You can also use an alternate Google local search engine, set the custom background to white, and some other techniques to remove the Google background if you hate it. Not to insult you Greg but why do you say people who have the same question That they don’t have it either…according to you, Everyone is “Not so bright???
I wanted to change my background image but then when I removed it,it went back to the original google page and I can’t change it anymore!!pls. The trend these days is that if you want the answer to something, you don’t ask a grown up, you ask Google. You can upload more than one image and even leave it on random mode so your background will always change as you reload the page. If you’re like most travel planners, you may not have even known that Google Flights was a thing, until the recent updates were rolled out. Travel Pulse spoke to Seth Cassel, co-founder of a marketing company called EveryMundo that helps airlines with their online presence. According to Google, more than half of travelers aren’t sure where they want to go when they start planning their destination. As Huffington Post points out, once you’ve decided on a flight, you can use Google Now to track the price before you book.

Tango-based phones and tablets start emerging this week; here's why Tango will turn your smartphone into a genius phone. Since 2005, I have been thoroughly enjoying my role as a full-time web designer and developer.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Do you know how to change the Google background without the “change Google background”? I’m sure for most of you the Google search page is your start page, especially if your favorite browser is Chrome. With this Custom Google Background extension, you can customize the Google search page background to something of your liking (but only on the Chrome browser). Choose the image you want to use for Google search background from your hardisk or from a URL.
Originally called Google Flight Search, the search tool has been shaking up nerves at other flight search companies for a few years now. He said that while the company was initially worried that Google Flights would cause problems for airlines, he’s since revised that opinion.

When you first go to the Google Flights website, you’re presented with normal search bars, but you can also click on a map to zero in on a region, and see what flights might be in your price range.
Eric Zimmerman, manager of Google Flights, recommends against this practice at Pix11, however. Notice that the background of the Google search page is a blank sheet of nothingness, well, apart from the search bar of course.
After all, travelers don’t book their flights directly through Google, and most searches end up sending the user to the airline to book.
While I was searching for flights to Washington, DC, from my home town, Google Flights let me know that by adding a day on each side of my trip, I could save $185. Ultimately, Google Flights will probably have more of an impact on websites like Expedia and Kayak, which travelers use to search and purchase their tickets. To take advantage of that, all I had to do was click on the tip, not change my dates at all.

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