When it comes to ensuring safety and responsibility on the Internet, proper education and a policy of mutual trust and respect are the best policies. The logical route for today’s concerned, yet lazy, parent is to shell out hundreds of bucks for some off-the-shelf piece of software that they can install on their kid’s computer. The better way to do things is to take a page out of the government’s book and surreptitiously and warrantlessly monitor all Internet traffic that goes out of your house. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to retrieve the web traffic log from an NETGEAR WPN824v2 router and how to block individual websites for selected computers in your house—all without installing a single piece of software on your kid’s computer.
From any computer, access your router’s setup page by typing in its IP address into your browser window. Now, I’m going to hazard a guess and assume that you don’t want to spend your evenings sifting through the log, matching up IP addresses to salacious websites. Blocking sites and services on your router restrict access to certain websites or activity on certain ports.
Click Block Sites under “Content Filtering.” Here, you can enforce restricted websites by entering keywords you want to be blocked. Tip: If you want to block all Internet access, say, after 9 PM, use the Block Services tab and choose HTTP  from the drop down.
Either way, the email will usually show up in your Spam folder, so be sure you filter it correctly.
What I suggest doing, rather than actively blocking sites, is to set yourself up a Gmail filter that scans your logs for certain keywords and then stars them.
With a filter like this, you can get a daily report of your son or daughter’s web activity, as well as a flag each time certain keywords show up. Using NETGEAR’s built-in security tools, you can easily monitor all network traffic going into or coming out of your home. And I want to reiterate that properly educating your kid about safe web browsing activities is the first and most important step to keeping them in the clear on the web.
But if you are ever suspicious that your kid is involved in something way over his or her head, these tools may be able to help you catch it before something disastrous happens. Based in Pittsburgh, Jack Busch is a groovyPost senior editor and professional technical writer.
It goes without saying that this would also work for employees, though I think there are more professional solutions out there. I’m having issues figuring out how to use the email function to email my Gmail account but you seemed to have it working for you in your snapshots. We should be able to help you out there — and the entire community for that matter will lend me hand in troubleshooting your issue. In addition to agreeing with Dave on his points, the adversarial approach with your kids just doesn’t work.
If the kid is looking at porn, as an example, it might be best to have a conversation about what you think is a different healthier way to look at his sexuality rather than spending your days and nights trying to block all potential routes to the internet (because frankly he is probably better at tech than you).
And, there are so many messaging platforms now that there’s no point trying to keep up.
Hi, when I try to log in to my netgear router, ii shows only router login info and blocked site loin info, please could you let me know how to set it up to get the login info of all the websites visited.
I am following the instructions above to be able to view internet traffic on my wireless router (mostly sites visited by my 3 children). I am trying to do everything you say step by step, as it is set out very clearly, though I have no idea what I am doing.
Now looking forward I plan to loosen my control over both their online and offline life however as it stands today, I keep a tight grip on what they are exposed to.

Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Ok on the TV, it is recognizing that there is a wireless network because its showing my home network with a locked icon next to it and i already entered the password XXXXX it will not connect so i i was given instructions by another expert but what he has suggested did not work.
You may have to refresh your network connection on the client (release and renew its IP address) first.
Rebooting the computer should also work for refreshing the routing table, and may be easier if the OP isn't tech-savvy. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged router ip or ask your own question. What is the smallest number of people in a group, so that it is guaranteed that three of them will have their birthday in the same month?
The problem is that a quick Google search reveals a dozen workarounds for even the most expensive parental censoring spy tools. This process is better because it prevents them from using a browser with an Incognito Mode or just clearing the browser history (perhaps the first thing a mischievous tot learns how to do on the computer). If only there were some gateway that stood between your house and the World Wide Web…oh wait, there is.
This is a rock solid way to police web activity because it can’t be circumvented from a computer.
This will save you a lot of time sifting through the logs manually and also prevents your suspects from knowing that your monitoring their activity. The advantage of this is that there isn’t any software installed on your child’s computer, meaning that it’s harder for them to detect and nearly impossible for them to get around.
My son was using opera mini browser to get around my parental controls.Unfortunately your article did not help and he can still browse, using this proxy browser. Perhaps you’re right about the work arounds for teens, but isn’t something better than nothing? The same kids whose natural abilities with computers has astounded me since they were 3 years old, so a formidable task indeed.
You could put a logger on the router, but they could use the cellular network or a different router, or no router. In any case, be it your teenager wanting to look at porn, share secret messages, or even in the bigger world where you have to groups engaged in battle – if you are approaching what you see as the problem in this manner there are only two possible outcomes. Obviously if he’s about to go meet some grown man in a basement, you should stop it (and then destroy the pedo). You can’t get this data on your router, or anywhere except that service with the right login. If you demand passwords to their messaging accounts, there will always be another platform you don’t know about where they can chat unmonitored.
I came as far as opening CMD.exe and type ipconfig and looked for the field that reads default gateway as shown in your screenshot. I will not even bother to comment on why, but everybody wants to be a spy watching what other people do, let your children Grow up the same way you did, without someone censoring everything they do, it does not work. But, who do you think you are telling other parents to listen to you, with your lax approach to parenting. It’s the,parents who really love their kids, who are looking for ways to monitor and protect them, regardless if their kids outsmart them or not. They are unique identifiers for the physical device and that's okay, you shouldn't change them, even if you could.Regarding the IP address, yes only the IPv4 address should change - enter a new one into your TV. Under the manual DHCP settings its boxes to enter the IP address ,Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Pref. Like I said you have to authenticate with the router, before this information is given to the TV.

Making matters worse, by installing the software on their machine, you’re immediately tipping your hand by revealing that [A] you are watching them and [B] which tool you are using. They could use proxy sites, but that’s a pain in the butt and easily picked up on if you look at the logs.
If so, they are either defeated, which is unlikely, or next time they use different tactics to evade your detection. Upon ringing their client service department, I was told that it was probably pre configured by them because seeing the log that I wanted would be totally comprimising my network security.
Yes all they have to do is reset the router and all of your hard work that you set up to watch what they do is gone.
I was told by vizio customer support that i have to change my security password XXXXX all letters or numbers in order for my tv to work but that is not an option for me because  its a security risk hazard to just have all letters or numbers for a password XXXXX the work that i do on my computer so i can't. DNS Sever, and the Att DNS Server and i was told by the expert to change the IP address and my tv should connect but it didn't so is there something iam not doing properly? For the most part, I’m of the opinion that a little bit of minor mischief is harmless, and perhaps even character building, as long as they come out relatively unscathed. You can also Google your router’s model number and “default password.” Once you’ve done that, you should change it. Note that this presents a potential workaround, as a clever user could find a way to get assigned that IP. The main limitation is that you won’t be able to see any web browsing that’s done on their smartphone or tablet via a cellular data network (e.g. From viruses and phishing schemes to sexual predators and dangerous misinformation from irresponsible news journalists, there’s a lot out there that can harm your child and your family that can’t be stopped through Big Brother-style monitoring. Go ahead and let your kid do whatever, but don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for you if something bad happens, because let your kid do whatever. If you caught them following you on foot, they may use a GPS tracker next time, as a simplistic example.
Children are curious and they are smarter than their parents today, so please do not go through all this trouble to try to watch where they are going on the internet because they will outsmart you and they will never forgive you for it.
We can TALK to our kids and WARN them all we want, but it is still our job to PROTECT them. So the other option i was told was to manually input the DHCP settings but iam not clear on what the ip address is because on the settings screen its also an option to put in an default gateway which i thought was another name for the ip address so iam confused if iam entering these numbers in the right boxes?
But if you’re interested in sheltering your child, there’s an equally lavish smorgasbord of parental control and net nannying tools at your disposal.
Your energy is far better spent trying to teach your kid to be a responsible and thoughtful consumer of media.
I would argue you are better not letting them know you are on to them and use it to your advantage.
If connection is successful, please use the steps described in Method 3 to re-secure your router.If you would like any additional information or have more questions please don't hesitate to ask!Please remember to rate my answer when you are 100% satisfied.
So my advice would be to firstly give your original key a try, keeping in mind case sensitivity.

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