snapchat handle. Once that's done, you can change your email address in Settings if you want to revert back to your previous email address. It isn't the most elegant solution but until Snapchat decides to let people change their handle, it's currently the only option. Actor Neil Patrick Harris is the star of Apple's latest TV ad, which shows the actor using the hands-free features of Siri on the iPhone 6s to help him with his "Thank you" speech.

The FCC and FTC have launched a fact-finding mission of sorts to learn more about how carriers and device manufacturers issue security updates to phones, tablets and other mobile devices.
Entered a wrong name, spelling mistake or what ever the reason, you can easily change your pinterest username if you want to.
Unlike other social networking sites like facebook, there is no limit to the number of times you can change your id. Pinterest badge A pinterest social plugin for blogs to show latest pins and follower count.
Obviously does not work in online mode servers only if you reset to your original user name. There isn't a button on Snapchat that takes you to an editor where you can make the change, like there is on Twitter or other services. There would be thousands of people with the same name as yours and getting a user name very similar to your original name is a matter of luck.

The only restriction is that your username should not be less than 3 or more than 15 characters long.
You can skip ones you know you've already added to the new account due to them being in your address book. So make sure you view any new snaps you've received as tou won't have access to them later.
As you type a new user name, pinterest will automatically check and tell you if the name is available.
You'll have to create an all new username, and you'll want to do that before getting rid of your old username.

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