One of the creepiest coolest features of Google Now is the fact that over time it will automatically learn where your place of residence is.
The first way of manually assigning these locations is through the desktop version of Google Maps. It may take a few minutes for Google to refresh the information before it starts showing up in your Google Now card, but now you’ll have your phone telling you when to leave for work based on traffic and how long your drive home is going to take.
I really like google now, and I already put in my work address but it never tells me about my morning commute. You along with the rest of the morons need to turn your web history on within your Google settings. Well idiot I have done that and it still does not bring up scores for my college football teams?
Does anyone get the issue where it fails to gives you notifications, consistently at least? Unable to Change WORK Location on Mobile Latitude on My RAZR I Put My Address But It Shows an Address in another City My Street is Washington St Monterey Ca I Get Washington Circle Marina Ca I tried Several Times.
Unfortunately, Google Now is one of many Google products that doesn’t fully support multiple Google accounts. With a GMail account, an enterprise Apps account, and a small business Apps account, I have to be some sort of target demographic for Google, yet their insistence on only supporting a single account makes this awesome product almost worthless to me.
I don’t have a solution for your entire problem but I do for atleast one of the problems. Baseball scores are great I can’t wait for football to get started so I can can have the football cards.

Supposedly google now is supposed to pull appointments from your calendar and give you travel times to the location. For some reason, mine randomly pops up telling me the traffic to a random location near me.
Google now is a neat feature, however my commute is short enough that it doesn’t give me daily commute times. Captain Jean-Luc Picard: If we can get to the root command, we can introduce an invasive programming sequence through its biochip system, and then return it to the hive. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. You can also use an alternate Google local search engine, set the custom background to white, and some other techniques to remove the Google background if you hate it. Not to insult you Greg but why do you say people who have the same question That they don’t have it either…according to you, Everyone is “Not so bright???
I wanted to change my background image but then when I removed it,it went back to the original google page and I can’t change it anymore!!pls.
When it senses when you are away from there, it will give you directions and a time getting back.
I seem to never get the notification in the morning telling me what time to leave for work, or when I have an event set, etc. If you want google now to show you calendar reminders for your weekend job share your calendar with your personal account. The flight checker was indispensable, always knowing the time at home made contact super easy, and having traffic to the airport was great.

I moved recently and gnow has been thinking I’m on travel and showing me the timezone in my former home.
It should pop up to ask which application you want to use (unless you already set it to default to something). Today, while out at a coffee shop for a meeting, it told me that there was a traffic back up on one route home, so to try a different one. And you know it’s only going to get better seeing as it was pretty much just released. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Do you know how to change the Google background without the “change Google background”? It can be fairly useful once Google Now learns, but waiting for it to teach itself takes long for some.
It really surprised me how well it handled, my hotel, my friends house, and local restaurant cards each day. Luckily, Google has provided a few ways to automatically set these locations for you using Google Maps and Latitude.

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